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Blog Vs Story

Advantage of writing a blog is that you don't need a special friend or a confidante to share your experience with. You can just write your story and not be bothered by the reactions of the reader. Just close comments, if you so choose.
On the other hand, 'The Storyteller' may sometimes have to contend with the harsh words of the critics.

Then again there are some persons that do not have that gift of writing or converting ones experience to words, then a good friends ear comes in handy.
A friend that can listen, accept and only ask limited questions.

Problem is, where does one find a so called friend with those qualities?

Most so called acquaintances/friends would profess to having those qualities but are in fact not always honest of their true intentions.
Knowledge is power and through the years I have learnt that most people only gather info for their own personal gain.

Real friends -in my opinion- are those made from childhood, those first friends made in primary school and remained friends through to adult life. At times situations can also produce a true friend.
Unfortunately many of us just don't have that kind of friends due to all types of valid reasons.
Maybe I have this all wrong.
Who cares.
Its nearly Friday.

Comments (14)

Oh yes, and with fakes I try my best to avoid.head banger
Does that mean (in your opinion) grin I have no friends doh

I have moved so much in my life i have made many friends but they are like passing ships.

CS is the longest time i have been anywhere laugh laugh AND i class you as one of my longest friend handshake teddybear
laugh Red, I'll get back to you a little later on that.
...a few friendly people now and then... I don`t expect to much anymore.cheers
Red, i think the answer to your question will be easy once you define how you see friendship. I tend to agree with the passing ships and yes you and I go way way back and I'm honored that you class me as a friend. The feeling is definitely mutual on that. bouquet

Hi Vik,
Like Red, you too go way way back.
True, it does take less effort with the few friendly ones and similar to you my expectations have also dwindled.
Thanks for the comment bro.cheers
"A friend that can listen, accept and only ask limited questions.
Problem is, where does one find a so called friend with those qualities?"

Luke there are some people out there with those qualities. The question is, are you receptive to such people? When one shares information and are too stubborn or refuse to accept constructive information, then it makes it hard to have a dialogue.

Running away from what maybe the truth does not help. People will find that the same problem follow everywhere they go.
I'm not doubting for one second that there are many such people out there. Problem is that most normal people have mood swings and dont always project the same feeling of love and harmony when for instance they feel scorned or upset.
Receptive? Yes maybe too much so.
An example of this was when i informed a 'trusted' friend that my underwater helicopter main ballast was leaking and thus making it not totally seaworthy. After our first misunderstanding about a trivial matter, feelings of revenge stepped in, and she promptly reported me to the South African Aqua Board causing me to lose my very unique license. JK. ;)
Long story short, yes there are very good folk out there but also very bad ones too, and if trust doesn't emanate from both parties then my advice is run. Obviously in opposite directions. laugh
Most of my childhood friends have either died or moved to other states. When I was married my husband and I went to church and had friends there. Then after the divorce I didn't go back to that church so friends were at my job, now i'm retired so now my friends are my neighbors. I have plenty of family to keep me busy too. I've met several friends online also. Been online since 1999, I worry about the online friends when they disappear, not knowing if they are alright. Several have died. i have one neighbor who has 4 kids but still has to hire a housekeeper. She's in a wheelchair, but her mind is sharp so we have may phone conversations. At Christmas time she bakes cookies for everyone on our block plus the mailman and the trash man.
Luke lips peace

Well you are not a passing ship laugh maybe like that big ship stuck in the Suez Canal just cant be budged laugh laugh

dont worry only joking take care peace
My friends don't blog... laugh
I think the times you were serious can be counted on my one hand.laugh Bad about that one stuck in the Suez, and I know you were... laugh thumbs up bouquet
We wont be mentioning acquaintances will we???laugh cheers
I have my Arty to listen to my rants! rolling on the floor laughing

He’d just roll eyes

Hi Luke applause
Mimi, I think you are one of the lucky ones to have found precisely the person thats totally compatible with you. Not many are that lucky.
I read your blog and it seems that you are settling down nicely in a foreign country.
Im happy for you both.

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