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I can't believe people are this stupid - Must be a blonde

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laugh comfort
Lemme Guess - That call occurred on April 1st ... rolling on the floor laughing

makes sense
if you move the sign-the deers will obey the traffic regulation grin
Lol watch it Willy, so far I like you..........I am a blond and a natural one too ......... laugh
Of Course Donna's a blonde, Jenny -
She'd have to be damned Smart to pull off that April Fool's Day Gag ... grin

Listen to it a couple times; she Almost - but not Quite - gives it away stifling a giggle

Jenny, there is a difference between blondes like my sister, cousin, Step Mother, step sister, you, and 'DIZZY' blondes like Donna, Lou Anne Poovie, and the like.
Maybe have a sign warning drivers of a highly populated deer in the area, and to use caution.
Right You Are, Thor thumbs up

Make 'em up to look like THIS ...

Oh, Deery, Deery, Deery me!...........rolling on the floor laughing
Willy, I believe the phrase is Ditzy Blonde.......

btw, I've got nothing against Blondes - I like them very much, in fact......professor
In the UK under that sign there would be another saying "For 5 miles" (or what the miles you might find the deer on the road)

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