How many times this.... as we say.... Pol Rachel Levine? Biological man now claimer of womanhood, up for possible confirmation as the highest cabinet health official in the United Snakes. Google how it avoids committee questions on topic. And more. As evidenced by, as always. Vierk here typing, folks.
MSM burries it all. Joe signs whatever AOC and ilk hands him. Nice. What hasn't killed us off, now makes us stronger.
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Your bigotry knows no bounds as always V.
Not at all, SL. I have no issue with whatever one considers itself to be. If someone wishes to consider itself a tippy eared medium build feral cat, so be it. But since some of my training is in the biological sciences, and since I know a bit about adolescent identity struggles, and how the left can use just about anything to play Saul Alinsky, well, I draw lines.
But I'm shocked, shocked I say, that a leftie would toss around such terms as bigot, with no knowledge of what is in the hearts of others. If whatever it is were a minority, I'd be called more than one false pejorative, by your ilk. We see it here daily.
But as I've said, such virtue casting must provide satisfaction, at some level. We see so much of it. Syndromic and compulsive. Pathetic, as well.
Anyway, almost forgot the most juicy part on this it. Its Mom was in a care home. And in spite of supporting unscientific policy on such places, and their residents, (google Gov. Cuomo), it removed mom from such a place early last year, we're told.
But watch Micman's video. Can't just believe the Vierk. Doctor Senator Paul's questions were incisive. Responses?---not so much. More grist for the mill.
I saw that exchange, Willy -

Questioning a Surgically Created DRAG EUNUCH 'bout Genital Mutilation. SERIOUSLY?!

From Comments on the Senate Hearing ...
"If someone awoke from a 20 year coma & saw that, they'd think it was MAD TV." rolling on the floor laughing

Only problem V is that I'm not a leftie. I am conservative on most issues. I agree that the left uses slogans and terms of abuse for too freely, however in your case the word bigot is completely apt.
It is one sorry Headcase,with more Chins than the NY-City Phone-directory!
To turn lose something like that onto Humanity is criminal!barf
Well she looks like the perfect example of why you wouldn't become transgender. Teach children not to give themselves to these unnatural men, these mutilated men with mutilated minds and mutilated hearts. Don't fight for society, fight for humanity.
Its about time these trans are seen for what they are , same as the joker who's married a doll , mental health patients . Treated with respect and dignity yes , given positions of power , not likly .
And Leftards claim Righties are Science Deniers ...
Good Grief, Y'all!!

My bona fide xx chromosome granddaughter is a gifted young athlete, committed to her sport.
The thought that in a few years she could be competing with the likes of Miss Heather Swanson (see South Park clip in my comment above roll eyes ) for a Title ix Women's Athletic Scholarship is Sickening. barf

If the goal of Women's Athletics is now to sacrifice the aspirations of young ladies on the altar of Woke PC Bullshit -
Shut the damned programs down & go back to just teachin' 'em Home-Ec.


Women's Extreme Fighting - The Good Part starts @ 15:20 -
xx chromosome woman Ashlee Evans-Smith turns the tables & jackhammers the living daylights outta tranny Fallon Fox boxing as the crowd screams ASH-LEE! ASH-LEE cheering

very happy

And in your case, SL, the use of the word "for" for "far" somehow fits. Hang around with the FFF, and you'll begin frantically to correct and apologize, immediately. Pathetic. Revealing. Digressing.
But yours may indeed be an interesting case. Fake claims of conservative sensibilities, VERY fake, comorbid with stage four TD-HD Syndrome. Nowhere in the world literature, so far. I'll have a few hottie interns at the prestigious Vierk Institutet on it right away. They are part of our formidable shuck 'n jive department. We use them often, as does the Micman. Lot's of billable hours spent on the last affirmative action Potus, and on the currently impaired illegal one. And lots of private intern time with me in my orofice. Yum yum .

Oh now V!.....are you claiming to have never made a spelling or grammar error? I hope not because you have, I just didn't point it out because it wasn't relevant, I leave that sort of thing to juvenile minds.

I'm sorry about what happened to you as a kid but don't let it ruin your life by lashing out at any kind of s*xual minority, don't take it out on them.
(and it would help to ditch the Biden derangement syndrome - BDS - as well.)
I agree with you on this one, it's not fair on women to compete with transwomen in sport as transwomen have a male musculature, that's too much of an advantage.
Now it looks like we may have two under trance. Powerful stuff. Ease with entrance into trance seems negatively correlated with grounded personality traits, and in my experience, with other good qualities.
And all the sucking up to the Micman rings fake, VERY fake. It fools few.
So, when a real clinician points out valid signs and symptoms of cognitive decline in JB, it's a stretch to cast such silly aspersions as to valid syndromes. But all here can see how often ueber lefties do so with words like racism, bigotry, the misnamed phobias, and the rest.
But your such issues will remain long after JB resigns on medical grounds. And Chameleon H is impeached, and convicted. Heard it here first.
Finally, many women, if appropriately vetted on physical and behavioral characteristics, could compete with men. Just need to play a bit with the rules. And to build a few separate locker rooms.The real sexism is appalling. VERY real.
But I disagree with bending the rules for PT requirements for females in the military, at least for combat arms MOS designations. It take a big and strong person to drag a wounded comrade away from enemy fire. My comments, as ever, are evidenced based.
Alt lefties might take a few hints from the style.
Evidence based? .......

That would be a change for you. In my sporting experience (across many sports) women just don't have the upper body strength that men have. As a judo player I was aware that the strongest woman in the club was no match for the weakest man, that's regardless of the level of skill. There is just too much difference.

Mic pointed that out, I agreed with him. So agreement with someone means sucking up does it? your strange little world.
If you have so called sporting experience, more than involving lifting pints at some pub, and keeping an eye on the jockstraps of real athletes, you'll know that with proper exercise, and diet, upper torsos can be coaxed into all levels of strength. Same with other muscle groups. As evidenced by, watch lady body builders, weight lifters, and others, and compare with the much less massive build of, say, a many time Stuporbowl winning QB, such as Mr. Brady. And when muscles develop, so does bone thickness. And joint strength.
You are still sucking up, as all can read, and are still in trance, as I know. And must have been a sight at a real Dojo.
If one can't be a real athelete, at least be an athletic supporter. Pathetic.
Ah, the old obsession with homosexuality! most people grow out of that when they enter their twenties, you're strangely immature. The guy who abused you wasn't gay, he was a child abuser but don't let that inconvenient fact get in the way of your rampant homophobia.

As I said earlier I agree with Mic on his point, your rigid thought process can't grasp that you can agree with someone on some things but not on others. This contradicts your liberal/conservative binary beliefs.
Pennsylvania has a big problem to this day. Hidden in plain sight in small sleepy farm communities across the state are revelations that pedophilia and sex slave trafficking are still deeply entrenched. The State of Keystone has a long shameful history of breeding corrupt politicians and judges who openly go out of their way to protect p*dophile, who work hand in hand with entrenched organized crime and engage in incessant cover-ups. one sex abuse scandal after another. It is no wonder that Rachel Levine and mind control expert Fritz Springmeier stated that..

Embedded image from another site
The False Memory Syndrome, to protect those who abuse children. rolling on the floor laughing This was designed at the University of Pennsylvania, by people linked to the CIA.( False Memory Syndrome Foundation)
The more of these head cases , positive discrimination examples , muslim and leftist mongrels in Bidens government the easier it will be to regain power , bring on the garbage .
Right-o. Epirb. On 406 clear channel VHF to satellites.
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