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Times have Changed

I just got done watching a movie about artificial intelligence and at the end, man's machine had taken over.

It got me thinking. I grew up in small town America, in a place where if you wanted to gain financially, and I mean for the most part just gain enough to pay the bills and survive. In fact, a lot of that life still remains around here....for now. The price to rent an apartment around here can be about $400 a month where in New York City, it can be $2000 a month.

Back when I was young, there really was not much in the lines of making a great living around here. In many cases, one would have to move out from the area in order to "make it" in the world. My father and I would haul scrap iron in the summer time and work in the woods in the -10 degrees cold brisk mornings.

Boy...thinking back to those days seem so ancient now. A time well past....past well back in time.

Now, I can just press a couple of keys in the comfort of my warm home and money comes flowing in from all over the world.

Just the thought of that while I was young...I don't think my wildest dreams could have painted that picture.

This blog is not about money....

It is about the change happening under our noses without us really even giving two thoughts about it. I am from a different time, living in a new world.


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I hope the movie is a part of this pondering, because I was watching a video of a guy I recognized by voice not looks. And his colorful storytelling. When I to his video playlist gosh what a younger version I saw.
It was a comfort, I hope that is how you feel thinking over time- secure.

uh oh how did that word go missing in that sentence.
Mandela Effect.
rolling on the floor laughing

Time's really have changed!...Cigarettes have gone up, candy bars have gone up, and not to mention Old Milwaukee beer prices going through the roof.drinking

Now 400 dollars rent really would be a new world around these parts. That would feel like its almost And please tell me what two keys I need to press to have all that cash flowing into my warm living room would ya?beer
$400 RENT????

Where the heck is that at? Marrs? Jupiter? Certainly not around here anywhere, perhaps not even on this earth! doh


heck, just getting an oil change on the car costs $400. or more. A combo meal for two at a fast food restaurant is almost $400. A carton of cigarettes costs almost $400.

And, and the worst thing is, a massage is now $400. or more. doh

Rent for $400 is unheard of around here.
Robert I will do all those things for $400 EACH ,
the oil change will be easy. Right Ladies!?rolling on the floor laughing
2 combo meals coming up, wink then oil change.
At the massage I can not guarantee you will be allowed to drink, smoke, cough, or pull your covers down or your mask. It will be like massaging a mummy. Maybe used car oil and rolling tobacco would be good to wrap you up in first.thumbs up
Like an expensive spa.grin on Valentine's Day.

YOU will do those things for me? Cool. I don't smoke. But, I'll take the massage and hammurgers. grin

With valentine's day coming, I better go sell some alunumum cans and plastic bottles to get some money to buy chocolates and a card for somebody.. lemmeee see? Who should I give bottles and cans to? I mean, who should I give chocolates and a card to? confused
rolling on the floor laughing who should I bill this too? peace

No need to bill. I pay cash. I've got three big jars full of pennies. I'll start counting them right now to pay for the services and items. I should be finished counting them in a few days.. hopefully cowboy groundhog
Patti....the movie was very moving. :) It was Ex Machina.

There is a younger version of me in my picture. laugh

Hello Loh,

Location has a major role is is the countryside here...well...actually more like the woods. laugh The law of economics kicks and demand. This is a huge supply of land and a low demand because of the small population. However, things are changing around here. Many are moving out of cities and moving to areas of the country like here. In fact, many banks are investing in land around here. It is called God's country here...we have next to zero pollution.

Now about the pushing of the buttons..

Just like people moving out from the cities to live here...they too will be pushing buttons to make their money. More and more, people are doing their jobs from over the internet. :)

I cannot reveal my trade secret...last thing I need is competition. laugh tongue

Robert...I bet if somebody really shopped around, you might be able to get it cheaper. However, things are in the process of change here. Housing is becoming scarce around here....people are moving in. Again, law of economics....with people moving in, the demand is increasing. The same with cities Robert. That is why rent is not that cheap in cities. High demand (large population) and limited supply (only so many places for people to live in cities). = high prices.

Johnny_Sparton are a country girl. You know how affordable living is in the middle of the woods. laugh

You buy something to hunt with and a tent, you might be able to live for free. thumbs up
Johnny I only watched parts from that movie and it gave me the creeps! (Discovering he had the prototypes in the closet).
The machine that took over became intelligent enough to seek it's freedom and there was not
a part two. The young guy might end up
mastering his disaster if he did not become
corrupt, or being the murder suspect.
I will never know.
There are many resourceful CS women here.
I would love to hear from again.thumbs up
Miss Zlata,Miss Adaire,Miss Ekself
Rose I wondered why the intelligent robot locked up the young man...and in a way, killed its God.

...maybe the message is that machines have no feelings.

I did read a review of deeper meaning and it said the title is part of a quote on God.
The man became a creator but not an omnipotent God. I did not watch it in it's entirety.
I get bored when they waste a beautiful filming location.It was breathtaking.laugh
I missed the point of the movie, I tried.
dunno I think they compared it to Adam and Eve too.
not even in the woods, under a lake, on a tree, on the side of a freeway, is there any space to rent for $400 around here. Even Porta-toilets cost $400 to rent. doh
I must admit that it's wholesome to see the city being depopulated. All the country air might make up for how people earn a living these days.
Thank you Patti for that extra info. thumbs up Happy V-Day!
laugh Robert...there you go $400 a month in the toilet. rolling on the floor laughing tongue
Hello CC,

I think we are undergoing a huge transition in society and many of us don't even recognize it. With this Covid, we have already undergone something huge. But more to come I think. ...and perhaps not all for the bad.



the cubic size of some of them porta-toilets is bigger than some apartments. doh

I saw a guy get sick the other day, because with his mask on, his bad breath was making him sick. He needed to get some fresh air. Whew!

Some other guy I saw was walking kind of care free. He said his mask was scented with the scent of weed. What the heck will they think of next? dunno
Well, you will not need to worry about where you will do your is all right there in those porta potties. One could recycle liquids and retrofit a shower...and, you have enough room to stand up too. thumbs up

Sick from his own breath? rolling on the floor laughing

I think I have heard it all from you now. laugh
And people with bad or missing teeth love wearing masks. Cool. grin
purple heart Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

Robert, I will keep a yurt as my plan b.
Meet The Families That Want Your Blood

change is coming but not what you think it is.
I wish there were good changes, like when they thought they could do things with the weather;
Maybe stop droughts, downgrade hurricanes and tornados, keep our water supplies up.dunno
Eliminating the excuses for gmo crops.
Protecting all the species from contaminants
in the land, air and water.
They are not accepting the latest WHO report either.
We had the technology..where did it go?!
I have current videos of people that RV, waiting to see how the government will circumvent having a large population with no physical address.( Voting is a big issue right and taxes).
The little I gleaned from real estate courses which vary state to state was understanding liens and utility debts attached but this is horrible. Watch out for these changes too. (It isn't an outhouse repo Robert you're good.)
LOL, I'm currently paying $400 rent a month in 2021 for a well laid out little place on just over 2 acres of land which is surrounded on 3 sides by a retired race horse farm and my back yard disappears into the most amazing sunsets you ever have seen. It can be done still, not everywhere is living in the future yet~ :-)

Embedded image from another site
applause glorious!!
beautiful Slide. thumbs up That might have just moved 1000's from the city. laugh thumbs up
Patti...was that really a great thing with man/woman or woman/man interfering with mother nature?uh oh
Hello String,

I have been hearing a lot of things that are possible. Until then, I am going to enjoy what I have in front of me. thumbs up

Thanks for sharing.
laugh I do know, if it happened yet or not.We are supposed to have space tourism to Mars, by the time that happens we will resemble Mars.
I saved $45,000 at least ..if I live that long.thumbs up

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