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OMG - Will it ever stop?

I'm getting too old for all of this nonsense.....

Unilever brands Dove, Vaseline to stop using 'normal' to describe hair, skin on beauty products

Unilever's brands, including Dove, Vaseline and Axe, will soon drop "normal" from its beauty product packaging due to its negative impact.
The company Unilever has decided that "normal" is not inclusive and plans to stop using it.

The consumer packaged goods company is dropping the word from its beauty and personal care products.

Those brands include Dove, Vaseline and Axe.

Unilever said a study it recently conducted found seven in 10 people surveyed felt using the word "normal" on product packaging has a negative impact.

For people ages 18 to 35, that number rose to eight in 10.

Unilever also said it won't Photoshop models anymore. Company leadership is now committed to portraying people from more diverse backgrounds in its advertising.

Comments (12)

So what will they use? 'Not Dry not oily not curly not drab not straight no dandruff'? Surely not 'Ordinary' 'Average'
It's sound Marketing Strategy, kp.

The companies aim to expand sales of their products among ABnormal Freaks.
Inclusivity is Good group hug ... Also PROFITABLE ... grin

Makes you wonder where they found these 8 out of 10 people to survey doesn't it? Actually for the Axe body spray they should change it from "normal" to "putrid." Ever been held hostage in an elevator or any enclosed space with one of those guys who use it in place of a deodorant, and think more must be better?
it'll stop when you stop subscribing to their nonsense, keep it simple, pure goat milk products farm made and stop buying those products off the shelf. hug
I never buy those brands anyway, but this ridiculousness is giving me a headache from constant eye rolling roll eyes

Did you hear that Reddit banned a group called Super Straight? Basically a meme group making fun of the idea that if straight men have a preference to NOT date trans women then they are transphobic.
It just drives me nuts...uh crazy...uh what's the PC word.....
mentally challenged? You can't say anything anymore frustrated It pisses off
somebody that usually are not the majority frustrated
A man with his junk cut off who wears women's clothing is Not a woman scold
He's a surgically created eunuch in drag ...

Most 18 to 35 year olds are functionally women. And we are young. Calling it normal would be like calling an ugly woman ugly. All too close to the truth and they'll work it through the women and children, the need to feel special because you never did anything out of the blue, at least not yet. Entrancement with your own uniqueness that comes to replace the stormy billows of life.
One thing is sure. A certain orientation of "man", buys far more vaseline than more normal men do. Very popular product in prison commissaries. And in the residences of some Roman Catholic Priests. Why is that?
It will speak in a way that makes people feel not so bad about never leaving the house. Sensitive to the feelings of the domesticated, it's normal to question the word normal around her indoors and that's just a scientific fact.
It's just insanity. Mr Potato Head, Aunt Jamima, Uncle Ben - It's ridiculous! There are many things out there that I find offensive yet no one is out there bitchin' or moaning. God forbid if I did, I'd be a racist homophobic etc etc. etc. Things have just gone way off the rails and there isn't an end in sight.
The woke lefties will try to find offence in anything...that they can possibly think their small minds and unless companies stand upto the BS...more and more nonsense will continue..

Too many things can be offensive...if some weak minded people...want to be tedious enough to worry about them and pathetic enough to complain about themyawn sleep

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