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How Our Thoughts and Actions Can Affect the Planet´s Environment

We all know that the weather can affect our emotions, but can our emotions affect the weather?

Reportedly, our individual negative emotions affect our health but, collectively, can also have an impact on our surroundings and the environment as a whole.

It is known that the human body is a storehouse of energies and, as we are an integral part of our planet and the environment, by our sheer weight of numbers, we must be affecting everything???

Our negative thoughts and feelings change our internal vibration, causing a negative imprint on our surroundings which, in turn, changes our external reality. The result of 7 billion plus of us thinking negatively must be considerable!

The international media is making their fortune peddling fear, anxiety, anger, rage etc.. Consequently, these energies are poisoning the planet - physically and emotionally.
Alternatively, 7 billion plus of us being happy, smiling and thinking positively, must have the opposite effect.
Inevitably, some people will have illnesses, die, and have misfortunes.

This may sound crazy but, our negative fear-based emotions drive the weather on the planet.

For example, here in Spain, the weather has been far from what is considered normal in the last 12 months.
During the Covid 19 lockdown, we had the hottest summer on record, during which, despite the “lockdown”, borders re-opened and mass tourism was encouraged by the authorities.
Beaches were divided into parcels to enable social distancing, but the harsh restrictions lead to much frustration - especially Spanish people living in the cities were confined to their homes.

And now, that the tourists have gone, we are in the midst of the coldest winter in recorded history - heavy rainfalls, floods, high winds, people being swept away by floodwater in town centres, people drowning in underground carparks, heavy seas, trees falling down etc., - all widely reported by the media - together with various protests against the Covid 19 restrictions, and an obsession with American politics.

And now, following all those restrictions, Madrid has been experiencing a snowstorm and its aftermath – first and worst in 60 years! – leaving the town looking like a Swiss ski resort, and its inhabitants wallowing in their continuing misery.

Collective madness? Can we, by more positive thinking, and less attention to the fear mongers, bring about a more harmonious and tranquil environment? dunno

Wishing You All a Nice & Peaceful Day!

Comments (16)

When I get angry clouds collide and lighting bolts raze the Earth
That must be a hell of an anger? grin

Hi Dan, a bit of this video talks about this at the start.
Hi Ben..interesting video!
Although it's mostly about 5G it does, to some extent, explain how our emotions affect the environment.

I hadn't seen that video, thanks.

I based my writing purely on some personal experiences and came to my own conclusions.

Very Interesting!
Yes I guess ones tongue can become worse than a container of 'Roundup'laugh
maybe just maybe it is all the crap we are sending into space week in week out ,,satelites zooming about in space , mad scientists that want to land space crafts on asteroids ,man supposedly walking on the moon the list goes on and on , that along with the nuclear tests , super sonic booms as they up the speed of aircraft ,,this is all the crap that is sending our planet off its original axis and causing so much disturbance in mother nature ,,,but in the end nature will take back the planet and man kind will not stop it no matter what ,,,,
Hi Luke..sorry, I don't quite understand what you're on about? confused
Hi Ed..I agree with what you're saying.
But...what can we do to stop it? dunno

I've seen quite a few films about this..."opening our eyes" to what we're doing to the environment.

I don't know how much more do we need for people to wake up and take action?uh oh
sadly dani there is nothing we can do about it , the know it alls keep harping on about climate change ,,
well that is not the case in reality ,,yes climate change does happen and has been happening for thousands of years ,the ice age is proof of that , global warming is down to the sun , but one big solar flare is all that is needed to destroy mother earth and that can never be stopped , the boffins know that it has happened before with other planets , hence the mad search for a new earth in our solar system ,,but fear not as the ordinary peeps will not be going there if they do find one ,,just the elite and the mega rich ,and then they can fight between them selves for sovereignty ,,,,
Haha seem to have all the answers?wink

I myself believe that this "new Earth" is not in another solar system but...
In another dimension.

In which case it's not just for the Elites, but for those who have raised their frequency high enough to move into the 5th D.
Fifth dimension is so yesterday, you Eartlings have much to learnscold
I we have an ET who's about to enlighten us? laugh
Clearly, our thoughts can shape our environment as we understand it.
The choice we must make is how we see ourselves on a personal basis because it will reflect on everything we say or do.
We can take a look at any city or the countryside and observe the neighborhoods accordingly. If we cruise in an upscale neighborhood we will notice in most cases all the housing is generally pristine and manicured. You can drive through the ghettos and see how those who live in them has shaped there environment.
When it comes to reflecting our emotions within both arenas you can get a pretty good idea how people must think of themselves living in such environments.
If we say we are what we eat then we must be what we think.

Looking at the state of America today nobody ever thought to see this day and how Americans used to boast how patriotic and wonderful it is to live here and how many immigrants wanted to leave their ghettos to come here. Understanding that the term ghetto is a Jewish settlement or village for poor Jews. It was considered derogatory sad as it may be.
Now if your environment is a reflection seen as a city dump and rundown row houses surely it's a poor reflection of how the minds of those that live there has shaped it. Blaming city planners and govt officials for the mess is not always their fault. City officials get educated enough so they can become those who make the rules of living.
Today we see a major rebellion and outcry for social change. Burning down these cities and rioting is not an ideal way to get one's point across. Yet, it reached a boiling point after years of perceived oppression.
The question is now that everything is in chaos can anyone expect more chaos is going to improve the situation?
If we are to be the change we want to see in the world is this the desired change we want to see? People getting killed over political correctness and disagreements? Is this the America people want to have? Meanwhile all the nations around the globe who got criticized by Americans for the past 60 years are laughing and saying to America it took you long enough to see the world as 3rd world countries see it. Welcome to the club.
This is not the hood I want to live in. Now while we are busy trying to fix the mess made under the swamp leadership to quickly cover it up and place a nice bow around it. Or place bandaids so that it doesnt look as bad as it seems. All the while playing the blame game on the other guy who wanted to make a few changes to find the greatness America used to be.
That ship sailed.
Now when we look at the weather we say its cloudy and may rain and if enough people say yes its cloudy it's going to rain chances are that collective consciousness reaches to the overall environment and it will rain. If we say it will snow or be sunny and bright we all react accordingly to the environment at the moment. As one stated many moons ago if we can discern the weather how can we not discern the signs of the times that as noble as the human race is we are self fulfilling ourselves into chaos. Is this the world we want? What circumstances must happen before we ruin ourselves or try to save ourselves the unnecessary pain and suffering we cause one another. Is not the Covid enough to be our wake up call?
Do we need more bloodshed to prove our lives our futures and question our hope to improve?
The question we must ask is do we desire a world we can live in harmony with the Earth and its elements?
Yes, the earth has been here for about 5 billion years always changing with hurricanes tornados volcanoes and quakes. Man has only been here in the last 50,000 or 60,000 yrs according to anthropology and archeology. All our egos and power and might and all the toys of destruction we can build is kind of a fart in a windstorm in comparison to what the evolution of Earth has been doing for billions of years. Do our actions shape the planet? Partly yes, partly it's been shaping itself without us.
Wow..thanks for your comment Prom.
You make some valid points indeed. thumbs up

Is Covid a wake up call for us to change our ways and attitudes?
YES, I believe so!

It has been proven since eons that when humanity is on the edge of a precipice, then they will consider making changes.

As individuals, it is usually the case. Many are prepared to change, whether it's their habits, lifestyle or whatever, when they're about to die, or have been diagnosed with some incurable disease.

Hopefully, as a collective consciousness, we will do the same...before it's too late?
hi dani ,,,
i do not think covid is a wake up call at all ,,what is the reason behind it i have no idea , has it changed our way of thinking ,,well maybe but only in the sense of self preservation ,as some folks play by the rules and others truly do not , but the most arrogant people that do not play by the rules are the ones that set the rules,,
which in turn leads people to think out side of the box ,,, like what do they the rule setters know that we the minions do not know ????,,,
the vaccine announcement came way to early as it was for the first strain ,,, and then boom people began to relax their attitudes because the saviour was here ,,,
it was played out to joe public in a fanfare by a government that has performed absolutely miserably from the get go ,,,
and then low and behold that very same government announces a new strain and a more potent virus than the first ..which begs the question of the initial vaccine ,,,which is will it cope with the more deadly second strain,,,
which then begs another question ,,have people now been led to believe that having now been vaccinated that they are now safe ,,,when the opposite could be the case ,,,,
so your blog on positive and negative energy coming from the people can not work ,,, because the powers to be just can not and will not be open and honest ,,,for them to say they do not know in reply to a question is not part of their system ,,,,they prefer to give false hope just to quell the ripples on the pond and if that does not do the job ,,,then just blatantly lie whilst at the same time smiling if smiley lies are more believable ,,,,i would rather face a smiling assassin at least you get the real out come in the end,,,,,,
Hi Ed..
I agree with most of the things you say but...
I still see - not only the covid - but everything else that brought this world into chaos - As a wake up call...for those who choose to open their eyes, of course!

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