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womens equality....

we all know that in todays modern world ,that women should be treated as equals ,especially in the work environment where they are doing the same work as men,
that said ,,so this is my question , should a woman share the cost of a date ,and by date i do not mean the first date ,
obviously if you both hit it off and wish to meet up again then surely it is only right that you share the costs ,,,
why do i ask this ,well it seems that quite a few women believe this is not the way it should be ,,,
so i am interested to know what you people out there think about this ,,,,,
i have my own thoughts and situations where by i have encountered both sides of this issue ,which i shall add further info on in the comments ,,
so over to you peeps ,,,,,

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should a woman share the cost of a date ,

This depends entirely on how you rate/see yourself and your date. I'm old fashioned and there are many special (to me) women that I wouldn't even consider letting them contribute a single cent.
On the other hand I know women (colleagues included) that will tell me openly not to insult them by even offering to pay the bill. Depends on how you 'read' your date before the bill arrives.
Hi Ed..I'm also a bit "old fashioned" for this sort of thing.
In my days, boys or men always paid when they invited a woman for dinner or whatever as they were gentlemen.

But..these don't find many of these and most would expect something in return if they have paid.

Myself, I wouldn't feel comfortable either if they paid the whole bill.

Or..if there's a second date in sight, well...he could pay and then I'd invite him next time?
Without any strings attached!
I guess I am old fashion. I wouldn't dream of asking a woman to pay on a date.
If she insisted, OK, especially if she is the one who asked me out.

However, on a first meeting (not a romantic date), both should assume they are paying for themselves in my opinion.
Indeed, it is even better to have that meeting in a setting that does not require payments nor
a commitment of time beyond the arranged meeting time, and clearly specify that it is only a first meeting and not a date.
That way, it is easy to politely promptly bale, if the other person has misrepresented themself, or you realize there is no compatibility. This should all be stated up front before that meeting.

I'm sure opinions vary on this topic. peace

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