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The demise of local print media...

...story by two BBC wannabee journalists. But not only do I digress, Sir Bravo needs to peepee/poopee. So later, alligators.
OK, back, again. So, disclaimer. I never read the local PM. My ex next door does so, every word, as did my Mom and Dad, may the peace of the Prophets rest upon them. They always tell/told me about the important local stuff from these sources. Nice Segway into the gist here.
Although the data come from the left biased BBC (not always so), they comport with my own observations. Seems that while larger city PM is also in trouble, financially, it's much more severe in smaller communities. Adverts were their bread 'n butter, but with Amazon, Craig's List, etc., well you do the math. Income down over two decades by 80%, costs up as well. over a thousand such sources have closed shop, almost all others struggling, with rare exceptions. The main loss, according to these BBC lefties, similar cuts in local newsroom staff. now who's left do the jobs of three others, and not all gets covered.
Allegations of threats to Democracy. Well, perhaps. Industry funded study shows it all contributes to decreases in business, jobs, etc., while causing increasing local political corruption. Makes some sense.
But here's the kicker. These two say that a big additional cause is no longer being able to cater to the local minority and woke readers. JHC-WTF! The vast majority of these fish wraps did little else, since, as with broadcast media, real reporters were replaced with grads of liberal schools of you know what. And don't just take my words for it.
But no where was this evolution toward a notable lack of even handed journalism mentioned as a potential factor in the trends, by Katy K. and her half breed comrade.
Yet, it's all grist for the mill of the great political pendulum. Democracy and the free markets. Likely involved. We'll take these latter, with their faults, over one party state fascism, any day of the week. Only a fool or a hopeless sinophile wouldn't.

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Guess who's fault it is?
Well big capitalist and corporate media,oh and most of all corrupted politicians allow that shameful thing to keep going.
While most of the people in that planet turn their heads on the other side coz they do not wanna see it...
banana banana banana banana banana
@happy the advent of internet 30 odd years ago spelt the end of local media basically. We used to have 'the Manly Daily' when I lived in the Northern Beaches, 60-70 years ago.
t's official, the Manly Daily will not return in print - as of 28/05/2020
Having suspended the newspaper - more than 100 years old - during the COVID-19 outbreak, there was serious concern within the Northern Beaches community that it would only continue digitally.
Those fears were confirmed on Thursday, with News Corp declaring the Manly Daily is one of 100 regional and community mastheads to permanently become digital-only assets, with a further 14 to cease to exist in all formats. It has been a staple on the Peninsula ever since founder Edward Lincoln, wrote in his first issue on 28 July 1906, "This little paper is as yet only an infant, but, like Manly, it will grow."
Grazie mille, mio fratello. But are these two other Vierk firsts here? Far be it from me to gloat and to brag. Butt, not only Blogs in installments and evolution, but comments entered before they are even completed. Ecce Homo.
Absolutely zero relevance to the topic, Fagot Fanny. And who doesn't see it? But I refuse to block the poorly written, and spelling error loaded, nonsense.
What a guy! No wonder you are hopelessly in love with me. Almost wish I were homosexual as well. Tootles.
@blogger no spellos - but the quote tags disappeared; and no irrelevance. blogger wrote a topic title, I responded to it. I am not a homosexual though blogger constantly proclaims it. He should cease. Attempts to belittle me leave me feeling ever more contemptuous. Silly feller.
Delay in completing the article (it wasn't worth waiting for) ... 'peepee trouble? prostate?' don't rush to the operating table, it warrants careful consideration
Absolutely precious. Newer stop, until you vanish.
I do so hate to show off about my BOTTOMless depth of clinical knowledge. Speaking of bottoms. But Sir Bravo had his cullones whacked off at a tender age, as posted, thereby preventing both testicular, and most of metastatic prostate tract cancers.
But surgical treatments for prostate cancers, are rarely ever done by most modern urologists. Except by the the ueber sadists among them. Google the TURP procedure. Trans urethral resection of the prostate. OUCH! Proton and other computer aided beam therapies, alpha source seed implants, etc. , are now preferred.
But a landmark autopsy study done decades ago showed that, except for a tiny minority of these tumors, men/dogs? almost always die of some other cause much earlier. Brilliant pathological epidemiology, no? So a new approach, sanctioned by the Urological and Surgical Societies, involves monitoring and watchful waiting. The prostate is an organ surrounded by a thick connective tissue capsule. How smart was it to put two and two together and to do a large numbers autopsy study? Slick, those money grubbing Docs.
See, really merely average, in every way.
But never miss a chance to brag, or to use a crisis, as the Dems are wont to say. TURPs are often classified as "non invasive (read scapel and sutures sheardrudgery-Chirugerie) surgery". Any man here can decide on this for himself.
But why not an invasive surgical approach via the rectum? Several good reasons, even with the organ lying so close by, it's where digital yearly assessments are performed. But who hasn't had enough braggadocio already?
you are an offensive racist - what breed was the one half and what was the other? Are you perhaps half breed mongrel, half breed cur? I hope you (if you really are a medical practitioner) you never need to deal with patients or clients.
Wing Command. } $ tardate....1970 ish.

Taking your headline in to a past direction..w/ segues by de-luxe. was the best of Times ..[ and the Register, and L A Herald Examiner, and Fullerton News Tribune..
That's 2 morning papers & 2 more in the PM...your reporter worked for the News Tribune & Orange County Register --$imultaneously [ !
..This allowed for frequent shopping Adventures & trips to Anaheim Stadium & her neighbor, 1313 Harbor Blvd. aka } magic kingdom...a mere 3 new subscription s, netted the paper boy a free pass to said kingdom ! Thus eYe sold subscription$ for the Register & delivered 88 papers for the Tribune..[ irony & mys-fortune...of the 88 only 2 regular Tippers-- despite a boom Economy.]
..This type of Activity Loop ..along with 7 yrs. Of Government / military 'work'...and 3.5 of Lib. College [ as in, Liberal Arts ] ..allows for UN parallel Ed
Performance in Wing Command services.
AB, everyone here knows that right wing Leftenant CC is my trusty copilot, and wingman, when we are in fighter jets. But as the last bomb run was rough, we have openings for rear gunner, navigator and bombarier. The last must be Norton certified. Not a wannabee braggart fake, like some ESL teachers here.
Racist? Keineswegs. Just more hypnotic command over weaker minds, as ever. On my count of three, you will stop pecking at insects like a chicken, awaken fully refreshed, get up off the floor, and send me a check for USD 1,000. Ready? Eins, Zwo, Drei !
Racism died with Hitler long time ago...
Today the word racism is abused and out of any freacking contest!.
So am i a racist if i pretend my government check everybody before they arrive on italian soil and not allow them to enter if they do not have ID?
Well than what do i pay for those asses working for italy if they don't actually do what they are being paid for?
Abuse of the word racism....
Means nothing with most of the facts today happen around the world...
As noted, I only play a Doc here on CS. Can't you tell? My loyal slave, FFF.
You mention fascism and this only a short time after voting for one....rolling on the floor laughing

You are the gift to sarcasm that keeps on giving.............(holding my sides in here)
I was actually trying to explain to all those that abuse the word racism...
I got what you meant...
Most of today's humans are short of common sense,in special way those that abuse words like in a video game,when reality says different things..
HC 76. You preach to the crowd, friend. I've been tooting the same horn forever. But it's worse. There's growing evidence that all hupersons have racist traits, except the few self-proclaiming saints, as we see here on CS. And among other liberals.
Higher mammals, instantly recognize "the other", using a variety of assets. Would it were, that when our ancestors saw someone at a distance who may be from another tribe, she would run and welcome them. Sadly, it just didn't seem to have gone that way. Now it's in our genes.
As you write, all the haughty inappropriate name calling of the lefties, just serves to make it all worse. Some get it, some do not.
Often what I write is really meant to get the weaker minds to obey and respond. As we see here.
Please spare me those things coz i do speak with facts..
Facts italy spend each year for clandestines arrive on italian soil 5 BILLIONS!!
The earthquake happened in italy in 2016 hope you've heard about it...
Well those whom had homes in those area hit by the earthquake are still living in temporary housing,while the government ask to those to pay taxes for home trashed by the earthquake,meanwhile the italian government since 2016 LITERALlY WASTE 5 BILLIONS FOR CLADNESTINES,rather than fix these homes trashed by the earthquake...
Some asses accused me of being a racist coz i was speaking against having clandestines in italy..
Can you prove or where you there when our ancestors were alive? guess not!!
So your talk about our ancestors well are just guessing,since you weren't there but you barely read from books what could've actually happen.
World wide there i ACTUAL PROOF that our ancestors and i am talking about before christe they were actually smarter than us,and hey badgad battery its the actual PROOF they were,traces of chemicals found under the central pyramid in egypt used to make hydrogen!!.
OK, HC 76. But I actually WAS there, and I tried to buck the trend, and always got the snot beat out of me and my tribe by those nasty Cromagnons.
Trying to fight against our genes---a cautionary tale.
Gosh! how old are you 3000 years?
You look old yes but not that much old not even near 100 years!!! figures 3000 years.No offense!!!.
Coz if you aren't that much old you cannot possibly know the actual way our ancestor were greeting the neighbour's,you can only guess their way of life.
Best thing to defund the BBC and the sooner the betterthumbs up
I miss those days when a new set of traffic lights was the big issue for the towns liberal democrats. I sometimes wonder how it all turned into Nick Clegg ambassador for Facebook. A huge empire of lies
HC, LC, CC and all. Well, defunding the Beeb would shake things up there, for sure. I miss the days of real unbiased journalism, as when they reported honestly on the Falklands fight against those Argentine girlscouts and milkmaids. When the country was even at war. 15,000 Km from supplies. All mostly hesrd on Shortwave broadcasting.
But there's much of redeeming value with at least some of the BBC. Both Radio and TV. Perhaps firing the worst offenders, and hiring more grounded and less biased journalists anew would help. And looking at the faces of so much of the staff, wouldn't hurt to follow the tenets of MLK.
The quality of talents and character, and not skin color, as a guide, as well.

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