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First term, Bronx NYC US Representative AOC...

... "Americas Original Crackpot", Must be followed closely, VERY closely. As evidenced by---
Daughter of money, but falsely typically and Dem-wise, plays up the fake working class, and worse, the Latina wannabee, roots.
Alleged BA from Boston Junioversity, in Political Economics. No doubt on the affirmative action dimes of others--- real tuition paying kids at this overpriced place, and legacy doners as well. So, while campaigning, she dares to wax statistic on easy concepts, and mixes up 'mean, mode and median'. And much more.
Gaffs galore on topics requiting valid education on politics, international issues, finance, public health, and so on. And she can't hide the touch of fake hispanic accent, nut never heard a word from her in Spanglish, let alone Castillian. Still waiting.
Sure, she takes the hate filled commie, race baiting, syndromis rants to new levels, for anyone who can tolerate the screeching. But here's the kicker.
She openly sheds fake, VERY fake, tears and jammering on the House floor. Claiming to have felt her life in jeopardy, during the Soro's payroll lead Capital protest on Jan. 6th. Says thugs threatened her But witnesses say, she was in her office, in another building, where no protesters entered. And tried to sweeten things up by claiming such began an exacerbation of her claimed sex abuse.
Tons more, but this has the balls a'rolling. Look how others have been persecuted on the bases of false allegations, for four years with the last Potus, and you decide if she'll ever get hers from the worshipers at the MSM.
Or from Dem pols, public school teachers, Uni Profs, and so on.

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