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Ideas for how I can make money

I had a great idea yesterday evening, during a livestream on Twitch. The broadcaster is raising money for charity, and I am live with them on voice chat. The written chat gave me a fantastic idea: Selling audio files of me talking about something. Maybe even a rant about a certain subject. That gave me an idea on how to make money: Invest in a good microphone, and then create a profile on Fiverr. Then sell audio files for £1, where I ramble on about something. Maybe a bigger amount, depending on the content. One of the guys in chat wanted to pay 50 euro for me reading the entirety of The Hobbit.. I am not sure if he was serious, but still.. 50 euro is a lot of money.

Or maybe I should just look for more stable employment somewhere in Europe. Due to the pandemic, most of the jobs are work from home anyway, so I am not going to move to a different country. Yet.

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Why not just get 3 million followers on Instagram and make about 14 thousand per post? You need to face reality and get a real job. Who's going to pay to listen to you rant? There's only about 5 of us here that listen to it... and we're not payinglaugh
I hope you have one of those voices that can basically say anything and it will sound fantastic. The face for selling audio files is not enough on its own
If you like, go to wikipedia and learn about Mel Blanc.
He made a very good living being the different voices of a large variety of cartoon characters, including Bugs Bunny, Barney Rubble, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig. At his death he was worth $25 Million and that would be worth a lot more now. He started in radio.

There is money to be made with voice overs now. But, usually its with a voice that is recognizable to the public.
For instance, Ellen (DeGeneres) does voice overs. There's other stars that read books for drivers to listen to.

Perhaps you could host a podcast for gamers ? Have top scorers come in and talk about their tricks for success. But, I would not give up a day job until the income from that exceeds your day job.
Focus on a stable income first and with some of the earnings invest in equipment to pull off your dream business, whatever that is.

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