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Hello Covid! Please leave again!

My housemate wrote me on the 3rd of January, saying that him and his girlfriend tested positive for covid, so it would probably be a good idea if I got tested as well. I got a test on the afternoon the same day. I felt alright, but I could feel my body slowly shut down. Once I took the test, I went to do some shopping, and went home. That same night, I began to feel really bad, so I went to bed early. The following day, I checked my health app, where any covid test would appear. I got a message in the app on the 4th of January: on the 3rd of January at around 4.40 PM, I tested positive for covid. That means I am a part of the 185.159 infected people here in Denmark. Let me tell you, having covid isn't fun. The first few days, where the virus is really wreaking havoc in your body are the worst. They include loss of appetite, loss of sleep and, in my case, nose bleed. I never lost my sense of smell or taste, thankfully. However, what it did give me, was some crazy fever dreams. During the peak of my fever dreams, everything - and I mean everything - was trying to kill me. It got so bad, I didn't want to sleep, because I was too scared to go to sleep. Every night was a fight for survival in my dreams.

A few days later, the fever dreams subsided, and I had calm sleeps. I still have that now, but I sleep for longer. From 11 pm to around 9-10 am, which is insane.

Six days after my diagnosis, I was finally able to stay awake for more than six hours. I started watching some YouTube videos, while slowly gathering my strength.

At the beginning of my illness, I told my doctor I had coughs and I was very tired. She told me, that those were the symptoms I was supposed to look out for. Once they were gone, or down to a regular level, and if they stay there for 48 hours, I have cleared the covid, and I am allowed outside again. But here is the problem: I am always tired, so I don't know when I will be rid of the covid. I have cancelled everything, to focus on getting better. That includes my education that I was set to begin on Monday. I will not start anything unless I am 100%!

So there you have it: I am now one of the people who have contracted covid. I would not wish this illness on my worst enemy. Honestly, this is the hardest thing ever. Do NOT take this lightly, please. Wear your mask, social distance and PLEASE get yourself a test if you feel any symptoms at all!

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Get better soon.kiss
It is good to hear that you cleared it. I wonder if that now makes you immune?
Blue: Thank you! :)

Unfayzed: They say I will be immune for 8 months, but I am still getting the vaccine when I am asked to get it
Sorry to hear about your struggles. But, I'm glad you survived it. Not everyone has.
Hopefully, you will continue to improve in the energy department.
Perhaps build yourself up aerobically by slowly taking a bit longer walks or bike rides each day.
Either that, or find yourself an aerobics instructor and let her build you up more rapidly. grin
The fact that you are now immune can be a good sales point.

COVID attacks lungs and being constantly tired and with no energy is normal for every lung disease. The most important thing is to REST as long as you don't feel better again. REST is the most important thing when dealing with lung diseases. Don't rush with any activities. Take it very slowly.

I'm glad that you are feeling better! smile

Take care and stay safe! cheers
"Once I took the test, I went to do some shopping"

Brilliant idea

frustrated frustrated
Nice: I needed to buy some things. I used a facemask, kept my distance, used gloves and contactless payment. I took all the precautions I needed to take. Was it wise? Probably not.
Get well soon Phil. wave
My niece's partner worked at the intensive care unit of the local hospital. He said this is NOT something you want to contract.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Have someone checking on you regularly (maybe agree phone calls at regular intervals and make sure you answer them - if not, they will call an ambulance). Ring the doctor if your symptoms gets worse to get all the support you can.

Not sure if the following can be gotten without prescription in Denmark (check with your doctor if interested):
Early outpatient protocol:
Ivermectin 0.2 mg/kg per dose. 1 dose daily, minimum of 2 days, continue until recovered (max. 5 days)
Vit D3: 4,00 UI/day
Vit C: 2,00 UI/day
Quercetin: 25 mg/day
Melatonin: 10 mg before bedtime
Aspirin: 325 mg/day (deffo check about that with a doctor)

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