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Why is 2.7 billion the most beautiful number in the world?

one may be the loneliest, but 2.7 billion is definitely the coolest!banana banana banana

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The number of gaffes Biden made last week? ¯\_(?)_/¯
A guessing game - COOL! smile

wave ... I Know! -
It's how many cans of Pork & Beans can be made from a single Pork Chop ... grin

Hint $
I think you might have got it there, mic...professor
That's a fair bit of brass, in anyone's language....
I Knew Dongg didn't get it laugh ... That'd be Waayyy too low.

One day I want to have a big Dongg, just like him!.........laugh
If the suit is based on the allegations of voter machine fraud being baseless, I don't see how the suit can prevail.

Search: youtube how i hacked a voting machine ...Count the many hits.

The Defense brings a Symantec machine into court, a hacker hacks it & Demonstrates how easily the damned things can be Hacked.

It's like Symantec is hell-bent on Proving their machines are hackable, the fraud allegations are Plausible & their machines need to be Junked Out. ... crazy

This is but ONE Example of VERY easily hacked Symantec voting machines ...
shock ... and Why the goddamned things Need to be Junked Out ... devil

That voter machine hacking vid was posted to YouTube more'n TWO YEARS wow Prior to Election Day, '20.
Anyone intent on committing Election Fraud could've used it as a Frickin' Tutorial! ...
And They Still CAN! ... very mad

I would have guessed its the amount Biden got for Coronavirus Relief.

But ya, that lawsuit combined with the Dominion lawsuits might actually seriously hurt FOX news, especially since The Election machines have a rock solid case of demonstrable harm, and deliberate falsehoods over the 2 month temper tantrum. It all depends on how much the Murdochs are willing to spend to prop it up.

The individual Lawyers might get off by agreeing to Psychological treatment. I'm pretty convinced that Powel and Wood are in the grip of some kind of breakdown, and Wood especially has gone completely deranged in his public statements. Giulianni sunk into a bottle years ago and is probably broke anyway, so he will hardly notice them taking what he does not have.

Newsman and OANN will be wiped out. They cant absorb that loss. MyPillow too. Dominion will probably wind up owning myPillow. I hear MyPillow pillows are pretty good so it could be a good side investment for them

Trump himself scammed 250 million dollars out of the donations of the marks for "fighting the election." but even with that there's no way he could come up with even a quarter of that kind of money, even if he wanted to bail them out. He had to release financial statements for the 4 years of his presidency do he cant lie and say his businesses are profitable anymore, so he will be selling assets at a massive loss if he goes down that route. Plus he has his own legal troubles to deal with and he only looks out for Number 1.
Miclee, there are around 10 cases of Judges calling all the evidence presented of Voter Fraud completely deranged, or in legal language "Of no probative value." and saying the "Experts" didn't know what they were talking about. They will win pretty easily if this gets in front of a judge.

Plus. Smartmatic's Lawyer is very good at defamation cases, since he secured one of the biggest defamation payouts ever.

"Smartmatic's lawyer, J. Erik Connolly, told CNN Business that the case is one of the most "straightforward" he has ever seen. Connolly, who secured one of the largest defamation settlements ever in the "pink slime" case against ABC News, told CNN Business that because Smartmatic's role in the 2020 general election was limited to providing services to Los Angeles County, he could easily prove all the conspiracy theories false.

"By being able to say Smartmatic was in Los Angeles County and nowhere else, I've been able to prove a lie of everything they essentially said with one salient fact," Connolly told CNN. "I've been doing this for a long time and that might be one of the easiest ways to demonstrate falsity that I've ever had.""

Far from not being able to prove anything, this will probably be a fairly straightforward win for Smartmatic with that kind of Legal firepower and all this evidence on their side. If I was the other side I'd be screaming for a settlement.

Link to a report about the "pink Slime" case.

But ignore me. I just had 3 months of being right on the blogs about election lawsuits and elections whereas you were constantly wrong. dunno
OMG,it would have been a Disaster of epic proportions if T had been wrong!laugh
Yeah, it certainly has been a disaster of epic proportions.
Over 400,000 dead so far in the USA. sad flower
It is not a hoax.
^^^^^^^^^comfort comfort comfort
Jimmy,your Canard has no wings!rolling on the floor laughing
Not only lacking wings, but a brain also.
You misspelled your own name. laugh
Do you think the AG's of 18 states think its deranged to T , or do you know better than those at the top of their game , you should send your CV to the US AG's office .
Debt alright now aye Raphis that Biden is borrowing the money .
Oh my ! Seems the Dullard and fake economist on Fox News, Lou Doods , of leading ratings ,has suddenly vanished and won't be back!
, rolling on the floor laughing

seems Fox News is more than willing to dump their leading man in hopes of mitigating huge damages!.
Will Tucker be next ?
Especially since eprib does not seem to know that Smartmatic was only used in 1 county in 1 state. So his "AGs of 18 states" line is as completely pointless and deranged as his usual stuff. Newsflash, Smartmatic is not Dominion software. Different lawsuit.

Fox suddenly kicking out the host of their biggest show on FOX Business the day after this was filed is a sign that they are seriously worried.

For those who want to read it. This is the 285 page, $2.7 bullion lawsuit on its enirety

The first page shows that Smartmatic are ever so slightly pissed off.

Embedded image from another site

It continues showing that they have the goods on every one of the people that they are suing. It contains examples of everything that the defendants did to defame them.

Whats the betting that the usual suspects will focus just on what was on this photograph of the first page that I provided, and wont talk about anything else, as sitting down and reading for themselves is beyond their capabilities so they need someone right wing and lying to tell them whats not actually in it.
IN other News. Rudy is sad as other people are acting to firewall themselves from him. The broadcaster of his Radio show put a lengthy disclaimer on during his commercial breaks without telling him, basically saying "Anything this Lunatic says has nothing to do with us." And then even his own audience started telling him to stop lying about the election and move on.

To Rudy this meant he was being censored, and he said it in the Broadcast in which he was free to say whatever he wanted and which had not been cancelled.

Since you are all terribly interested i me typing incessently, I thought I would respond in a way to the "AGs of 18 States" line. You see, the AGs would know that when you put your evidence in front of judges and they say its worthless, then that tends to stick.

And, as this article from the fair faraway land of Australia, or epirb land, can see, the evidence went in front of judges, and that's what they said. This article goes though the cases where the evidence came out and it was savaged by the judges. I'll just quote A PART what one judge said about the most holy Affidavits.

Rest here, Its a good easy read.

just goes to show T how self indulged you are , pant and rant all night long , the state hearings were enough to show evidence of fraud .
The only NON state hearings you got were the 2 Supreme court trips, that means you lost 81 times at the state level and won 1 case.

That's impressive evidence there. Hunny.
Economic State of Affairs.

Soon families who didn't loose their jobs will get $7,000.00 (married with 3 children).

Bullshit.....Bullshit....very mad
It might be presumed that This is an example of the State Hearings to which ep was referring ...
It's understandable that folks mayn't be aware of it -
It was Ignored/Memory Holed by the worthless Cancel Culture MSM ... devil

Imagine that State Hearing had involved 'Publicans stealing the Election for Trump.

It would've Dominated MSM News Cycles for weeks & set loose a horde of Investigative Reporters -
The Only news the Might've knocked it outta the headlines would've been the dropping of Nuclear Bombs ... MAYBE.

Y'all know Damned Well that's So.

It wasn't an official hearing and had no power to rule on anything, as I told you at the time. The mentions of them dropped like a cliff becasue they had the importance and clout of a meeting of birthers in Dennys. They were in a room in a nice Hotel, people role-played being important., Rudy Giuliani farted, and everyone had a good time without worrying about pesky things like perjury, That was about the size of it.

Maybe you would like to have a news report on my DND game too. laugh
T put an Exclamation Point on My contention that such hearings were Ignored/Memory Holed by the worthless cancel culture MSM.

IF such hearings involved 'Publicans stealing the Election for Trump ...
See my comment above roll eyes

And ALL y'all know Damned well that's SO -
Unless one's just arrived on the Planet or been in a Coma the past Four Years.


Birthers in Denny's. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Lefties Wouldn't be saying that IF the Subject of the hearing had been "How 'Publicans Stole The Election From Biden" scold ... They'd be all over that like ugly on an ape.

And Fake News mongers would Still be churning news cycles outta it. ...
yawn ... playball

As we All Damned well Know.

If Any of y'all are deluded enough to b'lieve 'Crats/Lefties/Fake News Mongers WOULDN'T be flogging Hell outta 'Publicans Stealing The Election From Ol' Joe ...

Remember how they turned Justice Kavanaugh's Senate Confirmation Hearing into a Three Ring Grandstanding Shitstorm by dragging in Perfesser Blatant Fraud. rolling on the floor laughing

roll eyes Link from April last year talks about Republicans convicted of systemic vote fraud of various types in 2018 that no-one in the media wanted to talk about. Your welcome.

Seems there might be another possible reason for Lou Dobbs getting mothballed - his show was a loss leader and constantly losing money. Despite puling in 300K viewers, they weren't the right type of viewers for advertisers, and advertisers didn't want to be associated with his content anyway. In this case the law suit was the final straw. Free Market ho!

Besides, any liability with Dobbs has already occurred, so firing him would make no difference to the lawsuit.

It's not just FOX - The entire Fake News Cartel is folding like a cheap suit ...

T'would appear the gaggle of talking heads has ignored reporting The News & pinned their fortunes (read "ratings") on The Don's persona - Luvvin' him or Hatin' him.

As noted - Slavishly fawning over the senile sock monkey puppet like he's the Grestest Thing Since, well ... Obama, turned into a snooze fest muy pronto.
sleep blah blah

The ego-maniacal news network gas bags will never Admit it - but they've become a herd of one trick ponies & Orange Man BAD! has been paying All their bills for Four Years.

Things'll get better for 'em, I'm sure - News Happens. Or it's created.
Won't be long 'til the Industrial Complex with the corporate hand up the ol' war mongering sock monkey puppet's áss will figure an angle for him to get a war goin' ...
An incursion, Minimum. smile

A French scientist says he has calculated pi out to an unreal 2.7 trillion digits - a feat that took his Linux-based PC 131 days to calculate?
Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over 'disinformation campaign
$100 billion is even better.
Which one of the girls are you? heart beating

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