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Eleven places I would like to visit in the future!

Once this whole pandemic is over, I would like to travel again. Jump on a flight somewhere for a week or two. While we have been in lockdown, I have written Eleven places down, and the reason for wanting to visit those place. So let's get into the list!

Number 11: Austria.

It goes without saying, that Austria is a true European gem. Amazing scenery, friendly people and great food. Austria is perhaps best known as the setting of the 1965 film The Sound Of Music, as well as numerous Bond films.

Number 10: Switzerland.

Switzerland is also one of those places that are so breathtaking. The nature is the main reason why I want to visit, since it's a fantastic place, with lots of fantastic sceneries

Number 9: Japan.

Tokyo is the place I would love to go, but I am just a little apprehensive regarding the size. Luckily, Japan is other than Tokyo. I would love to visit Hiroshima, to take in the spectacular beauty of that location

Number 8: The Philippines.

Anywhere that can boast having amazing food AND amazing views, automatically peaks my interest. I know a few people from the Philippines, and they have all recommended Cebu, as the place to go.

Number 7: Italy.

It had to be on this list! The country that gave us Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, pizza and other foods, as well as stylish brands, awesome scenery and the best accent ever! Italy is definitely a place I would visit!

Number 6: France.

I have been to Paris a few times, but I didn't really like it. Therefore, my focus is on the Champagne region. Why? Because champagne.

Number 5: Finland.

Any place that gets weird is a place I would love to visit! The Finns are the masters of weird. From wife run to extreme rallying in dense forests.

Number 4: Mexico.

I know Mexico might not seem like the obvious choice for tourism, but I would definitely love to visit! I would need to do some preparations regarding my trip, and follow the recommended advice from either the government or people who are from Mexico.

Number 3: New Zealand.

The Maori culture is one that is extremely interesting. I know a few people from New Zealand, and they are some of the friendliest people you can ever meet. Plus the scenery of New Zealand doesn't hurt either

Number 2: Australia.

Australia is high on my list, because of V8 supercars. And because the country is spectacularly beautiful!

Number one is perhaps not surprising to many people: The USA.

The Land of Opportunity, as some claim it to be. I have long had a desire to visit the United States of America. I even had a return flight to New York scheduled for May 1st, but I never managed to take the trip, because of the pandemic. Once it's over, and we are free to travel again, you best believe I am gonna book myself a trip to the United States.. How much do you want to bet something else will derail the trip?

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Vienna is in Austria... and to visit Switzerland.... just remember to take out a is the most expensive Country you have on your List
Allegria46 - Ah yes, that's my mistake. I made some edits before I published the blog, and I forgot to remove Vienna from the Switzerland section. Thank you for letting me know :)

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