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just me being righteous I suppose

I just seen a woman celebrating in her what appeared to be very expensive boat. I am not sure if she just sailed around the globe by herself or what she was even celebrating about...

But the "righteous" thought occurred to me...what if all the money she spent preparing and accomplishing that goal was spent toward something more self-less...dunno ....let alone the time.

Not just her...but what about other things people sink endless money, time, effort and thought into for selfish ends.


Just me be righteous here. laugh

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And what if you spend lots of money on a date, then you don't get any thing, err I mean, you know, it ends up not be a fun or productive date? professor

Okay, looked up the word Righteous. This iz what it said:

Righteous = A singing duo in the 60's, 70's, (Righteous Brothers) and what else? Oh yeah, also means "Morally right or justifiable"
About the lady with the boat? Maybe she likes Motor-boating. cheers
They say the RICH can't comprehend the life of the working class/poor.
All good points Robert....especially the Righteous Brothers one. laugh

But yes, you spend , you want a product. Is that so wrong? laugh

LaF, maybe that is why some spend millions on things like jewelry, or cars, or other things similar while others are curious where their next meal comes from.

BTW...cute picture. Are you in there somewhere? I was thinking you were the one to the right. dunno


A blogger friend that was on here before went by username of WAFWOTAM. A lot of people wondered why he chose that username. Did it mean something?

Then, one day he revealed the story behind that name. I hope I get this right, but if I remember correctly, he said that he had once bought a car to restore. By the time he got done restoring it, fixing it, with all the expense and work put into it, it wasn't really worth it. So, he said WAFWOTAM stood for "What A F**ken Waste Of Time And Money." Cool, huh? cheers

what ever happened to your blogs that used to get 100 to 400 comments? confused
Your friend should have bought a car already restored. They say to restore a car yourself would cost more than it is actually your friend's story shows. It is pretty cool though. laugh

That is life for yeah....full of lessons to learn.
We have yet to pull the marathon Robert lately...with our postings to make it up to 100. laugh

I think I got older Robert and nobody likes to chat on an old guy's blog. laugh
...or...I am an asswipe and nobody likes and asswipe. laugh One of the two...flip a coin. dunno
I'm looking for a coin. Nope, can't find one.

Naahh, come on Johnny. You're the Young Buck on here. You're not old.

By the way, do you still go by that Alias of "Charley Hoarse" with the ladies? laugh
Yes...the old Charley Horse scandal. laugh I just go by Charlie's horse now. rolling on the floor laughing

What about your horse implant? You are the horse. laugh

I think you are the one women crave. You are just not on here with all your romantic, warming, tingling, dampening to deep moisture stories.

Dampening, moisture stories? What the heck is that? wow

Never heard of my stories being put that way. laugh

Most of these "round the world " yacht races are sponsored .

One could question all the money spent on Space probe when it could be put to better use on earth.sigh
What about the millionaires that pay a fortune to accountants to put in place Tax avoidance schemes, tax that could be used for society as a whole?
What about the money spent on advertising?
What about money spent on military rather than on peace?
What about the money people spend to go on holidays?
Where do you draw the line dunno
Good point Tiger.

I do like space exploration though. grin uh oh


Riz.....good points too...don't forget about toilet paper used to wipe the behinds of those.

Those trees could use a break.

thumbs up

....I hear where you are coming from. :)

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