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Covid test and plans for tomorrow, Sunday!

The day before yesterday, I was booked in for a covid test, to see if I had any remnants of the virus in my system. I kind of knew the answer to begin with, but it would be nice to have confirmation on my suspicion. (I spelled suspicion right the first time, look at me go, Henry!).. Anyway..

The result came back today. It was negative! cheering. I do feel a lot better now than I did a month ago, that is for sure! However, there are some changes that I can report: Mainly, the cheese thing. You see, before I got sick, whenever I ate cheese, my body would reject it. These past few days, I have eaten pizzas with plenty of cheese. Before I got sick, even that kind of cheese would end up with me having a bad time. Now, nothing. To see if I was just lucky, I decided to eat two pizzas three days ago. Nothing. No rumbly stomach. No.. How can I put this.. Hurty-ouchie-passing-of-the-food.. I will try with a slice of cheese tomorrow, to see if I really CAN start eating cheese again.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and what better way to spend that day with some good, bloody entertainment! I am, naturally, talking about my Predator films. I am gonna watch them all in a row! 4 films, totaling 409 minutes, or just around 7 hours. My record of movies in a row is 8 Bond films. 18 hours straight! That was a long day, but a fun day! I am guessing that tomorrow will be a great day as well!

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