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A big change in my life...

The computer mouse is an important tool in my daily life.
I've tried lots of different brands of 'mouse-like' products including trackballs, joysticks, stylus pens and touch screens.

Depending on the setup there are 4 workstations in my condo plus a laptop and 3 workstations at my office. All of them were using the 'old standard' Microsoft wired mouse.
I like the shape, buttons and way it tracks. Wireless mouse? No thanks.
They are cheap... $10
Some products are in the $40 to $60 range so I'm getting a bargain at $10.

Actually, I prefer the accuracy of the old style mouse with a ball. Yeah, cleaning lint every other day didn't bother me. They are dinosaurs... no more are available on the planet.

The Microsoft mouse has a textured finish and after months of use I notice the left button would turn shiny. No problem, but I'm having to replace them when the wheel starts to skip.
Maybe there has been a change in manufacture as in 'they don't make them the same' and I'm replacing them in months and not years later.

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Looking for a change, I've found a Logitech mouse for $10 that has a very similar shape and feel as the Microsoft mouse.

I bought 4 of them and put them into my main computers and will replace the others when the wheels begin to fail.

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Speaking of dinosaurs, you reminded me of my Dad and "Works"... He always used a package of applications from Microsoft named "Works"... And he made everything using it... Needless to say, almost no one had heard of it, here... Most people were already using "Office"... Knowing how incredibly smart he was, and what a fast learner he had always been, I told him one day: "Daddy, we need to talk"... I sat with him and in less than half an hour he had mastered Excel, Word and Power Point... He was so happy and I was so proud of him... "Works" died that day... But my Daddy was born to a whole new world... Sweet memories... heart beating laugh bouquet

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Embedded image from another site

(Don't tell him anything, the old fart will never guess where the whisky is!)
OK, all. Those two mice look like M and I dancing the hot tango. No comments.
I agree... No comments... laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
Interesting. What are your grievances against a touch pad ?
Jim, the drawback is the interface they are used on.

The idea of touch is good with the right software applications and interface. I have 2 Windows based tablet/notebook computers with touch screens that suffer because the interface is mouse based. Also in my office now I have a touch screen monitor that gets annoying when trying to maneuver cells in a spreadsheet.

My cellphone is Samsung Galaxy Note... touch based and Cut & Paste text in any touch environment has the ability to bring on Tourette Syndrome.

Touch apps for touch screen.

I bought the Samsung interface to run a Galaxy phone it with a PC keyboard, mouse and standard keyboard. Works great! That's a viable solution for people who want to run a business from their phone... in the office and not from your back pocket.

Cutting and pasting text in any touch environment brings on Tourette Syndrome.

I did make an attempt with the Logitech Touchpad. Good product. Not perfect and not a substitute for a mouse. I put it back in the box and remember seeing it when I moved around last year.

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Did I mention... Cutting and pasting text in any touch environment brings on Tourette Syndrome.

Have you tried opening the mouse at the bottom and cleaning the wheels inside and the ball itself?
I am not experienced with touch screens, but like the built-in touch pads on computers.
we need a good rat. they're bigger and more powerful. the patent is be seen "on tv" soon, before Christmas
I use right-handed mouse with the left hand, clicking with the middle finger, having developed serious neck trouble with the right hand (I'm left-handed anyway). I started with a mouse in 84-85 for windows 1.0 - hopeless! Not until Windows 3.1 was it a usable system. I cannot tolerate the resistance the cable represents for the mouse and I find bluetooth hopeless, possibly because here in my office there are 6 devices within 4 sq.metres. My 3 desktops are all touchscreen, but honestly I only touch the screen 1-2% of the time, usually when sharing whiteboard with online students ( Keyboard is more important, why oh why do they make black with white lettering, same with the various remote controls. With aging fading eyesight I need ever more light to see at all. Hence I bought replacement backlit white keyboards to replace my worn Acer, Lenovo and HP black standard wireless versions. Cable is ok with a keyboard, but all were wireless previously.
Recently I discovered one of the mouses is occasionally losing precision, in that the pointer appears on screen at one (lower) location, but the click is detected at another, a curious problem.
I noticed the photo of the old 5-1/4" floppies - I remember 1970s 8" monsters, with an amazing 128kb capacity, a box of 10 was $35 (1980 dollars)
Now of course all the floppies have been discarded, except for two I keep as a memento - PKZIP/PKUNZIP diskettes 1989 - yes I actually bought a licence!
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Have you tried opening the mouse at the bottom and cleaning the wheels inside and the ball itself?

Sir_T, standard equipment was a cotton swab and alcohol.
FargoFan I find the delay in a wireless mouse after it's been idle for a few seconds to be annoying.

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