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chatillion's cat rescue episode...

I called a few places only to find they are at capacity. The first place I called earlier this week follows Palm Beach County guidelines (read: law) where they accept cats for processing and return the animal to the last known address they were picked up at or should they have a microchip, it's back the that location. They were the only place to accept this cat.

The stray I dropped off was neither spayed or chipped. The current ear mark must have come from a fight and not a Florida pet clinic.
They will clean the cat, spay her, chip, give shots, mark an ear and unfortunately, drop the animal to the last known address... my condo.

Probably 2 weeks from now.

Stay tuna !!

Comments (7)

Awwww... Don't say "unfortunately"... Maybe she will be your inconditional buddy for many years... cats meow heart beating
Cat adoption? Not in my future.
The animal cannot be allowed to run free around my condo... specific rules against that.
Maybe in other places a 'community cat' is allowed and the residents all take turns feeding and caring.
Ok, I will wait to see how this story develops... bouquet
Next time tell them, that you found the cat outside their facility. laugh
Are residents allowed to have pets like cats? Won't it be hilarious if you end up falling in love with another pu**y.

Does you wife like the cat?
I don't know why I make that mistake so often and type "you" instead of "your" grumble grumble
Posted on a sign when you enter and all the bulletin boards is the reminder that it's a NO PET COMMUNITY

I'd guess more than 5% of the residents have dogs. One woman in my building is seasonal and cannot control her small dog from barking usually at 6am when he wants to go for a walk. Hopefully, she will 'go back north' soon.

I heard they have doctors notes allowing them a 'support dog' and medically necessary.

Yes, she would accept a pet. I don't want the burden.
Cats are allowed only if they are inside and not allowed to wander.

I often typo the you / your too. Good thing I talk that way!

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