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I doubt anyone has heard of the Chaffles going crazy on the internet but they are going crazy in my kitchen. I fell for another gadget, an itty bitty cheap MINI DASH waffle iron, perfect for one person with portion control problems. Two ingredients 1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese and one egg makes 2 chaffles.

There are about a gazillion chaffle recipes and so far they are DAMN TASTY and easy.

Oh and Mic there is a recipe to make a chaffle pizza crust - then load you toppings on it and there is another where you put all the ingrediants right in the pizza chaffle, however I have not tried either of those yet but I might. I also haven't tried any of the sweet recipies as I'm stuck on savory.


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daydreamThe women on this site sure as Hell know how to play to guys' Fantasies

thumbs up Fay! - Great to see that you're trying Outta The Box concepts!

The pizza crust aversion reversal hex the Great Dr. Ikenga threw on ya is working Great! very happy

perfect for one person with portion control problems. Two ingredients 1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese and one egg

That sounds like cholesterol isn't part of that 'portion control'


"Cholesterol Portion Control."

My research (based on a study group of One) indicates dietary cholesterol has Little/No effect on one's cholesterol numbers.

Mine's consistently almost alarmingly Low.
I figured I'd have fun messing with the Doc's head by jacking it way up & freak him out -
I ate 1/2 dozen eggs/day for Two Weeks prior to my annual physical ... giggle

Doc reviewed the numbers & blandly mentioned, "Cholesterol's still low - dropped slightly from a year ago." ... sigh

Mic, it's more of the cheese and not the eggs.
thumbs up Good Suggestion, Chat!

I'll try cheese next time ... grin

'Course, not all cheeses are created Equal - Some are better'n others.

Fay mentioned Mozzarella, which is often part skim/reduced fat.
Other good options are Swiss & Provolone ...
heart wings
Luvvin' on Swiss.

eggs and mozzarella cheese, sounds like the keto diet.
I have one of those little waffle makers.
I've never made anything but waffles
F Y'all's I -
This is the kitchen gizmo to which Fay & hpy are referring ...

No offense, ladies - But for a good sized Guy, that's a Cookie Maker laugh ...
Which ain't a bad Start!

How bout this?
Throw some Chocolate into the batter (chocolate Chips wouldn't hurt) let 'em cool, put ice cream between two of 'em, freeze it up ... VOILA! Killer Eskimo Pie® ... grin

Another single portion idea.
Use a countertop steamer -
Make up pancake mix & pour into a container deemed to be "Single Portion" (add chocolate/chocolate chips/fruit/whatever) - Steam It (kinda Obvious roll eyes ).
The steam fluffs it up into the lightest, airiest CAKE Ever cake I KNOW that works!
Makes Ordinary cakes seem like eating fudge.

Prob'ly work well for single serving portion control -
The way it fluffs up, one has the visual that one's eating something that's Enormous.

There are soooo many recipes with some being Chocolate for the Chaffles. My cholesterol is just fine.

The thing I've learned recently that is really bad for us is Soybean Oil and it's in so many things including Mayo. As I was watching the video I paused it, ran to the fridge and sure enough the 2nd ingredient is Soybean Oil. I tossed it.

Went back to computer and instead of finishing what I was originally watching, I found a make your own mayo video with EXTRA LIGHT Olive Oil. I made it for the first time in my life, (I've only wanted to make it for the last 10 years but never bothered) and it was DELISH. I'll never buy mayo again without checking igredients. I always watch for sugar but I was ignorant to soyean oil. I will still eat tofu.
Food Companies are gettin' hep, Fay ...

Making your Own is still Cool ... Prob'ly tastes better, bein' made Fresh very happy

I read that all plant based oils cause inflammation. Your better off using butter.
Or that nasty stuff our grandparents used ..bacon grease.

Although I just checked and every keto mayo recipe has olive oil in it.thumbs up
Hey Fay!

Speaking of soybean foods -
Have you ever tried Japanese Edamame Soybeans? ...
It's shelled Green soybeans turned into a healthy (and totally Addictive) snack.

Son turned me on to 'em & they're GREAT!!

Here's an Edamame recipe including garlic & (y)our beloved Cayennes ...
heart wings

I bought store bought mayo with Olive Oil and Hated it years ago. During my mornings research I heard the trick is to use Extra LIGHT olive oil which made the world of difference. The homemade mayo is much more yummy (and super easy to make) than the store bought.

Mic I love Edamames and love that recipe. I like seeds too so the pepper seeds go into my recipes, that's where the heat is.

Next on my bucket list is to make Ghee. I've watched several videos and it seems like I should pull it off but I never know as I had an epic fail yesterday making a broccoli cheddar soup. Luckily it tasted okay but an epic fail none-the-less.

Besides EVOO I won't use vegatable oils not even Canola. Avacado and Coconut oils have always been my favorites and Sesame Oil too.
wow wow all good food i will try now grin

I bought a one person soup maker (yep another gadgetroll eyes ) but truly best buy it actually makes 4 bowls of soup. all into gadget up to markers then stock, switch on 19mins delish soup. Im all souped out now so will try the chaffles laugh laugh
wow FEDEX?! ... reunion hug
I Have a One Serving Soup gizmo & use it regularly ... aka, can opener.

You know what you need, Fay? - Lemme Tell ya what you need! ...
You need a Guinea Pig on which to Test your foodie experiments. Yes. You DO!

daydream I reckon a guy could eat like a King - Just off'n her Failures ... very happy
Especially now that the Great Doc Ikenga's hexed her into makin' pizza crust ...
THAT was money damned well spent, you betcha!! smile

Adds pepper seeds to maximize heat - claims she's Single ... It's a Wonderment confused

How 'bout This, FedEx?

Make up a (RYE dunno) chaffle, Swiss cheese on top, float it on onion soup ..
Being Round, it'd fit the bowl - Lots of surface area to soak up liquid - Easy to eat, as it'll break up into four pieces.

Think kinda like ...
Only using a Fresh Rye Chaffle - maybe Toasted before being floated.

Note - The recipe includes Brandy.
Variation - Omit the brandy from the Soup & Drink It drinking while waiting for the chaffle to pop outta the toaster ... buddies


How 'bout This, Fay?
Substitute this stuff for the Rye flour in a chaffle ...
... TAMALE(!) Masa -
Coarser grind for more interesting Texture than Masa Harina thumbs up

Top toasted chaffle with Monterey Jack cheese, float on Chili made with Lots of pepper seeds ... guzzle Tequila drinking waiting for chaffle to pop outta toaster.

Test foodie experiment on willing Guinea Pig/Drinking Buddy ... buddies

The Tamale Masa (Hominy) Chaffle & Chili recipe is REAL Healthy ...

Hominy - The Healthy Flour ...

Tequila - The Healthy Booze ...
Hi miclee yep i will try that too, dipped toasted into my pea soup mmmmmm peace
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