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would never post on social media

life hurts. ..................................................

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@ cryptorchid

Only if you let it.hug
Just sometimes it hurts ,otherwise it is so sexy laugh
like and dislike are both afflictions we all should live without, be gentle on yourself

CO, when FB first came out, our girls then in middle school, and influenced by so many brains full of mush, not least the faculty and menstruaters, were talked into this data mining liberal scam. And they got Dad to join, as they said their friends wanted such a cool father to write them. Dad saw through it all, after half a dozen contacts, and haven't been a chump since.
Zuckerberg---do the snotty 'us and them' behaviors serve as cautionary tales, in many cases. Many will know. If he's so smart, why doesn't he try to hide it a little? Many times we are our own worst enemies.
Cryptorchild. I'm very sorry that whatever you are experiencing is happening to you. All I can see is that it WILL pass, it WILL get better, and you WILL smile again.

I'm convinced the Universe or God or whatever you want to talk about gives you the strength to deal with things if you let it. And don't forget to reach out. 90% of people are good.

I throw this on sometimes when I am sad. Its from the Soundtrack of the Film "the Crow"

My man, allegedly so, please excuse me for saying that of sadness, you know little. The victims of the criminal and wanton CSA at the hands (and more), of former SEMIN-arians, live true sorrow, and much worse, daily and often life long. I should know.
Yes, you are such a caring councilor that you respond to a deceleration of pain with a rant about how MEAN Facebook is. And then with screaming insults at the only person who offers comfort to the person in pain.

Get help.
that was a kind gesture on your part.
Both of you.
Do not leave empty handed. rose

I have a farcebook profile but I put the first day of the month of my birthday and a close by post code, as I only use it for reading about things I am interested and some times you have to be a member of farcebook to do this and my profile photos is of one of my interests and not of me.
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