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10 Ancient Inventions Science Can't Explain!

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Stringvest, can science explain you, that's what I'm wondering
Stringvest, can science explain you, that's what I'm wondering

Just the kind of personal attack BS comment we don't need in these blogs.
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wave String
Interesting, especially 10 and the giant round stones... unbreakable glass,I wonder is that true confused
banana Interesting
The giant round balls things has a part explanation and a saying has originated from it

Just imagine a group of blokes at a gathering with the usual male testosterone flowing and one is showing this little ball he has ground really smooth and round and the general thinking is i can make it bigger than that.
so the testosterone flows and they all try to one up each other and in the end the biggest ball won.
And so the saying originated

My balls bigger than yours peace

so its not a mystery or a wonder just a usual bloke
Might the origin of the large rock spheres be the same as that of the spherical so-called "Dinosaur Eggs" Observed on comets dunno ... See @ 12:50 -


Good to see Willy and Bigjob have been censored for their truly wicked comments, praise the lordprofessor
I think the statement would be more correct if written, ......"science has yet to explain".
Well to my modest and humble opinion modern humans are so arrogant and full of themselves to the point that they ignore what's not convenient for them.
Whom among you knows what Bagdad Battery is?
Well today's humans say that its impossible people 3500 BC didn't have electricity,well Bagdad battery its a version of our today's battery without the polluting stuff today's batteries have,since in the bagdad battery were found trace of orange juice lemon juice and salted water.
Let me make a statement about carbon dating,all scientists declared that carbon dating its an approximate science to determine how old something actually is,since carbon dating isn't a perfect science lets say for argument sake that bagdad battery hasn't been built actually in 3500 BC but somewhere around there lets say 2800 BC more or less.
So we modern human's are arrogant idiots when we say our ancestors didn't have electricity,coz we today have an actual proof that proves modern humans wrong!.
And when we find proofs that puts us modern human on the right direction we modern humans IGNORE IT COZ ITS CONVENIENT FOR US.
One more proof of our arrogance and ignorance,well today we build cars that runs on electricity and hydrogen,well hydrogen was discovered half 1700 AC and if i am not wrong by a french scientists or it was british,not sure either way we humans know that hydrogen exists since half 1700 AC.
Pointing out another fact Regarding cars that runs with electric motors,well our ignorance has brought us to ignore that Nikola Tesla in the facts Built the first ever electric car running with an electric motor!,registered to the NYC patent office in 1902,and we modern humans discover only in 201 year when some companies start building cars with electric or hydrogen fuel that its possible make run vehicles without gasoline,so arrogance ignorance and political corruption..thats the best we modern human's can do?,shame on ouselves.
Deeper in the facts,British government its something like 15 18 years that is studying the possibility of wireless electricity,well if most of you weren't that arrogant and ignorant you should've known that US is testing for about one year now the Tesla Tower,also you should know that Mother Russia if i am not mistaken since 2014/15 in Russia has built already 5 Tesla Tower on Russian soil,SO Nikola Tesla wasn't that crazy after all like JP Morgan described him at that time and quoting a comment of JP Morgan in the news paper of that time "If you cannot put a meter on it,its not gonna work".so JP Morgan capitalist says wireless electricity its impossible and please somebody tell me beside its money and corrupted friends how would he have known wireless electricity wasn't possible?since JP Morgan was good on doing one thing BRIBE POLITICIANS TO MAKE HIS LIFE EASIER.
Reality checks and not stories told by corrupted politicians to cover the reality and make those stories looks like reality.
Modern Human what a shame!!.

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