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Is it only me?

It seems like every time I either am taking a leak, taking (or leaving) a crap, or in the shower or tub....the phone rings. Otherwise, the phone never rings. laugh

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Yep rolling on the floor laughing
I swear sometimes, there is a camera or microwave or something. Sit on sofa ALL day..nothing. Get up and head to do something and ring!!!mumbling My problem is my fella and I have ESP link after all these years. I don't dare mention his name nor think about him, cause for sure he will call. And it will be when I have gone into another room and have to run back to grab the phone. And then if it is a robo call....very mad
wow what the same for you too laugh laugh
Okay...I feel better now. laugh I thought it was only me.

I can get graphic here...but I swear that there was even a microphone installed in my bathroom and they just waited until that perfect moment to call. rolling on the floor laughing

wave wave wave

I remember a small business office I knew of, they had a telephone in the restroom next to the toilet, so they could take calls or make calls from there.

Of course, the person calling in, didn't know they were talking to someone on the toilet seat, until they heard the roar of the flush. doh
wave I bought one of those " as seen on TV"
UV/ bluelight.
If you video chat with someone in the bathroom and it's bathed in a blue light- don't worry it's not aliens
beaming 'em up.

rolling on the floor laughing
Embedded image from another site

Got it at the Dollar Store
(but Walmart will sell it to you for $20.47 )
Robert does that happen to you.
Most men that live alone and
don't close the door either.laugh

Sometimes there's a window across the hall
or in the
Heck, I leave the door open, and use my cell phone in there too. Why not? Nobody knows.
And, and that blue light special helps me to look at my black light rock n roll posters on the wall. cool
rolling on the floor laughing Posters! Who is it? Who Who.
blushing leaving a crap

Like a composting toilet.
Well, lemmee see, there's posters of some CS ladies. and-a lemmee see, what else? confused groundhog
After years of living with a cat. Maybe that's
Pet owner lingo.laugh
Does that blue light help in locating roaches? professor
applause very nice of you to mention them.
tongue the CS ladies,not the roaches.

Do your roaches wear cool
By the way,

I'll have you know, my restroom smells decent. I spray it every morning with Pine Scent aerosol spray. So, it smells like crap and Pine Trees mixed. grin
The roaches naturally wear cool if I'm shining a blue light on them. They get their glasses at the dollar store.
Or blue blockers..
I think we shop at the same place.
Embedded image from another site
thumbs up doubles as a nightlight for rodents.
A lady I know put those plug in things in her house. Her husband ran away, and the rodents and roaches stayed. doh
Robert....true story...

I was on the toilet while talking with CrazyHeart....and I told her. All she told me was, never to tell her that again. rolling on the floor laughing I wanted to warn her if she heard the toilet flush. laugh
A friend asked me, "Why do you got roaches in your bathroom?"

I answered ,"Well, I don't have an outhouse, so when they gotta go, they gotta go someplace. Sheesh! Come on now. Let's be reasonable." beer
I heard when husbands run away it is to Vegas.laugh He will be back.
Patti...what in the heck do you use a black/blue light for?laugh

that's discussing, I mean disgusting! doh

Just you telling me that right now, made me lose my appetite for a late night snack. help
I never close my door Patti. I feel closterphobic in there. laugh
I want to go to Vegas.
Who wants to come with me? dancing
I guess you can't leave that info on your voicemail and not answer.laugh
Yeah Robert...I agree. What is the harm with taking a crap and talking on the phone? I must have painted an unwelcoming image in her head. laugh Heck, I think I already ate a sandwich once while I was on the toilet. beer
I think a voicemail message would be helpful, "Hello, I cannot answer the phone right now. I'm taking a crap. Please leave a message, and I'll call you back when I'm done and the paint has peeled off the walls."
I'll go to Vegas. Let's go Patti. You can be Robert and I's shaparone. ...need somebody to watch over us. You will be are voice of reason. laugh
Johnny that's funny so am I but it is not so bad I have to push the shower curtains back too.
That movie made a lot of women nervous.


Robert I would do an unboxing like people post on YouTube to show you but now I want a snack too.

rolling on the floor laughing off to warm up some leftovers.G'night.hug
Patti...I swear....that was just a time (actually why I wrote this)....the object just hit the toilet water and the phone rang. wow rolling on the floor laughing

you ate while you were on the loo? Heck, that's like putting oil in a car that leaks a lot of oil. You're loading it up as fast as it's loading out! doh
This blog is making me hungry. tongue
Okay Robert...not like I am going to admit it....

but there may have been a time when I was in a hurry and hungry. burger
Have a good night Rose,

You have any left over waffles? Waffles and coffee late at night.

Of course, some people substitute the coffee with beer
Nice chatting with you Patti. Good night. wave

you know there's people who take their pants all the way off when in the restroom, as opposed to just down a bit or to knees or ankles. laugh

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