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Wild wild America....

...Now we hear of a lady who, while in a national park, tried to sit down on the outhouse terlet, and was bitten from below by a Black bear, right where I like to nibble. Minor wound. But I digress.
Rangers said she probably entered for warmth and perhaps interest, ?hibernation spot?, via the back service latch.
In some parks, campers are told to ring a bell at night when on their way to the dugout shitter. Mountain lions seem to like sleeping on roof tops.
And some wonder why we kicked King George, Tojo, and the Hun's arses. Lots more. And saved many such in both big wars. You are welcome.

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The advice is better in Some parks than Others.

If one's trying to alert 'coons or Black bears, the li'l bells prob'ly work.
For big cats or Great bears, the tinkling is like a Good Humor® Ice Cream Truck.

Folks claim the li'l bells alert the animals & they're more afraid of Us than we are of Them.
In areas populated by both Black & Great Bears, the knowledgeable woodsman can distinguish between Black bear scat & that of Great bears by the li'l bells in the Great bear droppings ... violin

FREE Movie, Y'all! ... very happy

"Missing 411: The Hunted" ...
Watch that & you'll Never enter a National Park for the Rest Of Your Life.
That's next-level Creepazoid Shit, lemme tell y'all!!

teddybear ... Pleasant Dreams!

Thanks, Micman. Scary video. especially looking at some of those females (hupersons) in the clip. Glad I never encountered any of THEM on the trails. Crazy women indeed---we hear AOC likes to backpack with other deranged types in the Adirondacks. But I digress.
Pays to carry, the larger caliber and magazine, the better, in places where it's allowed.
I prefer alpine backpacking outside of the States. I may be all wet, but it seems safer, as to four and two legged dangers. Would exclude the former UdSSR, and a few other areas. I always travel with several experienced others.
The only really scary time for me was decades ago, in the Blue Ridge hills, with my then very fit Norwegian hottie. Struck two person tent camp, with rock protected embers still aglow, and wouldn't you know, in flagrante delicto, began to hear loud noises. Sounded like several pumas to us. After a while, these stopped, as if in moving away from our site. Relief. Just then, began about 15 minutes of 85+ decibel jet engine noise. seemingly back and forth right above us, at tree top level.
Somehow, for the rest of the night, Big Little Vierk was no longer in any mood to get angry again.

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