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trusting thy neighbor...or anyone really.

Have you ever done this before? Your new neighbor moves into town and you learn a little about them.

You get technical information from him in an area he claims to be an expert in. The information you get does not quite seem right, and you question him on it repeatedly...yet, he insists that he is correct.

Being ignorant, you decide to take his advice instead of double checking on the internet for yourself.

BINGO! your $1000 item finally arrives with a huge freight truck in front of your house, and boy...does that baby look too small.

So, at this time you are really suspicious and you double check the information you received after the item is sitting there in your garage staring you in the face and giving you that sinking feeling in your gut. laugh I go shopping again.

I am sure there is a moral to this story somewhere in there. uh oh


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It should be noted....I was only able to write this blog after complaining for about a half of a day. laugh

Ultimately, I take responsibility for my actions....and isn't it wonderful how we can still continue to learn day after day. dunno grin
Hey, JS, our friend. Check out my most recent blog as well. Road rage, queue jumping, and so much more might be signs of the times.
Thx Vier, I will check it out.

Was it a freezer chest? laugh
Can you return.blues
No was a furnace. Yes, I could return it but the vendor has a 20% restock fee or $200 and the return shipping fee will be about the same. By the time I am done, I will be out about $400. I think there is another property I might be able to put it to use with or I will just try to sell it myself and hopefully get about 7 or 800 out of it.

In Oregon,
26% of the system costs can be claimed as a one-time tax credit for the year the system is installed.
The federal 26% income tax credit applies to Energy Storage Systems (battery backup).

thumbs up
Or maybe a State funded energy assistance program
could help you absorb the cost of this necessity.
It is for an investment property :(

Thank you for the information though. thumbs up
You will find a way out from behind the right ball.
hug thumbs up
rolling on the floor laughing eight ball. :Coffee: Time to make breakfast.

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