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Right and wrong

Many of us have a clear understanding of right & wrong. Many of us understand that when we do or say something, whether right or wrong, it affects our lives in either a positive or negative way. Some of our decisions & actions cause an obvious backlash that we knew or didn't know would happen as a result of said decisions & actions.
 But there are many decisions & actions that the consequences of are much more subtle or delayed. We may blame them on other people or things totally unrelated to the real reason. In a perfect world negative backlashes would come from saying or doing something wrong almost immediately which would make it very easy to know right from wrong.
 As we can see in our current events many don't know right from wrong, mainly because there have been few if any negative consequences for their actions.  Because of that many people have come to believe what's wrong is right & what's right is wrong. And because of their distorted view they have been going out of their way to punish those who have an accurate view of things. Unfortunately it looks like now they will be raising the bar on their punishment to new heights as we are now seeing the beginnings of it.
 Some may ask how we got to this point? Well it's both an easy and a difficult question to answer. The easy answer is without a relationship with Jesus Christ our lord it's difficult for people to know what is right or wrong. I'm sure some are thinking, we don't need Jesus to tell us right from wrong. And that would be incorrect thinking.
 The problem with that line of thinking is it doesn't take into account that Jesus and what is right has an adversary and that adversary is Satan, and Satan is the total opposite of what is good and right. Satan's goal is to bring as many people as he can down with him. I know some people will say, but there is no God!. And I would say again " that would be incorrect thinking". One of Satan's tactics is to fool people into thinking there is no God.
 So this begs the question: If there is a one true God why wouldn't people automatically know this, or why isn't he obvious or visible? Well because God gives us the freedom of choice, and we have the freedom to choose whether to see him or not. If you choose not to believe he exist then it is not likely he will ever reveal himself to you. Satan on the other hand doesn't care whether you believe in him or not. And there's a very bad reason for this. And it's quite simple, as long as you don't believe in God and become a born again Christian then he has you where he wants you. I will be blunt about this, if you remain unsaved until you die or Jesus comes back you will end up with Satan as your eternal torturer. 
Now I'm not 100% sure, but I believe we are all born with a God given conscience, a moral compass if you will that initially gives us direction as to what's right & wrong. But as humans we have selfish wants and needs that for some can overwhelm that conscience. I also believe that every time we ignore our conscience we bring down it's volume. So the more we ignore it the quieter it gets, until finally some no longer hear it.
 We are currently seeing what a lack of moral compass has done to the US government and it's not the Donald. This lack of moral compass is all part of Bible prophesy (Gods Word) and in all likely hood will usher in the destruction of life as we know it within a generation, possibly sooner. At 58, I hope I'm not be around to see it all but our children probably will. For all of you who think that getting rid of President Donald John Trump is going to improve things, you are just deluding yourselves and come judgement day we will all have to justify our sins which will include any participation in the destruction of the greatest Country the modern world has ever known. 

Repent before it's to late for God will soon be judging us.

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I think the biggest obstacle for some people is they are diehards in their attitudes in general,i.e.,
very public and open, therefore prepared to take a stand.

If those reading this comment say it can apply to Christians too, that is true.

I would like to share that as Christians age in their faith, it does not wane.
What grows stronger is the humility.*
When a Christian has repeatedly served others, that road will be about standing by you, as much as standing for you.You stand-in Christ.

When you "Stand Down", for me anyways, it means
to pray for guidance and humility beforehand.


Is the New World going to be governed by a Godless society, “nomenclature - China style? We don’t belong to the elite ruling class, so no need to be concerned, rejoice or despair because what’s right for us can be wrong for them, and what’s wrong can be right. Ordinary citizens will just be followers or slaves of a government who obtained power by fraud and couldn’t respect democracy or the majority. Propaganda and lies will prevail to continue slowly to a New World Order. I really hope I am wrong. That’s how I see things now!sad flower sad flower
If I offer can offer to others is this video; as an understanding of what others experience in their acceptance of a calling or gifts of the Holy Spirit.

On some individual level you will or won't be able to relate.He refers to 3 levels, regardless, simply go to God in prayer.

Oops..if I can offer this video.
2 Timothy 4: 3For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires. 4So they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

2 Thesselonians 2 9The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, 10and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe the lie, 12in order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.
I'm going to leave Sir_Turkey Fat Ore between his ears post up as an example of a Satan worshipper who thinks he's fooling anybody by cutting & pasting Scripture.rolling on the floor laughing
Joy the worst is yet to come.There are many historical examples of what happens when power is seized from the people in illegal coups. It's never pretty and will not be here. It may start out rather slowly, but all of us little people are on a slippery slope to misery.
Rosehips I will reserve judgment on his or anyone else's prophecy about President Trump.
Of course BJB , the video is not about politics, in my way of meaning, rather how one's faith must be presented humbly and without any personal affront when others do not relate from any of the 3 levels.

thumbs up
Holy Moly,T-Bone quoting Scripture!rolling on the floor laughing
Important Message to the Church
I spent 2 years in the Catholic Seminary in Mayooth Ireland Training to be a Priest. Ive got far more claim to he religious than you or anyone you support.
well,Sonny-boy,I am not making any of those claims.
Your indoctrination is your problem,now mine!comfort
Listen here sonny jim, find something to occupy yourself.....
Sir T---Pick your names for the T, all. But now the truth c*m out. And, they don't call them SEMIN-aries for nothing. Wish I were digressing, on behalf of so many innocent and trusting boys, selfishly and shamelessly harmed, often for life, by many of these criminal preverts. Puffters all.
But, always enjoy hearing the stories as to why this or that particular life path was a big failure. VERY big. Most rich these, when it all magically morphs into reasons for crass fake braggadocio.
More common than one would guess, unless that one has done her bit of counseling for deep conflicts with these types. The defenses used in these grand evolutions range from the primitive, as with denial,--- to the less so, as in hateful anger after pseudo justification for such, often compulsively tossed at the much more powerful and successful, as we have gotten to see here. BTW, also often the basis for the deadly man crush.
Mistreatment, usually repeated, early on and at the hands of peers, is often in the causal loop. And, particularly of interest is how each life failure becomes the bases for the bragging. Fake teachers, never made it musicians, crappo family sorts---lots of misguided career/life paths.
Freud, often conflicted large himself, tried to help. Sure, his methods were mostly useless, but not so a bit of the scribbling---as in 'Civilization, and its Discontents' (Das Unbehagen in der Kultur). But the German is fun to read. Has a certain Viennese Victorian flair, and dry Galgen humour..
Now, a bright and ambitious observer of the foibles of others, sofa and chair, for hours daily, can't help but come upon a few useful not so novel ideas, but that's all. A few of his insights still apply, not least when they involve some of the faith traditions.
But by now, most even every day folks are hip. Avoid that third rail, peebles.
maybe T-bone shouldn't have left the Seminary and really become a Priest!
Father SirT has a nice ring to it!laugh
and Snowy,who gives a Phukk?comfort
The operative word being "religious". Religion has always been from Satan and as such has no place in Christianity. He uses it to fool weak minds into thinking they can work their way into heaven.

Religion is mans attempt to reach God & Christianity is Gods attempt to reach man.
It is always polite to cite the origin of a quotation, but then bigjob thinks e will appear clever to imply he cam up with it.
"Religion is man's attempt to reach God and Christianity is God's attempt to reach man". - Greg Laurie

And Laurie never suggested that religion was Satans way to get to people, that is just a satanist perception.
Apparently, I'm a satan worshipper because I quoted bible scripture, too. dunno
Nope rocks in his head riz, I have never heard or read that exact quote before. But I have always believed it as I have read many passages in Gods word with many examples of religions and what they represent.
So any similarities between what I wrote and anything else someone wrote is purely coincidental.
Jac_the_ griper like usual trying to twist things you don't like. I don't believe you are saved, not because of any scriptures you have cut & pasted, but because of what you write on these blogs. They give a window into your sole, and your sole appears to be lost. But it's not to late to change that.
The most telling part of your profile was not the "non-religious" status selected, rather the compilation of Blog Comments that attribute to a sardonic tone and deliberate questions to use as your platform to belittle others views.
In the States they were referred to for a time as "nasty" women: for their bitter opinions laced with equally bitter s*xual taunts.
Conspicuously lacking a great intellect, once they donned their pinks hats. Their most Epic fail.
BJB have addressed how the grey areas do not apply to Scripture, integrity and values.thumbs up
Riz scold his point was not impolite, but your comment was.
rolling on the floor laughing the rest of the commenters are only seeking a high place in their "pecking" order.
"But as humans we have selfish wants and needs that for some can overwhelm that conscience. I also believe that every time we ignore our conscience we bring down it's volume. So the more we ignore it the quieter it gets, until finally some no longer hear it."

The quieter IT gets, the louder their arrogance.uh oh
Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Maybe you should find your dictionary before you make proclamations you have no jurisdiction to make.

Embedded image from another site

^^^^^^case in point.laugh Absolutely lacking any self-awareness and hellbent on proving it.

Here comes the deluge of comments from those who have obviously lost their focus on what the one's conscience does.
So unless it is keeps going on about themselves, this blog still makes your point.It will be a testament to what is lacking in humanity, for the rest to see. handshake
Using Wikipedia as a biblical source is begging to be steered wrong as there is no such thing as just seven deadly sins because all sins are deadly without Gods forgiveness.
I'm not sure when we're born at what point we become accountable for our sins, but I know we are born sinners and without becoming "born again" we will end up with Satan and his minions and will have to endure perpetual torture.
There is some scriptural evidence that the level of torture will be related to how evil a person is on the earth, but don't think that just because you think you're a good person that means you will not suffer because that's not scriptural. The most you will get is less suffering, but you will still suffer.
On the other side of the coin, there's scriptural evidence that your reward in Heaven will be directly related to how Godly & generous you are on this earth.
So, someone writing a piece for Wiki (which is peer reviewed) must necessarily be wrong, but you writing a piece for CS blogs declaring others as lost souls, as (the racially discriminating term) 'trailer trash', or as destined for hellish suffering must necessarily be right?

I bring you back to 'pride' and the idea that you do not have the divine jurisdiction to make those judgements.
Apparently being "peer reviewed" to you means it ok for them to lock their pages and stop them from being corrected. Wikipedia has gone full leftard tilt and as with most of big-tech has fallen completely on the darkside.
So you didn't like my based on a true to life story about the trailer trash gang? It must have hit home with you. I'm sure it hit home with others too. I guess even changing the names of the characters was not enough to hide their identities.
And one last thing Jac_the_griper. Your beef about your sinning nature is not with me but with your maker. He has laid down rules about how to be saved and trying to shift blame or justify your hate of the truth changes nothing.
Jesus said unto him, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.
It's funny how ultra religious people claim a monopoly on morality and on knowledge of the truth. How can anyone claim to know the unknowable? You should have a bit more respect for people who disagree with you. Rigid thinking is not healthy.
We'd still be burning witches at the stake if we all thought like you.
I've had enough of jac_the_gripers griping. Like most leftnuts she full of baloney as say's little of value.
It's funny how ultra religious people claim a monopoly on morality and on knowledge of the truth.

One of the few things you have said that's accurate. Knowledge, morality & truth does not come from a religion but from the word of GOD!
if you are referring to my last reply, if you knew anything about Jesus you should know he does not lie.
rolling on the floor laughing there contortions of the Truth are so pointless.
It's funny how ultra religious people claim a monopoly on morality and on knowledge of the truth.

One of the few things you have said that's accurate. Knowledge, morality & truth does not come from a religion but from the word of GOD!

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