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A Night Without Sleep

The one you should not
be left alone
with at night is your
is your own thoughts,
Thay eat eat you
Alive untill the next morning..

frustrated frustrated frustrated frustrated

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Its so diffrent in my head
my mind goes
here and there
And nowhere.

I cant explain painfull it is to wait.
For something that never comes.
Dark thoughts.

peace peace peace peace peace
Are you alright there, my friend? hug
Yes lady I am ok just cant sleep. would like to take a walk ,but lock down and all that jazz
That's unfortunate.

There is not much we can do here, but going out for a walk in the middle of night by yourself is fine.

My long dark night have pasted.
My thoughts are much lighter now,

My Tao this morning is A love Supreme

I think I might have had your share of sleep last night and mine.

Sorry about that. laugh

Wise words, FJ man. and congrats, our friend.
but, are we now seeing, again, as ever, that the voting with our feet hasn't stopped. Grateful, for almost any sorts of human behaviors. If properly sourced.
Vier this is your Tao

Without words , without writing
and without boosks there
would be no history.

There could be no concept of humanity.
Conversation with the Stephenwolf..

peace peace peace peace
I have the opposite problem. I sleep too much.

Since I work from home I wake at 7am, start to work (on computer) at 8am.

I take one hour nap at lunch time. My work ends at 5:00 pm and I'm in bed by 8:00 pm.

Today Saturday, I slept all day. I woke up at 4:00 pm, now I'm off to sleep until tomorrow.
LaF, Top ofthe day to you.
At last last night my sleep came at 22:00 and Igot up this morning at 04:30.
The sleep was deep and without dreams....
Going to start mt day now do a little shoping then make some
Goulash rice and peas with
broccli goat cheese slada, not to for get wine South African red <
Then clean the aquaeium\

My music is from Telemann Passions Oratorium..

peace peace peace peace peace
YOu should try playing audiobooks and them just lying there with your eyes closed. They give you something to listen to an you body is not stressing over trying to sleep so you can drop off without realising it.

You could also listen to weather sounds. I find this one really good.

Sir yes I listen to alot of books and not only for sleeping
some times when
working at home too cheers
@jac no sooner do I mention TS Eliot than he pops up all unexpected in that video of yours!
If I were a top poet I think none but
I would know it speak it say it tell it
show it eat it
eat it mmm just so
coz words spoken eaten
are just like defeat and
aren't they?
I'm only sorting out the links Fly posts on here.

I don't listen to them all, being the deaf old git I am.

I listened to all of the Kathleen Battle because I could lip read her.

Linton Kwesi Johnson doesn't move his lips so much, he has facial hair and the camera was too far away.

Bunny Wailer, well, I got noise, but it hurt.

If I posted TS Elliot... dunno
Far that comment from Jac had notting todo with Jac. or you for that matter.
This blog is about Sleepless,.
It has notting todo with you are your blog.
I posted the link from linton K.Jojnon in
that pome he made freccence about TS, Eliot.

This is not about Eliot and friends..
Profile Deleted
so we come to a cold afternoon. This month seems longer
than the rest..

hug hug hug hug
@flyj you cannot control predict track the direction a thread takes - a youtube here mentions ts eliot whether you will or won't
My friend Far, in the pome from L.K.J. he made also
freccence to Drick Walcot from T&T also

Mayhap if we have the time we can goodle L.K.J. and D. Walcot
cheers cheers

yay yay yay yay yay
The mind is a funny place tobe late in the night without lights
some times one could get lost..

but what does it matter, its a time for magic

cheering cheering cheering
A Dark Road

Enchantress by 2 steps from hell, featuring the dancing of Olga Kuraeva.

What he had not learned however,
was this, to find contenment -in himslef
And in his own life.

A Tao from Sw.,

Thank you all for taking part on this blog
Live long and Walk Good

Ps thanks Jac. and Sir.we need more people like you here,,
Walk good every one.

peace peace peace peace peace

At the risk of sounding simplistic, have you tried sleeping pills? (I mean short term). I too, have insomnia............ handshake

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