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Understanding women's age

At what age do they stop using it as a weapon...


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What's IT Nice2, is it arse, body, pu**y, tits or the whole package ?
I don't think they ever stop trying to use IT to their advantage, women and men never act their age when it comes to the opposite sex;; things are always bigger or tighter in description than 1 could ever imagine, i hope this is a help to all those in the dating game..
heart wings
Just a dig at the celtic witches blog about men

grin banana grin
women never stop using age as a weapon ,along with everything else they use ,,,,
laugh laugh Ed giggle

Oh yeah Blue" and which blog is that roll eyes

Now be a good lad, put the shovel away before you hurt yourself comfort


itchy just because you deleted your man bashing blog doesn't mean its gone

I suggest next time you put down the bottle and write sober comfort
Man bashing laugh

Exaggerating a little don't you think roll eyes

but what to expect from a drama queen comfort

I agree with 50% of your comment

You love drama but you ain't no queen more like the ugly sister

rolling on the floor laughing comfort

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