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Family/Ancestral/Generational/Hereditary "Curses"

We carry in our bodies the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain, and grief of our ancestors.
Oftentimes, we are unconscious of how the energy of old family wounds informs how we think and act in everyday life.

This is why we see patterns of abuse, incest, addiction, poor health, and many other traits passed down through generations.

From a Shamanic perspective, these traits are seen as energetic imprints in our Energy Field, or ancestral "curses", which need to be cleared so that the ancestral pattern ceases to influence our behaviour or health.

Modern science has just recently been able to identify what Shamans from ancient times have already known: trauma gets passed down through generations.
Now, with the science of epigenetics, we know that trauma even shows up in our genes.

Ancestral imprints may manifest as:

• A debilitation belief, or emotion which you share with other members of your family lineage
• A pattern of bad luck (feeling the family is “cursed”) that consistently happens across generations
• A particularly destructive behavior such as substance abuse, addiction or incest which runs through your family
• Health problems or accidents that appear along wirth a male or female lineage.
• Family estrangement.

Family estrangement is the loss of a previously existing relationship between family members, through physical and/or emotional distancing – often over a period of many years. This can often occur over a trivial incident and is probably regretted by one or both parties

Ancestral healing helps clear patterns in the family line – almost like re-working our DNA – and ends the cycle of suffering for future generations.

Although there are many techniques to clear those imprints from our energy field, I have found, from my own experience, that a most effective and quickest method is to clear the issue, once and for all, from our subconscious, by means of hypnosis/self-hypnosis.

Maybe some of you can relate to this?
Feel free to share.....


conversing daisy

Comments (109)

Morning Dan,

I guess most people have some form of trauma from their past whether a personal family issue or otherwise.

People are divided into 2 categories in my opinion, either a survivor or a wallower. A survivor will dig deep and find the power to get through the situation and move on ,or they wallow in self pity because of their circumstances. It's down to the individual as to how they react to any major difficulties in life .You will either survive or wallow.

Self pity will possibly prevent you from being successful, as you tend to have negative thoughts and not pursue your goals, whatever path you choose,

Basically people need to recognize their self pitying tendencies, so that they can eliminate them. Wallowing will only hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

I discovered this fact many years ago and moved on, even if it meant discarding certain people from my life.

My life choices have made me the person I am ,not my past.

Morning Tiger..I appreciate your comment and the advice you give.

But...the topic is about ancestral patterns which appear through generations and have left imprints in our energy field.

Although we think we are not affected by them and choose to ignore them, they occur in various family members and will continue into the next generation...whether we like or not...unless, as I said, we have done some personal work to erase those imprints.
History yes, but curses no. My ancestors came here 200 years ago, UK Russia Poland China. I can trace their arrival, but not their curses if any. 7 generations.
By "curses" (note the quotation marks) it wasn't meant literally. lol

In the old days and some religious beliefs it would be classed as a curse.
We also carry their endurance and their strength. It's the reason that the modern world has lasted longer than the expected 5 minutes. A residual ancestral ability to deal with things beyond our own terms.
Of course CC, we also inherit their good traits.
If trauma is marked genetically, how we react may have a nature as well as a nuture component.

Suggesting that peple are either wallowers, or survivors is simplistic: most of us do both at some point, or another.

The word 'wallowing' has negative connotations, but perhaps periods of 'reflection' have a function and enable us to create change.

The 'pull yourself together' genre doesn't sit well with me. It's based upon the assumption that everyone has the necessary skills to process theiir own, direct, or inherited trauma, but having those skills is also a matter of opportunity and experience.

Very often those who are most disadvantaged in one way are disadvantaged in others. Trauma and not having the skills, or infrastructure to process trauma go hand in hand.

Therefore, it's not just down to the individual as to how they react to any major difficulties, it's down to education and support, too. If that's not evident after a year of social famine, I don't what is.
if you clear your energy field of ancestral imprints ,then surely you are distancing yourself from your ancestral bond which would in turn distance you from your relatives , be they good or bad for your inner karma ,,is that not cutting your nose off to spite your face ,,,
@ Jac

I based my thoughts regarding this after reading an article by a Doctor of Psychology. I didn't respond to ancestral hereditary, just my personal thoughts on how I dealt with my own issues, not a generalisation.

Hi Ed, good question.

However, I can't see how clearing your ancestral imprints - which are past traumas and wounds - would affect your bond with them? dunno

You're clearing ancestral patterns (see the list) and, at the same time, putting an end to the suffering for future generations or they will inherit exactly the same issues - probably at the same age too!

Re "karma" ...there is no such a thing!

It is NOT our destiny to carry on with the same patterns.
We alone can change and stop it.
But Tiger, you went off topic.

This is not about how to deal with personal issues, but how to stop the ancestral inheritance of illnesses and so on at a quantum level.
There is small, but growing epigenetic evidence for past traumas to have effects on subsequent generations. Principally from partially retrospective population studies of the Dutch famine under the German Nazi fascists of 1943, and from evidence from later generations of German Nazi fascist death camp survivors.
More evidence would be useful, but it's a start, and not at all at odds with what is known about epigenetic processes. But to ascribe any of it to the usual wide eyed moonbat energy fields is a stretch, but typical.
And even for those who are fortunate enough to be getting qualified help from caring and woke counselors, for lots of reasons, not all have much in the way of recovery.
It isn't exactly like rigidly controlled interventions with lab animals, much less free living hupersons. But recoveries do happen all the time. Support, diet, life experience, spirituality, and the tincture of time also play their parts.
Putative manipulation of alleged energy fields and such, not so much, in all likelihood. From someone who covertly routinely places the odd, VERY odd, CS case under mild trance.Just watch.
ok dani ,,,my misuse of the word ,but it just popped into my weird head at the time of writing ,,,
so it is back to ufo hunting for me gal ,,as they are our fore fathers as well maybe ,,so i am not deserting them for the time being ,,,keep up the good vibes and spiritual awareness gal ,,,
@Vier..I agree with your comment. This kind of trauma is hereditary but, through psychotherapy it can be eliminated.
Ed. UFO hunting?
Have you seen any so far?
What about little green men?

Wish you good luck with the hunting.applause
Jac, I agree with your comment.

The "pull yourself together " line that many like to give to others for advice is not that easy to do without the necessary skills.

There can be some deep underlying issue that only a qualified therapist would be able to help with.
We have a family here that we call the Kennedy's Dani, they have lost many family members through illness and accidents..
Sometimes i do wonder if its a curse or if they had to much going their way from the start, things are starting to pan out better for the rest of that family now..
Hi Butch...I don't really know?

Maybe it was an ancestral inheritance and someone did some work to stop the cycle??? could have been a "curse", like an "evil eye" put on them?
And someone removed it?

Were there some jealous people around?
And people doing black magic?
Between Dani and Jac Gripper it is frightening to think they know more about human behavior than anyone is willing to give credit for. For several years in my observation and ostracization for my input it's hard to debate these two.

This theme of this blog which focuses on familial relationships and ancesterial background is quite informative.

First the idea that the way people on this site may react to various ideas and blogs posted could be related to their ancesterial background and the way they were taught and brought up as children into adulthood. Plus let us not forget our personal experiences in understanding our environment and social upbringing.

Yet the focus is our possible genetic connection to our ancestors.
We can say our habits define who we are handed down from generation to generation.
For example a family who comes from a generation of 6 to 7 alcoholics or drug addicts we can say that justifies our behavior to be an alcoholic today which the cycle never seems to stop.

Not all the psychology in the world will fix this. Unless we come to the root cause to say hey maybe we are repeating this same behavior our grandfather or great grandfather or mother several generations ago did such and such behavior as we are doing today.

So, let's suppose that was the case when do we realize this and when do we put an end to such behavior?
How do we become self aware that our attitudes our thinking our beliefs our behaviors is somehow related to say our ancestors from say the 14th century acted the same way.

It could be we have unresolved past life issues carried from generation to generation and we keep getting the same dumba** results in our lame attempts to find healthy relationships because we keep chasing or attracting voluntarily after the same quality of idiots from a previous time based upon our ancesterial background?

Some to many complain about their past failed relationships and dont want to repeat them. Could it be why they seem to attract idiots in their lives or they dont attract anyone of value so they put on a blanket condition of the quality of idiots they want vs what they get?
Could it be their ancesterial background why their lives dont amount to a hill of beans or why they attract unsuitable people?

It leaves the idea first check your own background and behavior before criticizing others. professor
How do Dani wave
Sorry but I can't say I believe much, in what you are saying. We come from our ancestors but we dont carry a little peice of them unwillingly; within ourselves.. JMO

As for curses and the evil/bad eye....
I could tell you from personal experiences why both could possibly exist, but belief is not truth.
hey dani ,,,there are no little green men nor are there greys as some people describe them ,,,,do they exist most certainly ,,why would there be cave drawings of them ,,or egyptian writings ,,,machu picchu stones could never have been tooled by man as todays modern tools could never get such accurate results ,,,just saying
Ed, I agreee entirely!

Not only would I like to see a UFO landing near me, in a remote area, but I'd love to meet also some nice aliens and have a conversation with them.

They have come to visit in the past.. and they will come again!
Hiya Itchy girl ..
The ancestral imprints are real. They are in our genes and our DNA.

I have spent years helping people clearing their ancestral issues.

As for the "evil eye", I never really believed in this until I came to Spain.
Most of the time it's a question of belief remove the belief, and the curse is gone! Just like a placebo!

But...I also know people who work with black magic and are capable of doing such horrible things! grin
dani ,,,the eye is really a eastern thing the turks believe in it as do a lot of arabian countries ,,as for spain well it was probably the moors that left their mark there ,,the evil eye is part of tradition in rome ancient greece as well as many jewish islamic buddhist and hindu faiths ,,,
I shared some of those bad habits until I got a handle on thing. My family was dysfunctional growing up and in generations past. Substance abuse was my "thing".
Something repeats unto the generations and modernity survives on that something. In the same way you can't turn your back on a crying baby, there's a blood calling to deal with something as inconvenient as that because we know we were born. A knowledge we wouldn't have unless something was communicated in silence via the blood.
Hi least you have recognised the pattern
Did you clear it for future generations?
The problem with the blank slate is that it would only be as ordinary as what happens over ten minutes. Bodies develop differently in the gym as even now you can see whose ancestor was a longbowmen. Everything that's happened you couldn't make it up which makes the beautiful diversity of human development superior to the blank slate.
I know Ed, but in Spain..and most Catholic countries, they live in fear of it.

Yes, as you say, probably from the Moors?
Hey Prom..interesting questions and you gave here a perfect example.

Alcoholism is in the Genes and I've met quite a few who had inherited this problem.

It turned out that Most of them from Irish descendants.

Regarding fixing the problem....
As you say, first we must realise it and be aware where the root of the problem is.

Having other alcoholics in the family would be a good clue!

But...conventional psychologists won't be able to fix the problem.
Only specialist therapists in this field would.

Also, although it is in the genes, it will be triggered by lifestyle choices.
As for attracting the same people over and over again...
It has nothing to do with ancestral issues.

It's just the energy we transmit.

In which case, one has to work on themselves and change the projection.
Now..regarding "family enstrangements" it is a very common occurrence in many families.

Mine, for example, is a typical example which has been transmitted throughout a few generations.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the past, but we can put an end to it now, for future generations.

When I worked with my mother issue a few years ago, the next day she phoned me and decided to come and visit me.
Our relationship, since then, has certainly changed for the better and we now have a deep bond, not only emotional, but at the soul level.
Hey CC..thanks for your views on this topic.
Although I don't quite understand all what you're saying here?
But I'm sure it's relevant.
I agree of course they are real handshake
But I seriously don't believe our ancestors shadow us, unless we decide otherwise.. which would be more about a tradition/trend then an imprint embedded in us JMO dunno

As for your comment elsewhere regarding Irish drinkers, why single us out when we're not alone with that one, and by christ, we are not the worst with the drink roll eyes drinking

Personally speaking I blame Mr Walt for tarnishing us with such a bad name laugh
No future generations for me unfortunately though I have a nephew and fortunately his upbringing is much better than mine was.

If I never recognized the pattern and got it under control, I'm not sure where I would be today but chances are, I wouldn't be here writing this. If I had some professional training, I would make a good counselor or social worker for the simple fact that I know first hand what its like to be off the rails and how to get back on them.
Not read any comments here....
So I'm not sure Track what yours is all about, but why not put all your "ifs" into use rather than use them as an excuse?
Itchy know that I've never put the irish down...on the contrary!

During a workshop on this topic, it turned out that the third of the participants had implants (10 out of 30)...
And from those 10, 10% had alcoholic descendants who also happened to be irish.

I'm just quoting a statistic here. And it happens to be that, from my experience when working on those people, they also confirmed the statistics.
Track I applaud you for taking control of that issue. applause

At least you recognised the pattern and did something about it. thumbs up

Yes, you would make a good counselor!
I know you don't and weren't trying to do that Dani, I do know you better than that hug bouquet

Having said that it does become a little bit tiresome as if its only the Irish who drink.

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