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I got some tail tonight...

Mmmm... it was good. I expect to get some tail every night this week!

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One translation called it Chinese Lettuce and another called it vegetable core and another says it's AA Choy Stem.
My partner calls it tail. So, I'll be getting tail all week!

Peel the outside, slice thin and saute.

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Looks like a cross between spinach and bamboo.
Your wife doesn't work in a botany lab, by any chance ? laugh
Not that it matters.

Chat: "My partner.'

Jim: "Your wife"

Jim, the top is like Romaine lettuce and the inside has the texture/firmness of cucumber (without the seeds) with a simple vegetable flavor. It reminds me of a vegetable used in Japanese cooking. That style is diced and not thinly sliced.

LaFonda, it doesn't matter... esposa, partner, significant other, better half. laugh

I think it is 'Chinese Lettuce' pronounced wo sun (woe swun). I do broccoli stalks in the same way. There is another root vegetable I discovered in China not so long ago, a yam called shan yao (shan yào) - one of my favourites along with lián’ou or lotus root, all served in crisp sliced circles or ovals. Shan yao may also be available in Florida these days. That article refers to yu xiang rou si, and cuts the wo sun into fingers and then shreds - yu xiang rou si means 'fish fragrance meat shreds'. Your partner will surely know this famous dish. T'aint bad at all, at all!

Embedded image from another site
FF, thanks for the link!
We normally have most of those vegetables in house.
Bean sprouts have mung or soy. The soy is crunchier.
I learned about Lotus Root 9 years ago and the Asian market has them.
Dakon, Taro and bitter melon we buy often.
We bought more Chinese eggplant today.
Humorously it's called 'Purple Airplanes' in my house.
I had my hand on a Ridged Luffa today asking if we should buy one... next time.
We did get more King Mushroom.
ok, now I am confused. LaF is your wife/partner ? dunno
No Jim...
LaFonda's not my lover... she's just a girl who claims that I am the one...

dancing laugh
If you love her you may want to refer to her as the Love of your Life. doh

I love that thinly sliced insides when my D-i-L fixes it. She has fed or given me so much wierd stuff to my pallet that one time she gave me an offla gorge. I didn't realize that is what it was because I don't speak chinese and I thought we ageed upon it being some sort of sqaush gourd. I tried to cook it and it was the worst thing I ever put in my mouth - I couldn't gag it out fast enough. I didn't know Loofa or whatever they are called grew in gourdes. Chic got a good laugh out of it.

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