Mega Millions...

Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot is up to $850 million with the drawing Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

This is the third largest jackpot in lottery history.

I used to work at a place with about 50 employees and whenever the jackpot was high they would pool their monies and buy a stack of tickets. We used to talk about renting a tour bus to ride to the capitol to collect our winnings. That never happened.

5 bucks to get in on the lottery pool... It's nearly a year since I worked there and I suppose if I asked, they would let me get in on the action!

MegMegMega Millions... You can't win if you don't play!
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I hope you win. Good luck.
and how much tax will you have to pay if you get lucky ....would it not be a better idea to have 850 one million prizes now that would be worth a go ,,,,
Jim, I rarely play the lotto and not driven by greed because of a high jackpot.

edison, the jackpot rolls over for each week they don't get a winner. That adds to the frenzy of people spending much more on tickets than they would buy normally.
It appears Mega Million rolled over and the new jackpot is now estimated at $970 MILLION.
Buy at least 1,000 tickets and if at least one of them is a winner above $2,000,
split those winnings with me after you take out the $1,000 for my 1/2 of the tickets.
It will allow you to get twice as many chances to win big. grin
that is really scary money ,,in all honesty you could never spend it ,useless you give it away and your life would be turned up side down by the begging letters the threats and just the out right nastiness that some individuals have to other peoples success ,,,nope not for me i am happy as i am ,,,,
I could, or least I'd have a lot of fun seeing how much I could spend. laugh
Homes is 7 countries, each with a Ferrari, a huge yacht, lobster, shrimp and champagne for everyone.
Hell, one could spend more than that, just paying people to clean up the ocean or feeding the homeless.
jim ,,,a certain mr trump has all of that and look at what it turned him into ,,,and he is defo not a happy man far from it
You wouldn't need to spend it all, you could live a life never having to even think about the cost of something, when you die your family can inherit what's left, and they can also live an enjoyable life style.
But the begging letters are another thing, they would never stop, maybe some would be genuine and deserve some help?
How you determine which are really genuine or not would be a problem.
Before the drawing a local talk show interviewed a mathematician who specialized in statistics. He was giving odds of buying a million tickets saying the chances were really good to claim the prize.
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