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God and destiny .

Im writing this blog to share my experience since there are people and their posts on God on this website . I thought it would be nice to share my ''experiences''.
As for my belief in God , it didn't come from any book of faith or any preacher . These things , freakish things happened to me . When i was about to be born there was complication , the doctor said she could only save the child or the mother , my dad said to save my mom but we both , me and my mother were saved .
When i was 5 i almost fell into man hole but got saved . When i was 8 i almost drowned when suddenly someone or something pulled me out but it wasn't some other person it was like this force pulled me up . One day when i was going to a job interview two rogue bikers were coming infront , one biker hit the other from the side and that other bike came straight to me , i thought that was it when suddenly that biker made a right turn and got the bike at time .
All these incidences maybe unbelievable , maybe coincidences infront of athiests . But even coincidences have a limit .
Its like im mean't to live . In my early life i didn't dream of any greatness . Only of graduating and becoming a boring accountant , the easy life , growing old ordinary then dying . But my teacher pushed me to dream big and now i do dream big . I feel like im more than just being an accountant .
I really can't explain this . But all of you who read my post whatever your opinion please do comment .

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So whats so special about you ....
You are so protected that you've been spared/saved so many times, yet others don't even get a look in, as it it seems roll eyes

Time will tell, even if you may never know.
wave Ace
God and destiny?
Do please write in your book that the Vatican doesn't pay to the italian government 5 BILLIONS YEAR ON TAXES!!!!
BANANAS banana banana banana banana banana
Ace..interesting story.
All I can tell you is that there are no coincidences.

If you were "saved" on a few occasions, it's because it wasn't your time yet.
Maybe you had something important to accomplish?
Some people just attract trouble and you must be one of them Ace, you might want to pull up your awareness pants bud.. wave
Oddly enough and believe it or not I too know of a young lad who also was saved from drowning by a mysterious force, he could never explain what he did not see, but only could, what he felt. His sister however who seen and witnessed all, told who or what had saved him, believable or not is irrelevant but that young lad today and without giving his name, is a well known healer with an excellent reputation of being genuine and one of the best.

His sister was one of my friends sad flower
But she was never in doubt her then little brother was saved because he was choosen to save so many, which infact he has and still continues to do so... there you go now, believe that or not wink angel
No person can save anyone. God alone draws you back to himself. If you are willing, if not then you ignore God. It can be done, and he does give second chances.
Aceguy you are young, your life hasn't even unfolded before you yet. For you to be aware at this time, I believe your life will be filled with coincidences, or miracles.thumbs up
Which has been the greater influence in your life-
God or your Teacher.
Rose , Both i guess . My teacher i guess more . When i was in her tuition all i wanted was an ordinary life , nothing special but she forced me to be more than i was , that time i was annoyed by her .
laugh yes and you may find at times you feel the way about God the Father.
I call it spiritual Growing Pains.
I've always imagined that working in accounts is the most like never leaving the house although obviously you do. Out of the house and into that open manhole. You know that a dangerous commute could just be playing with your imagination. I mean is it rare to narrowly cheat death on Pakistan's roads?

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