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New word

My contribution to the lexicon is...... HiBrrrNation

It shall be defined as sitting in front of a window (or Windows) and waving to neighbors while refusing to go outside until spring arrives. wave

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Yes!!! Good one.laugh I can certainly relate having just gone through one of Texas' worst winter storms. We were iced over for a week with bursting water pipes, impossible driving conditions, and rolling blackouts. Believe me, flameless LED candles don't give off much light. uh oh

The snow is finally melting here today. Seems like everyone in my city is outdoors and driving on the roads. The Lone Star State is not used to having cabin fever. joy cartwheel gotta go
OOPS! doh Maybe I missed the point. Was I supposed to add a New Word?

How about: “Crabbin’-fever”
That’s when you get so stir crazy cooped up in your freakin’ house that you do nothing but b*tch and moan (crabbin’) about it. mumbling frustrated

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Good one ! laugh
I've experienced both (new words).
You're so trendy. :)
I loved that Crabbin Fever post a lot. I'm so sorry Texans had to deal with that ice storm. I lived through one in Seattle once and can relate to Crabbin Fever.

The winter perk of living in FL is just paradise as long as you don't get blown away or melt in the wet heat in the summer.

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