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The Mandela Effect

The Mandela effect is an unusual phenomenon where a large group of people remember something differently than how it occurred.

Have you ever been convinced that something is a particular way, only to discover you’ve remembered it all wrong?
If so, it sounds like you’ve experienced the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect.

This form of collective misremembering of common events or details first emerged in 2010, when countless people on the internet falsely remembered Nelson Mandela was dead. It was widely believed he had died in prison during the 1980s. In reality, Mandela was actually freed in 1990 and passed away in 2013 – despite some people’s claims, they remember clips of his funeral on TV.

Do you ever notice names changing, buildings changing, things disappearing...?

As you change your frequency or, dimensional plane, you will notice many changes in your surroundings, even in your home.
Don´t worry, you are not going crazy! scold

It can be because you are shifting frequency plane. Some people are dropping out of your life – co-workers have left... they cannot come where you´re at.

I have experienced some of the above things and I have found that it is best to not get attached to people and things.

Has anybody had such experiences? smile rose

Comments (36)

Crystals, energy channels, personal frequencies and planes, chiropractic, Reiki "therapies", and such. The wide-eyed gullible never cease to entertain. They do so keep the charlatans employed. And fund a non-scientific publishing industry. Placebo effects are powerful.
Sure, human memory is at once fragile and as with the above beliefs, easily misled. So when interviewing children as to abuse, the best clinicians will not use leading questions, or anatomically "correct" dolls.
We evolved from social beings. After all.
But sometimes group memory serves us well in valid fashion. Indeed, valid related events can aid in valid recall. As we see here now, where the obsessive and compulsive hateful postings against the former Potus have all but dried up. As well as have silly assertions on socialism or worse. More clues to what underLIES. TD-HD Syndromes. So ephemeral and specific are these.
Now the blogs are on topics nonpolitical. Trying to convince us all that these syndromics are really warm and cuddly harmless fuzzballs. Saul Alinsky lies and manipulations would be proud.
Now we see stories about birds, snow, etc. Don't buy any of it, if it's character you are after. In two years, if herstory is a guide, there will be a new US House and thereby a new powerful speaker, VERY powerful. And when the mandala swings differently, all the hand wringing rabid kvetching will begin once more. The virtue signals, self-loathing white privilege guilty talk, etc,, and the rest of it shall cover the blog pages once more. Youins heard it here first.
As I now become a broken record on the topic. My enormous complimentary complement of blog followers are not turning the dial on this radio. Especially the few who lie about never watching. Stay tuned.
The old (George) "Burns & (Gracie) Allen Show" on radio & TV signed off Every Week with George saying, "Say good night, Gracie." And Gracie saying, "Good night, Gracie.".

Everyone Knows this - It was even brought up in an interview with George Burns ...
who Insisted that it Never Happened.
According to Him, he'd say, "Say 'say good night, Gracie'" & she'd say "Good night."

Many folks (of a certain age - I included) REMEMBER hearing/seeing Gracie say that Every Week. When I heard the Burns interview, I thought HE was having Memory Issues, cuz I KNOW what I'd Heard & Seen ... Repeatedly!

The Mandela Effect might also be called the Kirk Douglas Effect.
People Knew he was dead for Years - Turns out they weren't Wrong, just Premature ... RIP Kirk, 2020 sad flower

Some claim "false" memory phenomena are evidence of Parallel Universes/Dimensions/Time Warps, and folks having such memories really DID experience the events in an Alternate (and Very REAL) Reality/Timeline. ...
In which case, "Reality" is a Helluva Lot more complex & "Rubbery" than what we 3D beings Think it is. ... uncertain

I've often considered how very hard it must be for police and detectives to process a crime scene as almost all witnesses witness something different maybe due to the different perspectives or whatever. That's got to be a hard job to weed out true memories especially if they witnessed a crime happening in the blink of an eye.

Good blog.

I never trust my memory as it has never been a BFF of mine. Once in awhile I will believe myself over another's point of view.
I'm conducting my own research.
How many of y'all Remember/Heard/Know that Gracie Allen said "Good night, Gracie." at the end of The Burns & Allen Show?

I've informally conducted this research IRL for some years -
It'll be interesting to see how y'all's results compare.

wave Fay - When one's memory gets a mite dodgey, this is a Very useful explanation -
"I have Super-Memory - Greater Than Total Recall. ...
I can remember - in precise detail - things that Never Happened." ... grin

Fay, you've made a good point here regarding the different witnesses seeing things from different perspectives.
Vier..what are you rambling on about ? grin

Sorry, but most of the time I don't really know what you mean?

Are you complaining about the lack of politic blogs and blogs such as mine now taking over? dunno

You don't really have to read it if it's not to your liking? dunno

Since we are all locked up, this is a good time to reflect upon life and have some interesting discussions between grown ups.

Have a good day! comfort
Mic, thanks for sharing your Mandela experiences and info. thumbs up
A remarkably Pervasive False Memory -

Folks recall seeing planes fly into buildings on Live TV 9/11 News Coverage.
They did Not see that on LIVE TV News Coverage ... scold
The live News feeds showed planes flying Behind buildings & then an explosion.

This is the Closest thing to a plane "flying into a building" of three Known Live feeds
People confuse the images of planes flying into buildings shown in later recordings with what they Think they saw on live TV.

Some claim the images were Intentionally manipulated with the Purpose of creating false memories - a Premeditated, Planned Psychological Operation, aka, Psy-Op. uh oh

tinfoil hat Trust #1
Interesting theories Mic uh oh

I don't know anything about Gracie Allen, so I can't tell you? dunno

But your memory recall is also interesting. uh oh

Alternative realities/dimensions and parallel universes with various timelines...wink
daydream Luvvin' on Alternate Universes, Dimensions & Timeline Warps ... very happy

Burns & Allen "Say 'good night', Gracie" - The Reality ...

Folks may've confused memories of "Good night, Gracie" with Laugh-In's running "Say 'good night', d*ck!" gag ...

Another "DlCK" gag ...
Trivia -
The Very Real stifled guffaws of the soldiers was achieved by sending the actors in without knowing the script & told that if they laughed, they'd be Fired.
rolling on the floor laughing

Micman, and Archie Bunker often said, "Good night nurse".
And Dan, girl. Of course your blogs have always been an improvement over all our rants. I'm commenting on the change.
And I know I'm not always easy to understand. May I suggest in depth study of CC-ological logic. It's offered here at value pricing. Then you'll understand everything on God's good Earth.
I could go with the belief that yes based upon different camera angles shown on 911 one would think the video was slightly off.

To consider the most obvious Mandela effect just look in the new testament of the bible. 4 people offering 4 different but, similar points of view of who Jesus is.
A similar idea of a Mandela affect is in context of what Dani is suggesting is something we take for granted everyday.
You are driving or walking around in town all of a sudden you hear the screech of tires then a crash. You turn to see it what happened.
3 other people do the same from their point of view. They all have different viewpoints of what they heard or saw. Now in comes the responding officers to get a witness report of what went on. The officer only sees the result of the accident. Next he has to analyze what 4 witnesses saw or heard.
You being one of the 4 offer your testament and 3 others offer theirs. All have different points of view of what happened at the accident.
Look how the different perceptions of that event could change. Now try to look at the accident but, it happened 2000 years ago.
There is no real qualified evidence the accident ever happened only the story of an event.

We are like the police trying to make sense of what happened and over time we just forget the details.
Or we leave details out purposely.
Certainly if someone as important as Christ they would have volumes of testimony of who he was especially the 18 years of his life unaccounted for.

The Mandela effect can apply in many ways. What if the stories of past prophets be they Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha were possibly misinterpreted?
All our religion would have little to no credibility anymore.

Yet, we must have belief in something and it would not be fair to take away or disprove belief systems by doing so strips people of their spirit and incentive and hope to live.
So, many want to try and prove and disprove religion and having a omnipotent being that created everything.
The question we can ask is did we create ourselves?
Did we create the heavens? Do we cause supernovas with our thoughts? Did we shape the universe and decide everything should be round like planets or did we create the atom? Did we shape the stars and assigned their station?

One thing we can be is creative in works of art and literature science and we can create life and havoc for ourselves.

This leaves much debate and controversy indeed.
Ok're forgiven
You are right Prom, what happened eons ago, we have no evidence for.

It's up to people's own perception and interpretation.

This theory comes to mind..
If a tree falls in a forest and noone is around, did it make a noise? dunno
To your question: "did we create this reality we live in?"...
I think I've answered that question many times in my blogs and comments wink is not up to me to give such answers...
As "the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind..."
Or rather, is inside yourself.

Seek and you shall find..
If you can control the past (stories of the past) this can have influence over what people believe in the future..
The Mandela effect is just history being manipulated to influence your thoughts now..
Hi I love your analytical and inquisitive mind smitten

What exactly is the question?
Did you mean "how we PERCEIVE and interpret the past will affect how we see the future?

We cannot control the past...but can connect the dots and come to our own conclusion?
Thinking to much about little unimportant things that can influence how we think about things now, i guess.. dunno
The critical/important things we hold in our minds are there to stay, and how/why these things stick in your mind can't be altered by a little history lesson change..
But..these are good questions!

You can erase many things from your subconscious...doing some self hypnosis.

Eg..religious beliefs, sin & karma, past traumas, revoke soul contracts

The INTENTION is very important!
Then you can create your own life and live in the NOW.
I've thought about what your saying Dani, and it comes across like we can use the Mandela effect to lie to our selves to help create our own reality..
I have a bit different Mandela effect happening at the moment, its more likely to bore a hole into the reality that the world hasn't faced up to yet.. but this is a story for another day..

Look Dani i give up, so just spill and tell us how to use the Mandela effect to great effect in our lives..
Wow Butch...I was just thinking about you and your questions, when you suddenly appeared! wow

Re. your first paragraph and using the Mandela effect to lie to ourselves? confused

I'm not quite sure how to interpret this...and what to answer....let me see...

According to the definition of this phenomenon, it can only affect you if you have changed your level of frequency and moved to another plane...then your memory changes and you remember things differently...
And some things..and people have disappeared.

I can't see how you can "lie" to yourself??? dunno

As far as creating your own reality is concerned...
If you have raised your frequency high enough, you can make things happen with your thoughts and intent.

PS I don't mean winning the lotto! laugh
I don't know if my explanation is clear enough? Probably not?

As for your last paragraph...
I still don't know what you mean by "using the Mandela effect to your advantage'"????

It is a PHENOMENON which just happens and that some people see...and others do not.

As for what you're experiencing now...
I'd love to hear your story?

You can always PM?
I tried to PM you Dani but your on block mode, you must be to popular..
You could say that covid has an air of Mandel effect about it, with many people down playing the whole thing when they become sick.. they self isolate keep to themselves until they recover and don't get tested at all, well that's the norm here..

Dani was it you that was saying you couldn't have a covid vaccine because of a medical condition ?
How is going for you, does your doctor try to line you up for new or different tests than you normally have ?

I haven't been to the doctor for about 4 years now so i'm not really up with the play when it comes to covid tests and a like, i hope my post doesn't get taken down talking about covid and all..
Nice to see you back Butch.
I did open NZ... again! I forgot to leave it open when I changed my profile.

Too popular? I don't think so..umm...laugh

Re Covid and the Mandela effect? I don't think the two are related but...who knows? dunno
The mind plays funny tricks sometimes.wink
Re your last question...
Yes, I did mention that I had allergies and, apparently, I've heard that if you have you will be exempted from the vaccine. (Here in Spain)

However...since they haven't made it mandatory, I'm not really worried about it.
Also, like you, I seldom go to the Dr...especially now!

You can't even see a doctor now and the consultations and diagnosis are done over the phone.grin

So I prefer to stay away from sick people and play with my dogs on the beach.
Today my new pup went in the water and it was fun.

Btw.. did you understand my explanations about the Mandela effect?
Yeah i sort of got your explanation of the mandel effect Dani, its still pretty hard to get my head around it..

Here people seem to lay low when they get sick then emerge after they recover, i don't know anyone who has had a covid test here..
I also see a few new rules brought on by employers like having your temperature taking before you start work every day, employers and govt are trying to balance new rules with peoples rights here..
I think most people that work in border control, airports, hospitals etc are getting vaccines now, but i don't know if its mandatory or not..
Some of the new rules around covid have to be watched and kept up to date with, or you could get a mandel effect with new rules you were unaware of..
Butch...I'm still waiting for your personal experience/story you had with the Mandela effect? can tell me on PM. The door is open now? smile
@blogthread well no, I am much more likely to remember how they are the same, like the winter sonnet of shakespeare, winter and chafed lips have not changed
Who are you talking to Fargo?
I don't think my experience has anything to do with the mandel effect Dani, its more about the new rules being thrown down by employers in the last year with covid restrictions.. and how govt is playing a delicate balancing game between peoples rights and keeping covid at bay, 1 good thing to come out of it is that it has driven up the work hourly rate by about $3.50 where i work..
Part of this work hourly rate rise is because the shortage of workers with many worker coming from overseas, and how hard it is to get into this country at the moment..
Workers are still coming into the country with employers having to pay for their workers quarantine, or pay their workers at least 30 hours a week for their 2 weeks in quarantine..
Sorry Butch..
No, it has nothing to do with the topic.
We're not even supposed to talk about the Covid if never existed.grin

Unfortunately, it's an ongoing issue..for the whole of humanity.sigh
Yeah Dani no covid or political talk on CS anymore which is a dam shame, i guess i'll have to go and talk war on Mic's blog... the bloody yanks are bombing Syria again to get to Iran looks like the word in Mic's blog, oh and more sanctions on Russia too..
I wonder if these bombing are a mandel effect Dani ?

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