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Y? Men Or Women Pull Out From a Person They Love In a Relationship? ( Based On My Own Experiences)

This Is a Huge Struggle People Has to Go Through, When They Feel Afraid!
They Can Not Forget, The Suffering They Felt In They Past Relationships , When They Were So In Love, and They Was Perpetrate, From The Person They Did Love So Much!
Some Of Them Lost Everything ,Family, Friends, Positions , Money etc.

In Most Cases After Those Experiences They Just Seeking " One Night Stand"
That Could Go On For Years Until They Fund Them Selves In love Again!
So The Fear From Been Hurt Again , Make Them, To Pull Away From That New Relationship!

That Is a Pity, Because In Most Cases That Is The Person They Belong To!

My AdviceTo All Those People Is : " Please Seek Counselling"

Do Not Pull Away From The Person You Love!
We Are All Different and Unique!
We Should Not Be Compared With Others!
Thank you!
From Falicia
What Is Your Opinion?

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Comments (13)

Or maybe the person had BO.
Pulling out is one of the worst methods of birth control. banana
Nonsense. It's slightly more proficient than praying "Oh God no !" laugh
Blanket statements like that are sometimes inappropriate.
Just because you love someone, does not mean that you should remain in a bad relationship.
You cannot change someone without them willing to do what it takes to change and to make the
actual change(s). Sometimes breaking up with them actually leads to motivating that person to make
changes. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes 'changes' are only temporary.
Relationships are as different as the people in them.

Each person has a right to decide what is appropriate for themself.
You guys are all immature.
My only opinion on this is perhaps you're confusion between love & security confused
Respected Fallicia. angel
In my opinion man or woman
never separate or pullout themselves
from love or relation, if there is no materialistic
involvement in them. conversing
Love begets Love. heart wings heart beating
Stay Safe bouquet
peace teddybear
All relationships are is life
All relationships are is life
You stated the facts bluntly and as it is.
thumbs up
I would like to add that "love" and 'relationship' are two different entities which can't coexist by nature. Love is dynamic while the relationship is static. Its a trade off. Practically "Gandharva vivah" is the only and last option.
That is perhaps true; although both things overlap, and have different dimensions...
The Human Heart is Hungry for Experience; it must Fill its Vessel - then go Home...
Yet you use 2nd person not 1st person?
Love is Blindroll eyes crying confused

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