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Senators (Guess who?) Argue Removing Dead People from Voter Rolls Is “Voter Suppression”

During the hearing on Wednesday one of the witnesses argued that removing dead people from the voter rolls is “voter suppression.”

Begins at 2:15

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It makes Sense for the dead to be able to vote for Ol' Joe as he's so nearly a part of that demographic.

It's Pointless for the Federal Legislative Branch to discuss the issue.

Article II, Section 1, Clause ii Clearly states that State Legislatures enact Voter Eligibility Law - NOT the Federal Government. ...

Presumably, the Framers set it up this way so even if one party controls Both Legislative bodies And the Presidency (as 'Crats will 'til the '22 Mid-Terms) they'd Not be able to establish national voter eligibility law to perpetuate their power.

The foresight of the Framers was Incredible -
250 years ago they were Already 1/2 step Ahead of would-be Tyrants. ... tongue


We actually have people in our Celebrated Singles ( CS..
When informed that certain states had 109% voter turn out...respond with...

$0 ?
It is voter surppression and on a grand scale , dead may vote ten times . Not as though they can be locked up for it can they ?
It's become cliché -
"Gramps voted 'Crat in '20 for the 1st time Ever - He'd Never done it when he was Alive."

dancing ... dance

shock ...
Share That Image/Link Far & Wide, Y'all!! devil

ever heard the term "laughing stock " it's what most of the world thinks of US elections .

Millions of Indians don't have running water , flush toilets , goes without saying that last bit , but have seen it written . Yet they all hold proudly their voting card . How the hell can Americans bomb the fark out of dictatorships claiming they are introducing democracy with a straight face .
It's amazing, how SOME PEOPLE will repeatedly believe and repeat lies to their own deficit, because it is what they WANT to believe. They simply fully believe liars, who have vested interest in people believing the lies, and then don't do the critical research to actually discover the truth. Instead, they foolishly propogate the b.s.
It rewards b.s. ers, keeps them in office, and thus prevents the passage of new ideas to actually help the American people. "Stupid is, as stupid does".
Funny coming from you you pos
Jimmy outing himself again!laugh

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