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flow of life

The flow of life has been disrupted. For some, they will have no choice and to make a new path given all of the newly realized light they have been blinded from of the hustle and bustle of life. While others, have yet to recognize this light. But, in time, it will shine. However, there are those that want to remain blind. They have chosen to become distracted whether it through alcohol, drugs, or something else to have their minds pre-occupied. But what we all must realize we are all in the same boat.

Love is a powerful healer.
We are the makers of our destiny.
...we must first see where we are before we can steer our ships correctly down beautiful roads...

just a thought

Happy Saturday night/Sunday all.


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Great blog post, Johnny. so many of us don’t meditate deeply enough on just how powerful live is in our view if ourselves, if others... how it can change circumstances or lift above mindsets... truly a blog to ponder.. was thinking something related just a few munutes earlier. head banger
See it. applause
Or don’t.rolling on the floor laughing

Life is altered...we must change for the
Hello C.H.S. and L.L.,

Thank you both for your comments....appreciated. thumbs up thumbs up

wave wave
JS, can any of us quote you on all that?

Often, people are distracted off the path they feel attracted to follow, perhaps this path can be considered their most likely destiny. It could be money, lust, other vices and temptations that attract them off path. Many never find their way back, many do only after too much time has expired.

But I suppose it's never too late in some ways. And there's an ole saying that suggests, "Always follow your heart. It's the only thing in this world that holds the truth to your happiness."

Interesting blog.
Hope your day is good. cheers
Hello Vier,

I am fine with that.


Robert...I agree with everything you say. It is easy to stray. Thank you for sharing.


By the way Robert, I enjoyed reading your blog as well. A lot of what you said in it reminded me of myself with being always busy. thumbs up

with my blog, it was more about, well, how quickly time passes, and some of the most important things can go overlooked or put on wait, untill someday we find ourselves looking back and wondering what could have been.
That is does Robert, time sure does fly by. I wonder how many squander their early years for superficial ends. ....or worse yet, don't squander at all or do you mention. dunno
And Johnny,

there've been times when you're trying to make things work with one lady, who obviously doesn't really want to be with you, and the same time, there are other beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, kind women or woman who really likes you and wants you more.

But, you pass up that chance for trying to stay with that one lady you may have your heart set on, but who is just not ever going to accept you again or ever.

So, you miss out on the other one who really wanted you. Because when all hope is done with the one you had your heart set on, by that time, the other one has moved on or found another guy. doh

Oh well.
I have seen beautiful women that didn't have to capacity to love...well....the capacity to love only one man...and it was a gift that things never materialized. I suppose it depends on what one is looking for.

You know Robert...there are questions you can ask a lady to find out more about what is going on inside of her head...rather than just becoming entranced with her exterior beauty and throwing the dice sorta speak...of course that is if you are looking for long term. laugh
I think all women are beautiful and unique in their own ways. I've liked some that perhaps my friends didn't think we're attractive or kind. So, beauty? Depends on each persons view.

I've known very beautiful women who have their head in the right place, very nice, intelligent, caring and so on. So, I can't say if you find someone not to your liking in the area of looks that she will be good. Nor that if you find one extremely attractive to your liking, that she will be bad.

The world is filled with lots of good people, men and women.. and critters groundhog
It remains an open question whether we are born with large capacities to love. More so, to love unconditionally.
Seems like the seed gets planted well. But it faces strong winds on the nose, in early infant years, but also possibly even before birth. And amazingly, epigenetically, from what happened in previous generations. Both nature and nurture have their hands in the sad condition, along with the items on your list, and also in the stars. Love usually doesn't hurt.
Public health prevention at pre primary, and all other three levels. Education, not least in early life, as with parenting. I have to think hard about ORGAN-ized religion's possible positive influences. The evidence could be better, on this last one..

I know some people who think THIS --> beer is the flow of their lives.

Cool, huh? cool
Johnny, wave

Our journey was, is, and always will be the same. One must realise the path, before they try to put themselves in a common boat, my child. laugh laugh

The hustle and bustle is ones own additions to the path. Even love.

Cradle to the grave ( the common path) we pick up lots of knick knacks to decorate this so called life. Do the decorations matter? That's the question.

Hey Robert...too bad they did not have an emoji taking a know....the full circle of life. rolling on the floor laughing

Hello Ms. are you? I like the depth and the simplicity of explaining you did. thumbs up Very true, about the path from cradle to grave. So one could maybe say we are sold on things/ideas...perhaps...along this path.

....sold on Jack Daniels. laugh

wave wave
Do the decorations matter....depends on how sold we are on them? dunno

What about purpose and perhaps God? dunno ....technically, I suppose, one case say we are/were sold on those.
Vierk, good food for thought.

capacity for love

difficult with hate being shoved down our throats.

and trust fading.


this guy --> beer is holding a beer in one hand, and in the bottom portion not shown, he's draining the pipe, or something like that.

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