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GROUNDHOG DAY - Time For The Annual Awakening Of The Furry Forecasters!

groundhog groundhog groundhog groundhog

According To Ancient Weather Lore, Groundhogs Breaking Hibernation On Feb. 2 Determine Whether Spring arrives Today cool or if folks in the Northern Hemisphere will be condemned to another Six Weeks of White Hell on Earth cold

Feb. 2 is Candlemas or Purification Of The Virgin on the Old Church Calendar.
It's the Last day having Any connection with Christmas & an old weather rhyme goes ...
"If Candlemas Day dawn fair and clear, expect two Winters in the year frustrated
If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain, winter won't come again" joy

This wonder of weather prognostication occurs at sunup as the critters emerge from their Winter dens yawn ... If it's sunny, the cowardly beasts see their shadows & hide in their holes for Six Weeks hole thus delaying the arrival of eagerly anticipated Spring ... please

Sunup is approaching the East Coast of North Murka & First Reports will be coming in shortly ...

A running tally of results will tell us the fate of various locales ...
Glorious Spring cool ... 8
Frozen Hell cold .......... 3

A Tune To Set The Mood ...
dancing ... dance

Comments (24)

First up in Nova Scotia ... This just in from North Murka's earliest rising weather rodent.

Shubenacadie Sam was the first groundhog in North America to make his prediction, about an hour before other groundhogs in Ontario and the eastern United States

GLORIOUS SPRING cool Takes an early lead! ... grin

Fred la Marmotte sez GLORIOUS SPRING for Quebec & two more Canuck Woodchucks concur - one opposed. devil
Punxsutawney Phil - Six weeks of FROZEN HELL.
From Georgia's Mouth Of The South -
Gen'rul Beauregard Lee sez GLORIOUS SPRING a'comin' to Dixie!
It's GLORIOUS SPRING for the Upper Midwest! -
So sez Wisconsin's Weather Whistle Pig, Sun Prairie Jimmy.
Over here the groundhog would be very confused as the weather has been a mixture of sunshine and heavy rainstorms.
MM, our friend, ---unlike all you great unlucky unwashed proletarians here, I actually was fortunate enough to live near Punxsatawny Phil and his minions. Wish I were there in PA, and knew of that hottie CO back then. But I digress,
I've done a rigorous study of Phil, and as with the vaccines, find his predictions, and promises, completely valid. Even trustworthy.
You can trust me, as usual. I'm not like all those others.

The key is y'all's RAINSTORMS -
The critters would use an Umbrella (Obviously!).
Umbrella = NO Shadow = GLORIOUS SPRING joy


Hey, MM---that's enough of stealing my data.
Vierk -
Phil (ground)hogs all the attention - The Groundhog Day movie, y'all understand.

Both the Upper Midwest's Sun Prairie Jimmy & the South's Gen'rul Beauregard Lee claim Significantly greater accuracy - Something like 95% accurate wow for Beauregard Lee.

Jimmy & The Gen'rul BOTH say GLORIOUS SPRING for '21 cool
Phil's goin' with FROZEN HELL cold

We'll know More in Six Weeks.

PUMA cats meow claims a similar Spring forecasting process is used in Servos -
only they use bears uncertain

Perhaps she'll update us on the situation there. ... grin

Serbia? ... Or is it Siberia?
Whatever ... dunno


Late reporting from Schuylkill County, PA Grover the Groundhog and Sweet Arrow Sue - GLORIOUS SPRING cool

Late reporting from New York - Staten Island Chuck sez GLORIOUS SPRING
Still waiting on the West/Rocky Mountain report from Colorado's Stormy Marmot.
Still waiting on Stormy Marmot. ... yawn

Stormy's kinda questionable -
He's not Exactly a groundhog - a Yellow-Bellied Marmot.
Also - He's Dead - Been taxidermied (stuffed) for Years.

I reckon bona fide Groundhogs are rare out West & they make do as best they can.

Stormy came through (Finally).
It's Claimed he saw his shadow & the West is in for FROZEN HELL.

Honestly -
I'm doubtful he saw is shadow - or anything Else ... on account of him bein' Dead. violin

Woodstock Willie is our local prognosticator - he didn't see his shadow! wave
wave kp! ... cool ... very happy


rolling on the floor laughing

Jimmy the groundhog/woodchuck predicts early spring. Weathermen forecast for Wisconsin for the next two weeks or more..POLAR VOTEX temps and snow. Are woodchucks edible?very mad doh
It has never made sense to me. First, they don't come out of hibernation. Some handler drags them out of their cage, shakes them awake and hauls them out into a cold morning. Second, wouldn't it make more sense to say early spring if it is a nice sunny day, not a cloudy cold one?confused dunno
This year our critter was a guy in a furry suit. At least he didn't bite the guy in the top hat on his ear like the other year.rolling on the floor laughing
Spring is when I shed 12 layers, the geese come home and it rains instead of snows. Oh..and I stop walking outside like a penguin!dancing

Regarding Groundhog day this is pretty much how all the ladies here see most of the boys here
where most are a bunch of Ned Ryersons!! rolling on the floor laughing
Orzzz -
Those increasingly frequent Polar Vortices are messing with a LOT more than accuracy stats for Sun Prairie Jimmy & the weather rodents. ...
uncertain - See @ 5:40.

It may be time (or Soon will be) to get the Hell outta the North Country ala Humans & other species confronted with an Ice Age a few millennia ago.

The Jet Stream is what Keeps what happens in the Arctic IN The Arctic.
"Polar Vortex" means "Weakening & Splitting Jet Stream" and it appears it'll be a long term trend.

Superficial climate alarmists say Earth's gonna burn up -
Folks looking more deeply into the matter surmise that it takes a LOT of Heat to set off an Ice Age & we May be nearing that point of tipping.

BOTH those groups are Pollyannaish Optimists compared to the hair-on-fire "Abrupt Arctic Methane Release Will Soon Extinguish All Carbon-Based Life!!!" crowd.
And the Fact Is - they have Very(!) Good Reasons to support their grim prognosis ...

But that might best be the subject for another blog - Enjoy the weekend, y'all! very happy

daydream Sun Prairie Jimmy & The Weather Rodents would be a cool name for a rock band ... grin
Mmmkay ... It's now Groundhog Day + two weeks.
The listing for today in the Old Farmer's Almanac® sez "Winter's Back Breaks".

Seems a Good time to check on the accuracy of the Prognosticating Whistle Pigs.

As noted in the OP, the majority of weather rodents predicted Winter would end two weeks ago.
'Bout the very next Day North Murka was hit by a Siberian Express which has kept portions in sub zero °F 'til Now & may just be abating.

Not So Good Weather Rodents!! ... scold

So what Happened to turn their forecasts of Glorious Spring to frozen road kill?

Seems the critters were smucked by the dreaded Polar Vortex -
Which is euphemistic-speak for "The Jet Stream Is Going To Hell".

Here's an intro into what seems to be the New Norm ...

... And WHY the rodents are being Faked Out.

That's a Brief intro.
For more in-depth analysis, search: Polar Vortex Jennifer Francis.

Note: This may be the New Norm & apt to intensify in the Future.
For those in the Mid-Western/Eastern portions of North Murka -
It Might be time to pull up stakes & head South ... Just sayin'. mumbling


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