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The past few years have raced past me. My granddaughter is turning 10 this month. I remember getting the call at 11pm my daughter was headed to the hospital 'baby wanted out' so I rushed over to meet them. The nurse said 'not for a few hours, at best' so I went home to catch a few hours rest. By 7am no baby. I was working for a millwork company and had to open the factory, so I stopped in to unlock the doors and headed back to the hospital and was present to witness the birth.
Yeah, she's going to be ten.
So now, I'm working for a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company and we are seeing as many as 3 new leads a day. More than I care to take on, but the percentage of closed jobs is lower since COVID. While they have money to do renovations they are also using unrealistic budgets.
I usually take 30-40 photos for every client visit and upload them to my computer and backed up on a cloud storage so my partner can review. Names, I may not remember, but photos bring back the visit and what they were looking for.
After backing up more than 7,000 photos that are stored on my phone I began purging old photos, especially the jobs I didn't get. More than 1,000 were deleted.
In the 70's I was a draftsman for a kitchen manufacturer in Miami. One of the largest. We had a house account with a builder who did condos. Lots of them. I remember the name of a 'village' that had hundreds of units in 5 or 6 buildings.
One of the first jobs I signed last year was a replacement kitchen... for one I did 40 years earlier. It's finished and paid and the owner, who is 86 years old wasn't the first buyer of the condo, but he smiled when I told him the story.
Interesting stories along the way, but mostly things are becoming a blur...

I've expressed my dislike for my current employment situation and though I can pay my bills and have a happy life, I feel my talents are being wasted doing bathroom renovations. For now, I'll continue doing what I'm doing until another opportunity presents itself.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Comments (2)

My granddaughter turned 10 today...we are celebrating her birthday tomorrow...

Why does time fly so much faster the older we get?

I saw all three of my grandchildren enter the world..

Thanks for sharing.
This blog reads like you are disappointed.

Babies do grow up, hopefully to be beautiful adults.

Renovations are like a new start, a change, or just an improvement.

Cheer up....i'll see if Jim can put a smile on your face. banana

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