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very eye opening as the future marches on to mans demise.

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A lot of first world war serviceman became poets , they looked up rather than what was aroud them . Try looking up String .
This is a watermelon

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If you see an Apple, you`re a conspiracy nut

To answer that question: No covid vaccines are not the mark of the beast. Actually, they represent many many years of scientific, and medical advancement. This is something that people of your ilk take for granted.

Actually, people who don't get the vaccine are the real "beasts" as they can and will spread the disease (including the new and more dangerous varients) among an under-vaccinated population. The variants are mutating, and could in fact mutate (again) rendering the hard work of scientists, and medical professionals ineffective.

I hate to say it but people like you spreading superstitious and dangerous nonsense are also also acting like beasts!

If you really want to see the "mark of the beast" go to your nearest cattle ranch, and look at the arse end of the cows, that you find there!..........professor
Not unless it leaves a mark on your right hand and face. Which it does not.

The Vaccine is injected into the Upper arm muscle. It never touches either your right hand and face.

People without the vaccine can still buy and sell. People without masks can still buy and sell becasue they can order online or have their good brought out to their transport.

So In short, No.

This religious blog talks about it and the origins of that poece of scripture. Basically the Roman Emporer demanded he be worsipped as a God. So people had to burn come incense and declare "Ceaser is lord" or they couldn't buy anything.

and the blind will fallow the blind. not one one of you has listened to the clip.
@ stringman

I clicked on to listen as instructed and the first thing I hear is a man who preaches religion asking for money through Paypal so as far as I'm concerned he's not worth listening to.

As for a mark, I've had the vaccine and no side effects and also no stigma anywhere on my body .

If you don't want to take it that's fine but stop with the condemnation of a vaccine that is saving people's lives.

Christian Leaders Deceptions WILL Hurt You!

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