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One way to be happy
Just write funny poetry
Apothecary of words can heal
Metaphor of thoughts to feel.
An easy way to be happy
Accept things, let life be
Be thankful we’re alive
Need not thrive but survive.

Be foolish, a happy moron
Always a smile to put on
To be stupid is just bliss
Sad truths, ignore and miss.
Everything will just be fine
Let ignorance spark and shine,
I don’t give a freaking damn
Am I happy? Perhaps I am.

Inspired by the Happy Moron poem.
Why not share your easy way to be happy?
It need not be a poem.

Thanks for reading.sad flower sad flower

Comments (51)

This is the original *Happy Moron Poem*

See the happy moron
He doesn’t give a damn
I wish I were a moron
My God, perhaps I am.

—Anonymous—sad flower
Learning how not to sweat the small stuff. As I have gotten older, I've learned how to ask myself one simple question when dealing with conflict or confrontation. "Is it worth the argument that will ensue?" 95% of the time it is not. This has led to less stress and as a by product more happiness - for me anyway. laugh
Being happy, always see the good in everything, to be thankful for all that you have that is good.
A roof over your head, food in the pantry, and a nice warm bed.
Having empathy for those less fortunate. Cor gave a pair of nice lined leather gloves to a homeless man.
Met him a few years later, and he told us he still had the gloves.
We had forgotten about the gloves but it felt good to know the man was still enjoying them.

Being totally honest even if it means going against the grain of the masses, or standing alone with ideas..
Never being afraid to get anything wrong, never being afraid to admit you are wrong..
I like the happy moron poem Joy, i can relate to that.. thumbs up
Yes Joycrest!
A way to be happy is to appreciate small blessings, the attitude of gratitude....
Happiness is a blessing, whether you are moron, stupid, or normal being....teddybear
Thanks very much K for the reminder not to sweat the small stuff. Worrying about trivial things can spoil life. Regarding conflicts and issues, it’s better to have peace, better to be kind than to be right if we like the person we’re dealing with.
Jenny my dear, I love you seeing the good things in everything. Yes, we need to appreciate what we have specially in these difficult times. I see, Cor like you have a generous heart. More Blessings. hug teddybear
Butch, being totally honest is good for the spirit but this trait can hurt some people. Brutally frank, seeing unpleasant reality is not easy, so we cultivate this Pollyanna principle that everything will be fine, focusing on the optimistic side always!teddybear
BTW, Butch, the poem MORON is real nice ; to be completely blissed out in ignorance is one secret to be happy. Author unknown, This poem was quoted by Eugenics Review, 1929!!beer
Candy, a cheerful heart is a good medicine. It’s wise to start the day with a grateful attitude!! Thanks for your visit.hug
Just sharing my latest funny poem:


I’d like to be a soaring eagle
With radar eyes that can spy
Or a mighty, happy seagull
Gotta zigzag across the sky.

Right now I’m a human,
Running, walking with a dog
Taking things easy as a woman
Talking to myself in monologue!bouquet
Joy, the polyanna principle sounds like lying to yourself to find a better mood or see an outlook that isn't there in reality... i have no problem with this; what people choose is there choice, if it causes no harm then its ok until it does cause some harm..
Wonderful....enjoyed reading your funny poems Joy, keep on writing. Easy way to be happy is laughing as theraphy. ?????

I don’t like this sort of “lying to myself”... I think it’s a more of a mindset to be happy. Pollyanna attitude is described as a blinded optimism. It’s a choice, a decision to be happy, no matter what the circumstances. Perhaps the Buddhist way of life, DETACHMENT, can apply. Not easy but let’s try.teddybear
Easy way to be happy? Stop watching lying Right Wing shows that want you to be fearful and angry so you will open your wallet. When you take in those lies, your mind will be full of fear and will be miserable.
You know Joy I am a firm believer in, " Let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing."
I surprised myself by telling about the gloves given to the homeless man.
It just was so nice to hear a few years later that the man stopped and thanked us.
That really was our reward to know something you did was appreciated so much.
We are not always lucky enough to know this.................

Joy I can really say; My hand is like a child's hand, easily filled...............teddybear
Sir T,
Hhow do you know your truth is not a lie?? And how do you know the right is wrong?? How do you know you’re not blinded?? You’re free to believe in lies, you’re free to think right is wrong! Of course, I’m sad as a lover of freedom but need to move on . There’s a need for happiness because we’re not here to suffer. I’m aware, sometimes, karma is a b*tch, life is unfair but need to focus on something positive now ....but I’ll always defend justice and with what I know is right. There’s joy and peace when you express truth and irregularities that people should know!sad flower
Jenny, it was good for you to mention acts of kindness because it’s an easy way to be happy according to some scientific studies. But this applies to normal people like us, because as everyone knows, there are psychopaths, sadists or criminals who don’t care about doing good . But I don’t know if they are happy doing evil acts.dunno

Do take care always.hug
Candy, laughter is the best medicine! There are even lessons on yoga laughter therapy. Will try to write fun poems..teddybear
Latest fun poem


One summer, in the middle of the night
Two old lovers woke up and fight
Face to face, they slapped each other
As if strangers, never together
The neighbors heard how they could shout
Each one bellowed out, out, OUT!
They ran around in underwears
As they both fall down the stairs,
Their maid saw them very much alive,
Like young lovers at eighty five! teddybear
Any season, the thoughts of Angels make me happy.
Thanks a lot Rose for this wonderful divine musical piece with lovely illustrations. I believe in angels, their wings are hope and faith... yes one easy way to be happy is just surrendering to our angels and the Almighty Omnipotence our challenges and trials. Difficult phases and experiences of life can be lessons or ladders to the next level of our evolution. It’s not paradise in this world, but we’ll have our own heavenly kingdom. I have faith. We’re free to believe and our spirit cannot be destroyed! teddybear angel
Joy, that's a great description of how Buddhist come across to me as;; people who avoid confrontation but that's cool, each to their own poison i say..
Myself i like to be as straight up as possible, but i'm trying to be a bit more diplomatic when being straight up so as not to tread on so many toe's.. but that's dam impossible and i still fall the good 2shoes band wagon often..
No matter what religion, an easy way to be happy is not to be affected by things we cannot control. Maintain your good health! I wonder if people are happy because they’re healthy. Or are they healthy because they’re happy.? We’re spiritual beings trying to be physical according to Einstein, so mind over matter is important!. Developing our mind power, not just entertainment or games can play a vital role for happiness and wellness!sad flower
*Here’s a Funny Haiku Poem*

Wow, Inauguration

make it more than ten thousands

call all national guards.

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Very cool! I like your blog... keep on writing Joy! teddybear teddybear teddybear
The argument you're pursuing
and subsequently rueing
was worth naught
what's it all about
In court caught up
in arguments long and trivial
and outcomes none to satisfy
findings judgements convivial
almost ne'er to be seen
why bother brother
just sleep tonight
with a slate wiped clean
Joy. I see our lives as a test of sorts that almost everything we go through is brought to us to help us learn things that can only be gained by experiences, pulling the polyanna principal you could be throwing away opportunities to learn but what you don't learn will always come back around or reoccur in your life until you learn it..
Christians are just as bad as the Buddhist for avoiding confrontation, it seem's like they both don't want their beliefs picked apart.. well i'm their huckleberry i'm up for keeping everyone honest..
Nice to see you Far. wave

Won’t do poetry slamming
your SIGH OF RELIEF was inspiring
for me to do dark haiku writing
just reflecting what you’re saying.

Is speech control a fashion?
The right to freedom of expression
Is an old institution,
Showing our own passion.

It’s a joy to share thoughts,
Not imposing my *oughts*
Why tie the most mind in knots?
I keep mine open or it rots.

teddybear peace

Circumstances we cannot control but need to rule our mind to being invincible optimist. It’s not wrong to say we have power to make our heaven or hell. Adjusting to life’s trials and acceptance of challenges strengthen the spirit. Not easy but we need to move always, not just the body but the mind positively. No happiness without action. teddybear
Thanks Candy for your visit with your nice comment.teddybear hug
Just a fun poem..


La vie en noir,
What’s the bar?
I asked a star
Blinking afar
Distant as you are.

Would friendship flow,
Will freedom go?
How could I know?
Will you tell me so
If you would say no?

Just play on words..bouquet
one thing listen to some music
iindeed music improves your moods. An easy way to be happy is listening to allegro classics or any happy contemporary pieces, even lively disco music can lift your spirit. You have choices to vanish your low moods fast. Thanks for dropping by Genius.teddybear
Fun Poem I’d like to share..


In my dreams I wrote great plays like Shakespeare
I fought in war - a male soldier with no fear.

I was in an opera a talented soprano
So amazed I was at my virtuosity on the piano.

I found it was easy to breathe under water
Where Hugh Grant kissed me and became my lover.

I was a famous model with beauty and class
Falling from a rooftop, I landed in green grass.

You broke my heart and ended up crying,
But I managed to wake up just before dying.

Hi Joy!
You must be a happy person or a joyful one..??
One way to be happy is doing our favorite activity...I like dancing, I can dance alone. I also enjoy playing the piano and singing at home... or watching an interesting film. Lots of things to entertain us and make us happy during lockdown days if we want to. teddybear teddybear teddybear
Not too good at poetry but hows this one.

Hickory dickory dock,
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock struck one and
Fortunately the others got away with minor injuries..
Told you i sucked at poetrylaugh
Hi Lukeon, Here’s a Poem for you.

Hickory Dickory Dock
The man danced a dirty rock
Slept with a girl in Bangkok
He lost money with his socks,
Got sick, went straight to the Doc.

Hickory Dickory Dock.

Just for laughsrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

me a happy person? Trying to be one with this blog. Wish to be a moron, ignorance is bliss...teddybear

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