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Martin Luther King -

I Have A Dream - Aug. 28, 1963 |

Bobby Kennedy Announcing King's Assassination


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Yep, Him be luvin' all dem White womens, behind the back of a talented, beautiful, decent and loving wife, no less.
Adulterers, thesis Plagiarizers, Commies---who's really surprised. Birds of a feather.
Hi Mick, his bday today ? Jan or Feb, it's one of those two months, isn't it ?
hug SPC!

His Birthday is January 15.
Martin Luther King Day is celebrated on a Monday near that date.

miclee: MLK... Overrated and overly quoted. I'd surmise most (if not all) of the things he is praised for saying, had been said 'before' he said them.

peace dunno sleep
Vierk & lookin' -

It's fair to say there are Two MLKs.
One was the quite human man with the faults/frailties of a Real human.
The other is the semi-mythical, near-deified image celebrated on a national holiday.

"When the legend becomes fact - Print the Legend." ...

How so to capture the idiom, Micman, our friend. Let's compare which political side seems to be under the self loathing, white privilege, virtue casting, compulsive need to do so? All can read the MSM, etc.
OK - Let us compare ...

I Strongly disagree with the Guv's intro - He's Not a Former Lib'rul scold he IS a Lib'rul.
He's a former LEFTIST.

Lib'rul vs Leftist: Learn the difference - Know the Difference ...
thumbs up

Leftists have strayed Far from the Classical Liberal Ideal of MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech - i.e. content of character vs color of skin.

Leftist Identity Politics is ALL about Victimgroups assigned by skin color - or gender, séxual orientation, national origin, or any of a host of traits Other than Content Of Character ...
thumbs up
That SO Nails It! ... cheers

Think 'Bout It, Y'all.

It was a different time back then when Black people didn't deserve half the shit they got. Bullied and underestimated and actually rather grateful to have a fair shake. But now liberals are the man in no way can it be grateful for a fair shake. If the ruling class wanted a fair shake, it wouldn't be the ruling class.
Yep, CC and Micman. Of course Mr. Rubin is on target. Trying to understand the factors behind the strident and nearly rabid behaviors in the current left, is like peeling an onion. Let me do so with watering eyes.
Of course we like having our friends on the left, especially with the back and forth slight shifts in power structures, every 2,4 and 6 years. When it works, the envy of much of the world. Tree top syndromics of course excepted. As good as constitutional democratic process gets.
Those of us who study huperson and mammalian behavior, see a number of consistent characteristics of such. For starters, there are a number of motivating factors, and we've all seen the list of the 8 deadly sins. But it's also true, that the more behaviors deviate from the mean on standard distribution curves, often there become correspondingly stronger correlates of these motivating (rationalizing) factors. Many of us have discussed some of these right here. Who isn't sick of me and my Vucking endlessly tedious syndromes, for example?
But when I peer into the central tiny green shoots at the onion's center, the compulsive focus on race, as if it's even a valid scientific variable for study, keeps coming up, in all sorts of ways.
Sure it's striking, and we've mentioned factors such as white privilege guilt, self loathing, virtue signaling and the rest of it. All with the MSN, government edumacation, and the soon to be 200 year old original sin of slavery, closely in tow.
But just what might explain some 4 dozen executive orders in the first two weeks of this Presidency? In the overkill attempt to turn around the mere half dozen from the last (valid) Potus's group of such, in the whole first MONTH in orofice.?
Guilt is a strong motivating factor. If I were as much as a documented real racist as some in this current crew, even at the highest level, overkill abreactive behaviors might not be much of a surprise. Understanding it often functioning at pre- and unconscious levels, to expunge guilt, and soon you have some real push to things.
But then, what do any of us really know?

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