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Classical flutist reacts to Jethro Tull I AM SPEECHLESS!

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It was great watching her watching Jethro Tull, but I want to tell her it's 'flautist', pronounced 'flor-tist'.

'Flutist' is venacular.
I was enthralled when he toured the U.S. with Circus Atlas.
His entire group was under drop cloths as a roadie set up the microphones while he slowly emerged in a Spanish wide brim tasseled hat and bolero with his back to the audience, still unnoticed until stage lights silhouetted him as Atlas carrying the world.

Ian Anderson is a masterful performer!
As he performed each group member was revealed in turn.
He left us wondering had they been playing under the cloth the whole time.
Have you come across this story of Jethro Full and the Eagles, who played first on a gig around '71.
Once his riffs is actually the inspiration the the Hotel California intro.
laugh Tull
No I have not. Please share.
laugh Mind blown. wow

I followed up, watching her report on the Thick as a Brick concert video as well.

Ian Anderson is talented and a terrific entertainer. I've enjoyed him, especially in my youth.
However, a lot of what he does, is for entertaining itself, rather than music per se.
If she wants to listen to even better flute playing, rather than accompanying gutteral sounds,
she may eventually consider jazz in her outreach to explore beyond the confinements of classical.
At the time the Eagles had one hit: Take it easy.
They spent hardly any time off stage as completely opposite entertainers..
But they are not like people who sue over music and found it slightly interesting when this song came out.
You might say they only crossed paths.
You never know by what, who and when you
will be inspired.applause
It was in the comments of this particular song. So it would be referring specifically these guitar riffs?
Love's link:

Thanks, jac. Jane Rutter is a famous Australian Flor-tist......professor
You're welcome, Love.

My mum's uncle was a flautist in the court of Kaiser Wilhelm III.

I got my dad's deaf git gene, though. sigh laugh
All, and W. Yep, classical FLUTE PLAYERS, beware, and not only because most can't jam or swing. The stiffies. Goddess love 'em all.
Ian Anderson, ---writer, folk guitarist, vocalist, and FLUTE PLAYER, not to mention King Eric Dolphy, ----reeds and FLUTE PLAYER, can hold their own, with or without sheets of muzac.
One pass of "Thick as a Brick" (by JT), and "Magic" (with ED and Ron Carter on BASS FIDDLE), respectively, ought to do the evidenced-based job. Just sayin'.

Failures at other TOOLS, as in classical AXES, perhaps not so much.

Down, girllie, down.
Und, im Uebrigen, wahrsheinlich, HOECHST wahrscheinlich, ist die Muttersprache des musikalischen Fraeuleins--- Deutsch, oder Svenske. Deswegen vielleicht "flutist" anstatt flautist. Come on.

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