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Man injects himself with Magic Mushrooms...

News of the weird. A type of mushroom called 'Magic Mushroom' contains the psychedelic drug psilocybin which is meant to be eaten. Instead a man with bipolar disorder brewed mushroom tea and injects it into his bloodstream where the mushrooms grew causing his body to go into organ failure.
He's being treated with long-term use of antifunguals and antibiotics.

He researched how he could decrease his opioid use at home and read about the potential for psilocybin, the drug found in psychedelic mushrooms - also known as magic mushrooms - for treating symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Comments (3)

Yeah, I don't think it works like medicine.

As I understand it the effects of psilocybin allow for alternative, stable neural pathways to be formed with increased rapidity as a result of talking therapies.

In other words it allows you to disconnect unhealthy bits of your brain and put them back together in a healthier way. Without the talking bit, or some other form of structured approach, it's taking bits of your brain apart and letting then reconnect where they land.
Apparently, he took the term 'magic" far too literal.
Injecting a living fungus was a huge mistake

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