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Pastor Caspar McCloud returns to SGT Report to discuss the mark of the beast vaccine and the end which for many, will come like a thief in the night.

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@ stringman.

I've had mine and still here.

Are you actually believing this story because if you are taking it as gospel then according to statistics the 2.4 million people across the Globe that have be vaccinated already should actually be dead or dying..confused
if you believe MSM your already deceived.
@ stringman

It's not about belief with me it's about having trust, and I trust my instincts that my fellow humans will do what is regarded as their best for me under these extenuating circumstances.

I've lost 3 friends to this virus and have 7 more just been diagnosed so if something can give my immune system a boost and protect me then I will take their advice.

I also refuse to be blind sided by internet know it all videos .handshake
fear will make one lose all reasoning.
so don't take the vaccine then String . The end will come for many with or without it because already new strains of covid are rampant . Even at this point a world wide lockdown would save many millions , most likly hundreds of millions . But no thats a facist or communist plandemic response . One thing countries that could not sort a lockdown will pay a terrible cost . Even if the new strains were spreading at the speed of the first strain , which they are not , the vaccine makers would not be able to keep up . Well run lockdowns need to happen to get control using the vaccine as a control , not prevention while the lockdown stamps it out . Plenty of countries would accept muslims going around killing thousands of their populations , how about Canada ? What would Canada do to stop them , state of emergency and a 24 hour curfew perhaps , curfew breakers shot on sight ? That needs to happen with covid .
Epirb?!!!! curfew breakers shot on sight ? That needs to happen with covid .doh
just reached a video on real doctors telling the truth about vax. video went dead. they call it a experimental vax.
your right I will not take the poison.
Treat them like they have the plague Hip , guess they could be stoned like they would have been during the Black death in England , get ot of your Parish during that plague permission or not was a dangerous pastime .
"then I will take their advice.I also refuse to be blind sided by internet know it all videos."

How can you be "blindsided", unless you do not watch any videos at all. I heed other's experiences with a bit of empathy at least. It is not a know-it-all but someone who had an experience that was the exception. And maybe it is a factor for me too.
That is why they can not be sued, it is early and there are too many unknowns.

Gospel faith does not apply to the adage blind faith.
For example, people who had blind faith instead of getting a second opinion from a doctor, or a specialist. Because it is "their doctor" .
Even if he is in general practice, they want only him.

Fear will make one lose all reasoning, is a physiological fact. Isn't it the Flight or Fight.
Epirb, you are a fighter.dunno
I,ve stayed away from most of the debate on covid , I see most past redemption . Our country is starting to vaccinate , it won't be effective unless there is better control world wide . Little bit of info over this vaccine that our government says is its "less effective " used on elderly , far better than saying its going to kill a section of them before their time as it's been shown to do .
Epirb this is very sad but honest reporting knowing those who think it is going give more permissions.
By the way Epirb you can call me Patti.
(I am too old to be Hip at 63 yrs.)
Stay Blessed!
wink gota go to work
@ Rosehipster

Did I say I was afraid?

What I said was that I trust others to have my best interests at heart or words to that effect. I listen to my own heart and make my own decisions and have or never will be afraid of dying whenever that happens.

After all no-one has the gift of earthly eternal life. Life itself is a gift and should be treasured.handshake
No childish youtube/bitchute video is going to stop the virus, what will stop it is taking the vaccine and reducing the infection rate
I also have had the vaccine, I had no side effects, and as anyone can see, I'm alive.

It is people like Stringman, spreading unfounded fake rumours, who are allowing this virus to continue, to continue to kill the weak and defenceless.

Had these lies been stopped at the very beginning of last year, the world would most likely be back to a close normal.

Stringman has no shame and IMO is the most unchristian man on CS.
wave Tigermoth
That was me quoting Stringman's comment on fear, asking if it relates to fight or flight.

But we all can glean from you a better
understanding of your perspective,thanks!
Riz wave shooting at the messenger again.
Since when has Satans mouthpiece been a messengerdunno
I have no problem with Stringman preaching about the bible and his god, but I draw the line at posting lies that can and have deadly consequences.
I'm surprised that you of all people would support his rumormongering.
Your crap Riz is as bad as Strings
Riz, you're right about people like String spreading nonsense but in fairness it's not his fault, some people are just born gullible and dimwitted.
Some may take what he says seriously, which would be a pity.
Ah, Covid -19, and now so many little cousins, to delight us all. The gift that never ceases to give. From the Weapons of a** Destruction military run laboratories of the PLA. Commie China at its most inventive. But here's the kicker.
Research largely funded with USA Dem dollars, until stopped too late by Orange Man Bad. Thanks 44. Affirmative action for life POTUS grateful payback, at it's America hating, Saul Alinsky best.
Not my imagination. Oye como va, peebles.
Really? In your opinion, which is not worth a cent, maybe, but I believe in truth and no one will stop me posting to show up lies and misinformation, posted to stir up hatred, violence and even worse death.
Those that spread fake stories and conspiracy theories deserve all that happens to them.
Those that support such evil are just gullible ignorant morons that deserve pity.
I truly pity you Epirb.
@ Rosehipster

Thanks for clearing that up. I assumed that as you had posted my comment that you were referring to me.handshake
I just never beleive what i read i need proof for everything.


I have watched 80+ have vaccines and grateful for them no moaning and they are fine.

Docs Nurses all over the world working their socks off-----i do not like throwing socks in someones face.grin

It is a pandemic all is trial or error folk finding out how things go. The figures slowing coming down now, lets hope poorer countries get vaccines

Never mind string all us who get it will in a way be protecting you too-----no risk for you then . wave
not worried we are being lied to simple as that. it's called controlling the masses.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing sorry but had to chuckle. yep stir crazy grin blame the lockdown lips
Says the man who spends half his life trying to convert others to Christianity, the worlds greatest controlling the masses and exploring the weak religion.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Stringman you make no sense, you accept control by religion, a none proven money-grabbing diety yet refuse to acknowledge that Society requires mass inoculation to prevent disease. Nothing to do with controlling the masses, all to do with saving lives and all that entails.
I bet you would think differently if you had suffered from smallpox or polo as a child.
The recovery rate here is more than 90% thats ok for me. I bought myself some Ivermectin just in case though.
That is brilliant Luke but in my country that is not so. If i got the virus i would be dead sigh I have COPD to start with, so would not get off the starting blocks
Shove your pity Riz you pathetic commy grub , you have little positive to add to any debate
doh yes String , its "less effective" for those over 65 .

I don't think the Israelis would be happy with your post about the deaths in Israel do you.scold

JERUSALEM – The risk of illness from COVID-19 dropped 95.8 per cent among people who received both shots of Pfizer’s vaccine, Israel’s Health Ministry said on Saturday.

The vaccine was also 98 per cent effective in preventing fever or breathing problems and 98.9 per cent effective in preventing hospitalisations and death, the ministry said.

The findings were based on data collected nationally through February 13 from Israelis who had received their second shot at least two weeks previously. According to the Health Ministry’s website, about 1.7 million people had been administered a second shot by January 30, making them eligible to be included.

Israel’s ambitious vaccination drive has made it the largest real-world study of Pfizer’s vaccine and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday he expects 95 per cent of Israelis age 50 and over to be vaccinated in the next two weeks.

Previous reports from individual health care providers also showed positive results, spurring Israel to remove restrictions on the economy after weeks of lockdown. On Sunday, schools and many stores will be allowed to reopen.

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