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"Guatemalan Security Forces Beat Back Caravan Of Honduran Migrants"

Bound For The U.S. - Mexico Deploys Troops Along Its Guatemalan Border ...


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Déjà Vu, lol, didn't the same thing get reported a couple of years ago, with the same videos, same BS and ended up a damp squib?
Sad so many have dementia and short term memory loss.
Trump had Caravans over his entire 4 years, but we are supposed to think that the Caravans just started again today because Biden is President an will be WEEEEEEK on the Border dontchaknow.

For example, I spent the 2018 midterm election Slapping down these guys as they were having public and loud feargasms about the really threatening Caravan that was heading for the US Border. And then Trump lost the midterms and the idiots instantly forgot the Caravan existed an were back on Trump being tuff on the Brrrdrrr

Just like they will be saying Biden will be completely responsible for the Deficit being 3.3 trillion tomorrow and therefore not Fiscally responsible as they will have officially forgotten President Combover existed by midnight.

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