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expats and the like ,,,,

why is it that people who choose to relocate to another country never really do their home work prior to leaving their mother land,,
no matter which country you go to you will find expats that create their own communities ,create their own pubs create their own shops create their own life style ,,,i am talking about the majority here not the minority,
the majority never try to learn the language of the country that they selected to live in, hardly ever eat the local food or try to integrate in the community ,
and then they wonder why local councils never make it easy for them to apply for things or services.
another trait of expats is to create their own forum in these countries and then run down and complain constantly about everything under the sun, ,
only today i logged into a local forum and the big talking point was the fact that the british expats could no longer buy british foods like cheese bacon butter ect,ect,,,because being an EU country the big supermarkets were no longer stocking these goods ,,, oh dear me the world has stopped now ,,,,
no not really there are plenty of countries that sell equally good if not better products ,,,
but these die hards will not try other goods because they are so set in their ways,,,
which leads one to ask why they move in the first place ,,
well we all know that weather is probably the first and foremost reason for most people to move ,
cost of living is another reason ,followed by education ,,,
i personally emigrated for a better quality of life first and foremost ,do i miss my traditional foods at first i did , but i soon learnt that the local foods were a delight and a lot more healthy ,
i still occasionally make some of my old favourites but i use local products and adapt ,some times successfully and one or two failures but i have never complained about what i could not have ,to be honest it is quite the opposite i am pleased with what i have gained ,,,,,,,,,,,

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Absolutely agree, I gave up going to one particular bar in the Philippines due to the constant bitching that took place regarding how terrible the country was.
In my personal experience, I have found Americans then Germans followed by the Swiss, British, South Koreans and Norwegians to complain the most, in that order, But have found Australians and South/East/Central Africans to complain the least and to integrate the best.
No idea why that is so.
I have more local friends in Cebu than ex-pats, I rarely eat or even want British food, I like the local simple food and the locals know the best places to visit.
Having said that, I do miss real smoked bacon and plan to make a smoker and make my own smoked bacon, Danish style.
As for language I have noticed Europeans excluding British, all seem to pick up the local language quite quickly, but the rest don't bother or just shout English loudly.
I have been taking advantage of being in a forced prison-like lockdown to improve my Cebuano
"unta maayo emong adlaw karon"
Hey, ED, our friend, when I first looked fast, I thought the title was on EXPERTS. So in my fashion, I was getting ready to wind up long winded on experts, who often deserve a rant or two. Present company included.
But since I've already had too much to say here on EXPATS, especially the ones you describe, I'll just spare all the tedious torture, and merely say you hit the nail on the head. Especially never learning the language, or how to really purchase and to prepare the cuisine. Goddess forbid the herstory and all but the most brag worthy cultural details of the place. As a few other shameless braggarts here, what we see instead is talk about "the life', living in the sun, away from the often much criticized frigid homeland. But if one reads long enough, the down the nose making fun of the new welcoming home rears its ugly head.
Ten fold pathetic. Remember the phrase, and the book, "The Ugly American"? Well seems like we are in lots of great company on the road.
Well, Lizard head does burp up a few truths. But he's pretty wet on original residence, and learning the new tongues.
But speaking of use of the tongue and cuisine, a few Asian real dictator led lands are well know for cheap everything, especially sex. Often for that tasty young, VERY young, meat, of both biological genders.
I won't detail the nationalities of these usual deranged addicted sorts, as we all know the drill. And see self admissions here daily. A few even relocate tither.
But being a real show off, I can't help but flaunt my fluent Tagalog. ---Lumpia, Lechon, Sisig, and the never forgotten ---Adobo.
Translation, "How much for the around the world tour, young man"?

See. A master of languages, this Vierk, I tell you. They don't make Vierks like they used to.
Avoiding work is the main point of going into the backward countries. Avoiding work and avoiding criticism. It's a form of unearned income that surpasses the welfare state. And there's no need.
Maybe true for some but not all. I work for a living, I work all over Asia and the Philippines is an excellent place to be based with easy access to Asian countries.
Not everyone sponges of the state.
Once more, CC takes all the wind out of our sails.
Even though Narco State Mexico has gotten much more dangerous, and I enjoyed it when safely in school there decades ago, Yanks with smaller social security monthly checks still love it there.
If one stays in the backwaters, which remain mostly pretty safe, less than USD 1,000 monthly gets everything, including a maid, who is most helpful with all sorts of domestic duties.
The Ugly American is these days in lots of good company. We are told.
Right LH, and not everyone tells the truth here. Just listen to me.
cc has never left mummies house hence the annoyance of people with a taste of life and adventure ,,the world is every ones oyster with a great learning in every land ,,,
riz and vier ,, two men of the world two wise men at that ,,your comments are on the money guys ,,always nice to see you both sharing your experiences
Hey, watch it. When you talk about CC's marmar like that, you're also talking about my own dear marmar. CC, a veritable homie from another mother.
Hi Ed...don't you get me started with the expats ! doh

From day one when I landed in Spain, I mixed up with the locals and wondering what language they were speaking??? Lol

I had some basic Spanish (castellano) and my first friends were from Andalucia, where they don't pronounce the last part of the word!

Anyway, I adapted very quickly and soon became a part of their family.

Food? I can find anything I want here and do not miss anything.

Communities? I don't belong to any as I'm not a groupie and don't follow crowds.

I love the music...the lifestyle...the language...
But..I DO miss the greenery and the snow at times.

I just can't stand people complaining after living here for so many years.
I tell them "if you don't like it, why don't you go back'?"dunno
Well we find Jewish quarters, Chinese quarters etc etc so it seems when people come to our country they like the familiar, not truly integrate.

It is a big wide world though and many countries are multinational. these days and all to the good i believe. We learn different lifestyles and hopefully given time stop the this --- how do i put it segregations of people. We are all people at the end of the day. Good, Bad, and inbetweeners teddybear
hi dani ,,
well i bet you are so glad that you do not live near that awful british municipality known as benidorm gal ,,heaven help the spanish in that area totally destroyed by beer guzzling louts both old and young ,,
i remember last year that the spanish had a march proclaiming they wanted the brits to go home ,,,sadly says a lot grrrrr,,,we have a area here called veliko tarnovo ,,which is a british enclave ,,but that god it is a 3 hour drive away from me ,,the same applies to sunny beach , which sadly is nearer and the locals totally dislike the place ,they say it belittles the country ,,
but you are ok gal because you have a mixed bag where you live ,,,,,
From what I've seen, it's usually for the financial benefits, especially to those retired with a fixed income.
I've found that a lot say they move abroad because of immigrants rolling on the floor laughing I remind them that they're immigrants but they don't seem to get it.
@ Exred

So true that.

England welcomes all nationalities but they do usually act like herd animals and stick to their own roots and language.handshake
ex red ....jewish and chinese quarters as you quote are business areas ,,,,nothing to do with expat living,
migrants and immigrants are two different types of people ,,social housing is the main cause of diverse living ,immigrants are put where local governments deem they should live ,,,,
the expats are a different kettle of fish altogether they choose the country they want to relocate to they purchase a property in most cases ,and then they run the country down verbally along with many other ways ,,,,that is what this blog is about ,,,,
same comment applies to tiger ,,,,
chat .... i quite agree with you ,,,many americans go to live south of the border as it is more financially viable ,, because as in most country senior citizens can not afford to live a normal healthy life ,even after paying all their dues over the years they find themselves priced out of their own countries ,,,
another issue that i forgot to mention ,,is the fact that a lot of people resent or are envious of expats and the fact that they can move on with their lives and find a better life style for them selves,
planning for your future always pays dividends in the long run ,,,,,
I have found the resentment comes only when certain ex-pats flaunt their wealth, show of with flashy cars or powerful motorbikes.
Those that live quiet lives, don't show off, don't complain constantly and take time to get to know the locals are usually welcomed into the community.
When my house got flooded last year it was the locals who came to help clear up the mess, not the ex-pats living nearby.
Not all ex-pats are the same, you cannot generalise.
riz ,,,i am not saying it is expats who are jealous or envious ,,but the people from the country that you used to live in ,that feel that way ,,, yes i agree that some expats do flaunt their wealth where they have resettled and that is the norm with well off people who think they are better than others ,,and like yourself i have always integrated with the locals more so than any expat in my area ,my friends are all local people who are kind and decent folks ,,,
Ah sorry, I misunderstood, yes you are so correct, you really find out who are your true friends in your home country if you move abroad.
The jealous comments and sarcasm were hurtful when I first started travelling, but my real friends treated me no differently. Some even came to Asia to visit me and we have always kept in touch.
Now I ignore comments but have to admit to being somewhat loyal to my host countries, so tend to put people right when they spout BS they read in some rag or youtube video, just showing their ignorance.

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