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Online postgrad degrees have come down by almost 80% in fees

... so stuck here at home with nothing to spend the money on, why not? Last year I was looking at Moscow HSE at about $25,000 but no discounts for Aussies, and having done a few Coursera maths courses with the Russian lecturers, I thought... well you know. Then what should pop up at EDX but Austin and Georgia Unis offering Statistics and Data analytics for $10,000, why not!?

So I wrote to the old uni for my 1976 transcripts (I'm sure that made them giggle!) and registered for GRE. Way back then doing GMAT I was so annoyed to get only 99% - how could I make a mistake? But now I am no longer so quick and c*ck-sure. 340 - maybe, probably not.

We'll see, but I am aware the brain slows. A famous Chinese Yanyu goes 'huo dao lao, xue dao lao' 'live till old, study till old'

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Some should erase the fake grounds for being such a braggart, and actually get a degree. Preferably in the subject one decides to teach. Teaching without subject specific credentials is insulting, to both alleged students, and to the profession.
You'll likely do well on the GRE's, as do many folks on the higher end of the autism spectrum. At Austin, Prof. Birdsong would be someone to look up, if he's still there. He's said to be good teaching the emotionally impaired.
Tootles, from the fat little Gnomoid twit turd illiterate runt.
@vkh dangle a worm and the worm eaters come.
Did you read Dune? But then you are not such a significant worm.
@vhk In fact my first was in the profession - Computer Science - I practised for 45+ years. You, loudmouth, frequently tout your dodgy degrees. After your admission that you often pretend to be a doctor, what credence do you expect? And as for autism, refer back to the email I sent you - hit home did it?
How can anyone here NOT know of your training in the tedious mindless mechanical craft of coding. Certainly brag about it so much here. As I've said before, I am not a doctor, not even two. I only play these here and on TV.
Hundreds of likes and chats here can't all be similarly misled. But I don't place any of them into trance, as I do for a few of my favorite admirers on CS.
A big wet smooch I send. Now, down boy, down.
@vkh fool - let's preserve this shall we:

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