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If anyone here is actually in the US

And also a veteran over 65, be advised the Veterans Administration has, in many cities, ample supply of a Covid19 vaccine. You must register with them for health benefits (many Vets did that years ago anyway). Then once the registration process is complete they will contact you. In my case they contacted me on a Thursday afternoon and when I asked about the vaccine I was asked if I could come by the next day around 11 to get my shot. I did of course. I have been on the state list since it was created, for months, and never heard a peep, much less get an appointment. But with the VA once I registered the vaccine was given in about 15 hours. Also they gave me a 'been vaccinated' card and I already have my appointment for the second shot. conversing

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Strongly advise you don't get the 2nd shot.
First of all it's not a vaccine [ which takes about 10 years to develop. is a brief rundown of side effects my roomie experienced..
Blurred vision, ache in every joint, fever, runny nose, loss of taste / appetite...

PART 2....just saying; Bill Gates isn't getting "the Vaccine", nor is he wearing a mask.
Several folk I know have already gotten their 2nd shot with no ill effects. You been following/believing fake news and crackpot science reports.
No...merely told you about my roommate. are now a GMO...
Bob your room mate is one of the lizard aliens! Get out while you can!!!! These aliens have bad reactions to the bad but they still need ! I will pray for you! Here is a chant you can use against them. Haala Hoopla

It's up to you. As a younger man you were willing to die in battle and I'd argue that the vaccine is more necessary than war. For your age definitely.
I just got mine today! I can make an appointment for #2 too! Hospital sent me an email day before yesterday!
That's good. I got my second dose yesterday with no side effects yet. Met a pretty nurse and got her FB page too. We shall see what happens. banana

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