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Accept or Refuse God

God is Eternal. You can,t love God in truth if you don,t love Him with your free will.
So you have free will to accept or refuse him.You need to accept God with your true love loving Him.
It was said in bible: Love God with all your heart,with all your mind,with all your spirit and with all your strength.So you need to love God more than yourself.
it was said also:love your neighbours as yourself.
There are many that love God because of fear of punishment for their sin.
so they don,t want to be punished,so they love God because of fear.
in This life is you will believe and obey God or refuse and rebelled against Him.
There is no other choice.
What make you to refuse and rebelled against God?
The sin that you have in you is brought from devil,and that is the great weapon of the devil which make man
do against God.
So there is two worlds:One is Perfect world and the other is imperfect world.
So you will do for Perfect world or you will do for imperfect world.
Doing for Perfect world: is from Love and Truth,and that brings true happiness.
Everything is good and in order and in Truth and in Love in Perfect world.
in Imperfect world: there is evil,out of order,in false,in hate and suffer so many things.
There are things from Perfect world in this imperfect world:Sun shine,air,water and earth which gives birth
to trees,flowers,vegetables,herbs,grains and other things.
So devil makes things of imperfect world to do sin,evil,unrighteousness and suffer.
So God said:don,t love imperfect world,but love perfect world.
So those that love imperfect world:do sin and evil and makes suffer for themselves and for others.
So this imperfect world is that devil do his evil,wars,hate,sicknesses and many other bad things which makes suffer too.
Perfect world is ruled By God and so everything is good.
in imperfect world is so many things corrupted and rebelled against God.
And so many men and other things choose to not believe and not obey God,so they live in sin and in
rebellion which brings them suffer and destruction.
So will you with free will and with love believe and obey Truth of God and be saved from sin and from evil and live in perfect world forever?
or will you refuse God and his truth and rebell and live in sin till you die or thrown into hell to suffer
so long so many things?
Well, it is your decision what you do.
Any way this imperfect world soon will be finished and will be no more, but Perfect world will be on earth as it is in heaven.
People who are saved will live with God forever.
nice day.
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