How many times this.... as we say.... Pol Rachel Levine? Biological man now claimer of womanhood, up for possible confirmation as the highest cabinet health official in the United Snakes. Google how it avoids committee questions on topic. And more. As evidenced by, as always. Vierk here typing, folks.
MSM burries it all. Joe signs whatever AOC and ilk hands him. Nice. What hasn't killed us off, now makes us stronger.
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Your bigotry knows no bounds as always V.
It is one sorry Headcase,with more Chins than the NY-City Phone-directory!
To turn lose something like that onto Humanity is criminal!barf
Its about time these trans are seen for what they are , same as the joker who's married a doll , mental health patients . Treated with respect and dignity yes , given positions of power , not likly .
And Leftards claim Righties are Science Deniers ...
Good Grief, Y'all!!

And in your case, SL, the use of the word "for" for "far" somehow fits. Hang around with the FFF, and you'll begin frantically to correct and apologize, immediately. Pathetic. Revealing. Digressing.
But yours may indeed be an interesting case. Fake claims of conservative sensibilities, VERY fake, comorbid with stage four TD-HD Syndrome. Nowhere in the world literature, so far. I'll have a few hottie interns at the prestigious Vierk Institutet on it right away. They are part of our formidable shuck 'n jive department. We use them often, as does the Micman. Lot's of billable hours spent on the last affirmative action Potus, and on the currently impaired illegal one. And lots of private intern time with me in my orofice. Yum yum .
I agree with you on this one, it's not fair on women to compete with transwomen in sport as transwomen have a male musculature, that's too much of an advantage.
Right-o. Epirb. On 406 clear channel VHF to satellites.
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