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My Passport...

I have over 7,000 photos on my cellphone and running out of space. So, I decided to buy a 2-terabyte portable drive (Called My Passport) to copy everything for storage. It's important to keep many of these photos on the phone and Friday was a good example. I was invited to meet with a client doing a walk-thru with the house inspector and other trades. Her designer showed up asking questions about custom work and seconds later, I pulled up photos of a previous project that had exactly what she was describing.

While it will take a few hours to purge photos not needed (birthday parties and video notes) and to put the important ones in separate folders so I can find them quickly. I often use the time to do that in waiting rooms. A few minutes each week doing maintenance.

When I'm out on appointments, I'll often shoot 20-30 photos of a job then upload them to my computer when I'm back in the office. My associate uses Google Drive and does her uploading live... Thanks, but no thanks, I'll keep the photos on the phone.
I've got a tablet connected to the corporate things on Google, I prefer the separation of not having corporate email on my phone.

Should my phone or the SD memory in it malfunction, I'm not far from an archival copy on My Passport.

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It's actually a good idea to have 2 external harddrives in case one goes bad down the road (which it likely will eventually. I have two 8TB externals).
Also, is there a port to plug in an SD card or usb on your phone. You could keep work related photos on a separate card or flash drive to plug in when needed.
To clarify, one backs up the initial external harddrive with the spare, so that you have 2 exact copies on 2 different harddrives.
When I'm at home, I transfer all photos from my phone to Google Photos, then download them to my computer and delete them both from Google Photos and my phone. I store them on two laptops and occasionally burn them on DVDs, too.
Talking about passport, I must renew mine. banana
Goin' somewhere?
I also use several external USB3 drives because they are built to expire - I have a 6TB and 2 5's. They do die over time. I use MS OneDrive for automatic uploading of the smartphone photos/videos. It comes free with the Office 365 subscription. Of course I also drop the OneDrive folders down onto the external drives.
Dropbox used to be my preferred cloud storage, but China kindly (read weirdly/perversely) decided to block Dropbox, and there I was in China with no access to the files I had thoughtfully uploaded to make them accessible.
OneDrive synchronises files across my 3 desktops, a further convenience. Mind you, it does mean I am stuck with Microsoft forever, but then I earnt my living from/via them for 35 years.
I have a USB cradle that accepts 2 hard drives (plug & play) and I've been scanning family photos and personal documents so they can be saved to disk.

There is an adapter that plugs into the micro USB of my phone and into a portable drive so I can bypass having to use my computer to make the transfer. I used it once and it's faster but I have more control when everything goes through the computer as I can easily create folders to move my photos around.
Ask Dr Google
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I take around 500 photo every day, most photos of wildlife, birds and scenes, I use an old google picasa 3 Picasa version 3.9.0 (build 136.12, 0) is the last version you can stop google from forcing to use google drive with. My bird Folder alone contains 37,843 files probably averaging say about 500kb each. I never save RAW files, my flies are stored on laptop, and i run few backups as well as backing up better images in google photos and on facebook as well.
I use a paid version of Macrium Reflect program to manage backups to an external 2tb hard drive, have other un-connected external hard drives + plus replacement hard drive with my computers setup tucked away to. I often make DVD disc backups of my photos as well.
Macrium Reflect program limits its backups size so 500 gig is always free on the external hard drive that connects via USB. An running Win7 so USB 2 is best. The backward patability of USB 3 often fails, as does chinese 2tb USB sticks they sounded good but after twenty uses i found i couldn't access my data (crap ware)
"Goin' somewhere?"

Yes, i'll travel the world to try and find me a man.

American men don't want to date. They complain more than the women in a bad mood.

I find it funny when they write "don't ask for money" then when a woman pay her own way they say "you are too independent."

Those fools can't have their cake and eat it too. dunno

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