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The Wonders of the Tech World

Viewed from different perspectives.

Friend (in Australia): Damn internet, down again!!!! Bad connection!!!doh

Me: But, it´s alright on my end ? dunno

Friend: my wifi is playing up because the rooter is too far away

Me: Oh, really? Mine is in the same room

Friend: But... my computer room happens to be at the far end of the house

Me: Wow.. so far away? How big is your mansion?

Friend: Ummm... well.... ummmmm.. grin

Me: I think how this wonderful modern technology is, and to be able to make free video calls in Australia, and see you feeding a kangaroo in your garden real time.very happy

Friend: Ummmm.... yeah... I suppose so dunno

Me: Anyway, I can remember the times when the only way to communicate with far away lands was to write a letter, or make an extremely expensive phone call.

And now, my smart phone is hundreds of times more powerful than the computer in the lunar landing modules, much more versatile, and..... FREE!

Also, when one has to think that every time we speak to someone face to face across oceans and another hemisphere, the signal is relayed through at least two - or maybe three or four - satellites!

What a free wonderful virtual world we live in! yay

Friend: Well, I suppose, when you put it this way, small problems with the rooter can be forgiven! smile hug teddybear

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Lunar landing modules and satellites? That's fine if you actually believe all that silly stuff actually exists!.. C'mon. And I actually watched a YouTube video once that claimed Australia doesn't actually exist, but I digress.
Remember the days when you had to be face to face, or at least on the telephone, to fight ,argue and spout your conspiracy theory beliefs and opinions on others as if they are facts?
We're so lucky now.laugh
Putting things in that perspective see how many on this site and other social media tend to take things for granted. In days of yore messages had to be sent via horse rail and ship. In the 19th century they made the pony express. It took a month or more to send a letter or a vote to Washington DC. They created delegates for regions of the country and they appointed someone to cart the votes to Washington and it took forever to find out who was going to be president. Today we can find out within hours or minutes. In days of yore say in the 14th century they had to wait 3 maybe 4 months to get a letter sent from the new world to the old. By the time they got the letter of progress of what was going on 4 months of events had changed the course of history which made it difficult for the King or Queen of Spain or England to decide what to do. During the biblical times it took the apostles considerable time to go from one city state or country to deliver their sermons against the empires that often the stories told were probably misinterpreted or misunderstood by the time the message got to the people. However, from their perspective they always considered that by the time they got some divine message they were possibly making psychic auto speech and they called it in their day speaking in tongues.

Since Alexander Graham Bell the idea of sending wireless telegraph messages revolutionized the communication between people. Then the phones were invented. However, the greatest invention are satellites floating around the earth transmitting messages at lightening speed that makes the internet possible along with the routers to discern signals from every part of the earth. Today we can write messages within seconds and never lose our train of thought. Yet, we can still find time to complain about the quality of connection to the virtual world.

The idea of meeting people from any part of the planet today via social media and to make connections to people we would not normally could have met in our local town or community. It boggles the mind with all this potential to find friends people are still fighting and bickering over the same issues that wars of the past were fought.
To live on a planet of 7 bi!!ion people and learning that we all still share a common thing of seeking love and understanding and yet, selectively attach ourselves to whoever seems to smooth our ego who is in alignment to our personal perceptions.

Today people just take it for granted that all these fun free services will be here today and tomorrow. It's fascinating to think how upset people became or even were actually happy that this site cut off the political drama and if by happenstance that if there was too much conflict among those who like to play on this site or others that it was shut down and no more CS no more writing blogs forums jokes or poetry. What will people do with their time while being locked down and potentially locked out of their connections to the world around them?

This simple example that you Daniela have pointed out over how frantic we can be if our internet connection is down is a clear. The same can be said of saying a word or thought from one foreign tongue to another, how quickly things can be misunderstood and often fights are started because of one word one thought.
Or one word or thought could build a love story or build bridges to nations

Our dependency on all our toys working, our connections stable, and making sure that by turning on a switch everything is going to be as we want them to be. If the day comes that switch stops working how will people manage?
We are addicted to all this whether we choose to admit it or not. It has become a part of the human culture.
One thing that is sadly still part of the human culture is fighting and arguing along with our capacity to forgive and love one another. We can also continue to selectively choose our friends but we can't choose our family.
Sorry, but I don't have a clue of what you're talking about???confused

Was this comment for me, or for people in general?
I was talking to Loh_key
Didn't mean "you" as in you. Just in general. Should have used " the" wine
Denying lunar landings is like denying there is no space shuttle or space station or no satellite landing on Mars. professor
Ok Loh..I was confused.
Thanks for the clarification.

As for the lunar landings...
It was an analogy.

Frankly, I don't have a clue whether they landed on the moon or not as I wasn't there.laugh
Just sarcasm. Pretty sure they did cool
Wow Prom, I'm impressed by your comment that takes us years back in history when tech didn't exist. (You forgot the smoke signals and the messenger pigeons?) Lol

I was about to move fast forward to the future, but I see you covered that as well with "dependency".

I can see that we are going full circle and , as you say, if all those new tech devices are taken away from us, we are back to where we the stone age!

I have myself seen a lot of progress in the last 20 years since I've been in spain.
Starting with my first basic cell phone, moving on to a 4G smart phone.
And from my first PC to a laptop.

Am I happy with it all?
You could say yes, as I can speak with a cam to my family and long distance friends but...
On the other hand, it has made my life more complicated.

Have I become addicted to it? I try not to be! grin
As long as you say so Lohkey? dunno

I've also been to the moon a few times...when someone took me there!
happy place lol
For some if they didnt have internet and all this social media their lives would be empty. What is sad though is the bullying among the kids that have incited suicides for simple social acceptance and or isolation. People have lost their humanity in trade for technology. We have become complacent and resigned to the idea that this is all we have and all we need.
Often we can wonder what people do when they are not loitering around here writing blogs or maybe hoping for some wanker or wankette to write to us a note of interest?
Watching hours of TV and or news or playing video games may serve us during this lockdown but, it only goes just so far when we hear how bad things are getting.
There is no ideal replacement for the human touch or caress or kiss.
To run and play in a crowded event to maybe go to a dance joint or bar/restaurant or concert anything to bring people together to remind us we need social interaction.
Now for an indefinite period we are told and controlled by a new social order brought on by a bacterium cocktail.
This is the new normal? It's not normal.
The rioting. the killings, is a result of what is not normal.
Is this the world everyone wants? Are they really happy with the results?

When I considered that technology with all its noble intent to bring people together has isolated us and now a virus to add salt to the wound has compounded it.
Nevertheless, one day this sickness will pass we will adapt but, imo one thing that will still remain is social isolation bullying and selective communication and connection.
Hey Promiscuous,

Don't patronise people with your words or ever assume that you are above others

You think this virus is funny? Something to make smarmy comments about?

I can laugh about some things... But a hospital environment would punch you in the face.

It's a f*cking nightmare. Ever seen someone wired up with tubes, gasping for breath and on the brink of death? And there's nothing we can do.

I don't suppose you ever have.
technology takes away peoples social skills ....people do not talk to each other any more ,,except via text fax email ,,,,one on one chat is a rarity indeed these days ,,with only a few exceptions ,,,,,
Hi Ed wave on one chat is very nice indeed!
If it weren't for the internet, I wouldn't be able to speak to and see my family.. and dear friends, and see my grandkids, the house they live in and their activities, and even my mother who's 96.

At the moment, it is impossible to see them because of the lockdowns and restrictions.

As for my mother...I don't think I'll ever see her again.sigh
Btw..I have a new neighbour. She's from Bulgaria.
I don't know if she's here on holidays or long term renting?
She's got her car with her
hi dani ,,,well gal you will have to make the effort to pop and see your mum gal as i am sure she would love that ,,
as for your bulgarian nieghbour ,,there are a few bulgarians from my local town who have properties in spain and go there just for the winter months ,
so the next time you see your neighbour just say ,,dober den to them which means good day , and you will see the smile light up thats for sure ,,and if she shakes her head then that means yes ,,and nodding the head means no ,,and chow means goodbye ,,,there you go gal you are half way to making a new friend ,,,,
Haha..I won't go very far with that.
I know some Croatian and dober den sounds similar.

As far as my mother is concerned...we're not allowed to travel outside our area and she can't have visitors either!
I knew when I saw her a year ago that it would be for the last time.sad flower
Well Dan I hope you get to see her again.wave
Thanks Snowy! teddybear
dober den and dober dan are terms used in most balkan countries mainly as it is a russian term and russian is very much spoken all over eastern europe from the days of the ussr ,,also dobre means ok and dah means yes
Thanks for the lesson Ed

I know a few of those words as I usually carry one of those pocket traveller's guides when i visit foreign countries.

I did visit Croatia couple of times and people thought I could speak fluently as soon as I asked "kako si? laugh
My accent wasn't too bad either, especially that I relied on the phonetics.
hi dani ..croatia is a beautiful country and has amazing coastal drives ,,when i drive to the uk ,i go via serbia then croatia ,,but i turn right at zagreb for slovenia ,,hence missing out the coast ,,but one day i will do croatia and on into italy ,,just for the fun of it ,,,
and how are you in bulgarian ,,is nearly the same ,,,kak si ,,,
I agree, Croatia is a beautiful country to visit.
I was there 3 times - on the coast - and also in Zagreb.

But, at the time it was Yougoslavia.

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